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Saturday, October 24, 2020

What are some cool psychological hacks?

1. If someone is angry with you and you keep calm, they may be more angry. But then they'll be ashamed of themselves.

2. If someone keeps talking and you can't get in the conversation, you drop something on the ground (key, pen, etc.), you bend down to pick it up and start talking. In this way, you can interrupt the other party without being noticed.

3. If someone is bothering you at your desk all the time, keep talking to him, but get up and walk back to his desk together. There was a boss who was very good at this before. He would take you back to your desk, and then you wonder how I came back.

4. When a group of people laugh, everyone will look at their favorite person.

5. Before the interview, arrive at the interview place in advance and chat with strangers for 20 minutes. This will make your brain feel familiar with the environment, which will make you more confident.

6. If you suddenly think of the ugliness that happened n years ago and feel very shameful, stop and think about the person who saw it. Can you remember the ugliness that happened to him? Not at all. Similarly, no one will remember your humiliating moments.

7. If you have no motivation to learn a skill (an instrument or a foreign language, etc.), tell yourself: OK, I'll sit down and learn for five minutes. Most of the time, you end up sitting for more than five minutes. Even if you only sit for five minutes, it's better than no trying.

8. People will associate you with adjectives you use on other people. This phenomenon is called "unconscious feature transfer". That is to say, if you say that a person is sincere and kind, people will associate these qualities with you. If you always speak ill of others behind your back, people will also associate these negative comments with you.

9. If you feel that someone is looking at you, you can look at your watch or where you wear it. If the person is looking at you, he will also subconsciously look at his wrist / watch.[

10. If you are anxious in conversation and eye contact makes you feel stressed, you can try to look in the middle of each other's eyes. It makes you look friendly and confident.

Source : Louisa Liu

What changes must happen in our social thinking?

1. If a man is asking for condoms in the medical store then don't stare at him in the way like he is going to kill you. 🙄

2.If a girl is asking for pads in the medical store then don't pass a weird smile , she is not asking for your phone number.

3. If a person lives in other town alone leaving her husband / his wife alone in the hometown , then it doesn't mean that they are having an extramarital affair.

4.Some people used to state that a person who belongs to lower caste is a criminal anyhow. What is the logic? What will you say about Vikas dubey? 🤔

5.If you are not able to do your work properly, then don't blame the person whom you met yesterday by saying, “Apshagun”.

6.If a girl and boy are talking to each other, it doesn't mean that they are in relationship.

7.Wearing a short dress doesn't make her shameless.

Source : Isha Singh

Thursday, October 22, 2020

ये सभी उन आफिस के पालतू चमचो के लिए

जब जब देश मे बड़े बड़े कांड हुए है तब तब उस कांड को दूर करने के लिए चमचे आगे आते रहे है। ये चमचे आपके सामने तो बहुत अच्छा होने के ढोंग करते है लेकिन बॉस की चाटने की इनको इतनी आदत पड़ गयी है कि शायद इनका खाना पचता ही नही इसके बिना।
ये देश के अलग अलग हिस्से में पोस्टेड है और बॉस के तलवे चाटने के लिए हमेशा तैयार रहते है। ये समय समय पर बहुत अच्छे होने का ढोंग करते है, बॉस की गुलामी करते है, उसका लगभग कुत्ता बने रहते है जो सिर्फ बॉस के इशारों पर काम ही नही करता बल्कि भौकता भी है।

आज उन चमचो के लिए एक कहावत -

देर से घर पहुंचा तो

पतन्नी ने पूछा खाना खाओगे

या आज भी

तलवे चाटकर आये हो

कमांडो से भी ज्यादा खतरनाक

ट्रैनिंग होती है चमचों की

दिन-रात जलील होने के बाद भी

देशहित की बात नहीं करेंगे।


What are some lesser known facts about BR Chopra's Mahabharata?

  • Each actor was paid Rs 3000 per episode, no matter how small your role was. (Except - foot soldiers). This was literally amazing. No matter you are playing Arjun or a maid, you will still get 3000 rs. That's an equality.
  • Gufi Paintal (Shakuni) was a casting director and his younger brother Paintal played the role of Shikhandi(Amba’s next birth)

He is Paintal.

