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Honey Singh at Comedy nights with kapil

On 06 July 2014, Popular punjabi Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh will be present in the popular comedy talk show Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Why Honey Singh is popular among Indians

Friends, Today i am talking about a popular punjabian rapper Honey singh who is getting fame by his meaningful rapping and due to some his marvelous previous hit songs. Youngsters have enjoyed Honey singh's previous songs like: Blue Eyes Sunny sunny Angrezi beat Dope Shope Brown Rang Gabru Break up party Acchako macchako Lonely Party getting hot Haye mera dil Yaar bhatere High heels etc. These all songs are at their time were at top 5 for many months and in every marriage occasion ,some of these songs became quite popular on DJ.These songs are equally popular amongst youngster,children and ladies of  every generation. Honey Singh also conducts his shows in colleges due to this young generation knows him very well.Honey Singh was singing his songs for many year and was quite criticised for some of his totally erotic vulgur songs and vulgur words for ladies. But today Honey Singh is totally true Punjabian Rapper and has his own fame

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