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Some clicks from my IIIT Allahabad Journey

Though i spent only 3 months but they were very joyful and experience gaining days which i will never forgot. Some of clicks i have already posted but nkw its my overall database of those wonderful days:

Completed NNMCB internship at IIIT Allahabad

After 3 months of time, yesterday (28-08-2015) I have officially got the certificate and completed my internship at IIIT Allahabad. It was the internship under NNMCB (National network of mathematics and computational biology) programme and i was selected in Kanpur Node. There was no exam to get into this internship but you have to write 1 page write up to NNMCB to show your interest towards your subject which are mentioned in this programme. For more info you can visit : NNMCB Me with my certificate I have started this internship in the starting of June month (7th) and completed on 28th august. I really enjoyed this internship because it helps me in many aspects: I got the opportunity to learn new things and get the experience of some research work. I met new and intelligent people who are very dedicated towards their work and very polite. I have learnt to live without family. I have got some knowledge of this cruel outside world. I have learnt about railways booking system LOL. The st

Morning with Crane bird

Today I woke and what i have seen in front of my window- A beautiful Crane bird. He was walking around the garden of hostel. So I didn't miss the chance and took the video of that moment. The video quality is not that good [ because I don't have a DSLR camera :( ] but my passion for shooting such videos can be easily understood. Thanks

Rain in IIIT- Allahabad

Its around 11:58 a.m today here in Indian Institute of Information Technology, and afternoon is approaching but outside my hostel room weather is quite pleasant and rainy. I am little bit feeling like london's weather after bearing a lot of sun's torture. Its quite happy to see rain in the allahabad because from previous 20-25 days, i haven't seen cloudy weather like this earlier (one rain was on 12-06-2015 but not like today) but now God has listened to me and finally Rain has come. I love rain and never misses any opportunity to take video of a Rainy Day. There are some photographs to this rainy day. So i am sharing it with you guys :)

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