  • Pankaj Dheer (Karna) initially auditioned for the role of Arjun.
  • Feroz Shah(Arjun) changed his name to Arjun after playing his role in mahabharata. Nazneen(Kunti) changed her religion from Islam to Hinduism.
  • Our beloved Mukesh Khanna aka Bhishma Pitamah, remained unmarried as, Pitamah was also unmarried. He also opened a production house called as Bheeshma International.
  • Roopa Ganguly was teased as ‘fatty’ on the sets of Mahabharata.
  • Shooting fighting scenes were the most challenging.
  • Budget of this show was supposed to be Rs 6 lakh per episode but it was increased to Rs 7.5 lakh per episode.
  • BRC Mahabharata is said to be most accurate one. But it is still 60% true.
  • Events like Rajsyu yagya battles are missing.
  • Actually, it was not Draupadi who said ’Andhe ka putra andha’(Translation : Blind’s son is also blind) , and some more events are twisted a little bit.
  • Whitewashing of Karna started from this show only. He was strong but he did not do much of practice like Arjuna. Though he was son of Surya Dev(God) but there were mortals who were much stronger than him. Nepotism didn't helped him. Actually, he was a bad person. He was involved in Lakshya Greha and he only ordered Dusshashan for disrobing Draupadi. These were not shown in BRC Mahabharata.
  • Still it is considered as the most accurate one.
Source : Harsh Anand

Sunday, October 18, 2020

हिमालय के ऊपर विमान क्यों नहीं उड़ते हैं?

पहला कारण यह है कि,पर्वत श्रृंखलाओं पर चलने वाली उच्च गति की हवाएं "पर्वत तरंगों" का निर्माण करती हैं जो किसी भी हवाई जहाज़ को अनियंत्रित कर देती हैं
इसीलिए हवाई जहाजों के लिए उस क्षेत्र पर उड़ान भरना लगभग असंभव है। दूसरा कारण यह है कि, ऑक्सीजन मास्क में आमतौर पर 15 से 20 मिनट तक कि ऑक्सीजन रहती है।

अगर किसी कारणवश विमान को 35000 फ़ीट की ऊंचाई से नीचे लाना पड़ा तो ऐसा करना हिमालय में बहुत ख़तरनाक हो सकता है, क्योंकि 35000 फ़ीट की ऊंचाई पर ऑक्सीजन और वायुमंडलीय दबाव बहुत कम हो जाता है।
तीसरा कारण यह है कि विमानों में इतनी ज्यादा ऊँचाई रखनी पड़ती है कि यह पायलटों को "त्रुटि के लिए जगह" देता है। इसका मतलब है कि अगर कुछ गलत होता है, तो कप्तान समस्या को ठीक करने की कोशिश करते हुए विमान को कुछ देर के लिए हवा में अपने आप ही उड़ने देता है।

इस दौरान अगर त्रुटि सही हो जाती है तो फिरसे विमान उड़ने लगता है, नहीं तो आपातकाल लैंडिंग करनी पड़ती है। लेकिन हिमालय में ऐसा करना असंभव है।

अगर जवाब पसंद आया हो तो आपका एक अपवोट मुझे और लिखने की प्रेरणा देगा।


Source :दीप चाहल

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

What are the top 10 Indian web series to watch during self-isolation?

1. TVF Pitchers

The story of every millennial, Pitchers perfectly captured the feeling of entering the big bad world of business as a start-up.

2. Flames

This adorable teenage romance between two people who meet at a tuition centre makes for perfect light viewing on a weekend indoors.

3. Kota factory

This show, shot entirely in black and white, highlights the obstacles IIT-JEE aspirants often face, along with a glimpse into their daily lives.

4. College Romance

Three best friends live through the best years of their lives in this show, which is obviously sprinkled with some hilarious drama.


Centred around the lives of three school kids, this show will make you nostalgic about your first crush, bunking classes and everything in between.

6. Panchayat

This hilarious web series follows the story of an engineer who is forced to become the secretary of a Panchayat office in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh.

7. Sacred Games

A Netflix original, this multi-starrer web series is set in the grim underworld of Mumbai and follows the journey of a police officer who is hell-bent on uncovering the truth.

8. The Family Man

An action-drama web series, The Family Man tells the story of a middle-class man who doubles as a special agent without the knowledge of his family.

9. Special OPS

This spy thriller is based on several terrorist attacks that the Indian intelligence has dealt with in the last 2 decades.

10. Hostel Daze

A sneak-peek into the lives of engineering students and what 'really' goes on inside the hostels of these Indian colleges.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Why does the Indian BrahMos missile look like a MiG-21?

Well in order to answer the question, let us first consider this beautiful polish MiG-29 taking off.

What you see in the orange box is the left air inlet or air duct on the beauty, these are basically vents that sucks air in, to supply the engine with O2, oxygen. Oxygen in turn is used in combustion which ultimately provides thrust.

Now let us consider the riveting YF-23 a worthy rival to the mighty F-22.

The same principal follows here too, on an advance 5th generation fighter like YF-23, those large inlets are rather not a stealthy feature and in order to reduce the Radar cross-section (RCS) the designers would hated putting such big holes on either side of the fuselage, but we see them on every fighter, be it 3rd gen, 4th gen or 5th gen. Its on YF-23 on F-22 on J-20 or Rafale or the Su-30, you name it.

Why so ?!. Because it's imperative to the engine design we humans use. It's something designers just can't do away with even if they wanted to.

Now let have a look at a good old Mig-21

(Romanian Mig-21 manuvers during a simulated dog fight against USAF F-16)

Do you notice something ?! MiG-21 has no air intakes bellow its fuselage or on it's sides ! How come soviet designers get rid of those massive intakes in 1960s while designing it, something the designers of even F-22 couldn't achieve about 60 years later.

They actually placed the intakes right in the nose of the aircraft where usually the radar sits, as you can see in the above picture.

That's what makes the nose of the MiG-21 rather eccentric looking.

Now, let's talk about the Brahmos which is a supersonic antiship cruise missile. Brahmos uses a Ramjet Air-Breather engine as it's second stage and as the name suggests it too needs air for combustion which in turn exigences Air Ducts. Which fortutiously is rather based on the Mig-21 air ducts. And that's pretty much why MiG-21 and Brahmos look similar to an extent.

Hope I cleared the doubt.

Source : Souparna Das

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What are some photos that were taken right before something bad happened?

Russian Andrey Retrovsky, fell from the building to his death, all for a perfect Instagram post.

An 18 year old girl accidentally made contact between two live wires while taking a selfie on top of a train. A current with the strenght of 27,000 volts went through her body resulting in burns and finally death.

Robert Overacker was trying to raise awareness for the homeless.His plan was to jet- ski over Niagara Falls and parachute down. Unfortunately, the parachute didn't open and he ended up falling to his death over the falls.

The boy in this photo was doing a back flip and after landing, he unfortunately slipped and fell to his death.

These friends were so preoccupied to take selfie that they did not hear the train blowing horn and unfortunately moments later, they died.

Japanese student Ayano Tokumasa, standing tall wearing red colour in the background, slipped and fell into Niagara Falls to her death.

Karl Wallenda, a circus legend, did most of his routines without any safety. The photo below was taken shortly before his fall from 121 feet.

A man went to zoo in Delhi where he slipped and fell into the cage of a tiger . He was dragged by his neck to tiger's den.

Last photo of Australian wildlife presenter, Steve Irwin. He was killed by a stingray which struck its tail right into his heart.

Two nurses standing in front of an Ebola patient in 1976. The nurse named Mating N'Seta (left) contracted the virus and ended up dying.

In 2014, 25 engineering students drowned after the nearby Larji hydroelectric project released a large amount of water upstream. The pic was taken just moments before.

Photo of the Twin towers captured by Even Kuz on September 10, 2001, just less than 24 hours before the towers fell down.

On December 26 2004, Southeast Asia was struck with a tsunami, which killed around 230,000 people. The photo below is taken just before the disaster.

Keith Saps Ford, a 14 year old teenager, was hiding in the wheel well of this flight headed to Japan from Sydney in 1970. An amateur photographer took this photo while he was testing his camera.

Paul Walker's last photo, moments before his crash in 2013.

Last photo of the Titanic afloat.

The above pictures represent the moment between life and death. It is so sad that some tragedies were self induced.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Assam Govt launched “Mukhyamantrir Grammya Paribahan Achoni Yojana”

The Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal has launched the “Mukhyamantrir Grammya Paribahan Achoni Yojana” of the state transport department. Under the scheme, Light Motor Vehicle Service would be launched in all the villages of the state to improve rural connectivity and generate employment in the villages. One vehicle would be provided to one beneficiary per village.

In the first phase of the scheme, 10,000 villages would be covered with a financial outlay of Rs 100 crore. The state government shall financially assist the eligible entrepreneurs with 25 per cent of the cost of the vehicle or Rs 1 lakh, whichever is less.

Source: Dainik Jagran

Rajasthan CM approves ‘Moksha Kalash Yojana-2020’

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot has approved the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation’s scheme called ‘Moksha Kalash Yojana-2020’. This Moksha Kalash Yojana aims to allow free bus travel to two members of the family of the deceased to immerse ashes of their loved ones in the Ganga in Haridwar.

The state road transport corporation would be the nodal agency to run the scheme and the expenses would be borne by the Devasthan Department. Passengers will be required to register for availing the facility by providing details including about the dead person. A copy of related documents will have to be kept with those carrying the ashes. RSRTC will provide an interface for online registration, make arrangements for transport to the destination, and other facilities during the journey.

Source : The Hindu

Sunday, September 20, 2020

कुछ लोग अभी भी भारत जैसे देशों में क्यों रहना चाहते हैं?

क्युकी अगर भारत के पास ये है तो

तो ये भी है

हाँ अगर ये भी है तो

तो हमारे पास सबसे बेहतर आर्मी भी है

अगर ये है

तो ये भी हैं

अगर ये है

तो ये भी है

और ये भी

अगर ये है

तो ये भी है हमारे पास

और ये सब भी

और है रुकिए ये भी तो है

अब चलते है इस पर अगर हम पे ये है

तो ये भी है

अब बोलिये।

Source: Rishabh Jha


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