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Monday, June 19, 2017

India vs Pak: Lessons & Learning

For some it was a heartbreaking moment
For some it was a devastating defeat
For some it was a moment to vent their angst out
For some it was a defeat that was hard to digest
For some the sleep proved to be a distant dream last night.
Yes, it all happened last night & these are the accounts of all emotions that were in the breeze that was only appearing cool but was filled with extremely hot vibes. It was a hard day for Indian Cricket Team and they fell victim to the pressure. But for some it was a dark, gloomy night to learn some hard lessons of life. The people who learn from their mistakes & rectify them & implement those improved changes in the work. Yes, you got it right. These people are no extra-ordinary people but are quick learners & recover swiftly. People like these are present among you. They are the aspirants who are ahead of their peers not in terms of preparation always but in terms of temperament & learning capabilities. They accept failures as golden chances to learn something that would prove to be productive in the future. Let's see what are the lessons that could be learned by yesterday's blunder of Indian Team.
It was another normal day where a team that outplayed the other, won. But if you analyse closely, the script of India's defeat was already written at the end of the toss. The lesson that the toss left with us was never to be over-confident. It was a flat surface with a little brown grass over it. It was a kind of surface that even players of Bermuda would die to bat first on. Now over-confidence came into picture when Indian skipper chose to bowl first. No qualms about the fact that he was over dependent on his chasing prowess & also the previous victory added more flavour to his love for chasing. So, this decision proved fatal for the whole team & for the whole nation. Like this decision sometimes we tend to get over-confident about certain topics & make big blunders in the exam inspite of knowing the know-hows of those. This dose of over-confidence must be avoided & we must behave like a glass that is never full to get filled by GYAAN anytime. However, It's totally upto you to filter what to choose & what not to. The one who is always full will never seek knowledge & the one who never seek knowledge can never become a man of wisdom.
Second mistake that proved fatal for India was the no-ball of Bumrah. Had that no-ball not been delivered, then the scenario would have been totally different for sure. As Fakhar Zaman learnt from his mistake of touching a ball outside off-stump without any foot movement & scored the best & his maiden ton against their arch rivals. Now this no-ball is like a puzzle/extremely tough QA question/English RC that is intentionally added in the exam to screen many candidates who come under pressure at the early stages of the exam. Have you ever noticed why these tough questions are put at starting. Simple, to get the best out of you & to make you nervous so that you surrender in front of the exam without even giving a tough fight. This makes their work easy. So, don't get stuck on a no-ball as it may destroy your complete match. In other words, no-balls can leave you hapless & can get you failed. So, recognize them well. Move to the questions that are easy but are hidden from you.
Third & the worst mistake on India's part was their anti-climactic attitude that led to their defeat. Their body language in Champions Trophy sans the final was superb but they proved to be sloppy in the crucial match. They didn't learn from their mistakes as mentioned in the previous article. They were inconsistent on the field with the bowl by conceding a lot of extras & by being sloppy in fielding department. So, this is an important lesson for all the aspirants to leave no stone unturned in their preparation. When you give STs, try to rectify your mistakes & weak portions while analysing it. Had the Indian team worked a little on those extras they could have stopped Pakistan much earlier. Discipline is what's needed to win big games. And this holds true not only for the India Team but also for all of you. Discipline is the key to win wrestling fights, to scale Mt. Everest, to win big finals & even to reach in there, to win big in life & to get selection in any government exams. So, champs better be on your toes & better be running as the race is hard & there is a huge crowd running with you. Now, it's all inside you that you need to beat them. The point is, when & how you awaken the Champion hidden inside you.
PS: Though it was a defeat that was hard on us but we should never forget those uncountable ecstatic moments that our team has given us in the past on numerous occasions. Starting from Kapil Dev lifting his trophy in 1983 WC to the present day we have seen occasion where our Men In Blue have given us moments to cherish for our lifetime. We still back our team & no matter what but India is the best & this defeat does not change our equation.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

1983 Cricket World Cup

• आज ही के दिन 1983 में भारत ने वेस्टइंडीज को फाइनल में 43 रनों से हराकर प्रथम बार क्रिकेट विश्व कप जीता था।
• Blast from the Past !!
In England on June 25, 1983 - India won its first Cricket World Cup defeating West Indies.
1983 WCup moment

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Indian Team for T-20 World Cup 2016

Here is the Men team:

M.S.Dhoni (c)
Virat Kohli
Rohit Sharma
Shikhar dhawan
Yuvraj Singh
Suresh raina
Anjikya rahane
Harbhajan Singh
Ashish Nehra
Mohammad Shami
Jaspreet bumrah
Hardik pandya
Pawan negi

Women team:

Mithali Raj (c)
Jhoolan goswami
Smriti mandhana
Veda Krishnamurti
Harmanpreet kaur
Shikhar pandey
Rajeshwari gayakwad
Sushma verma
Poonam yadav
Anuja patil
Ekta bisht
Tirushkamini MD
Deepti Sharma
Niranjana nagrajan

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

T20 World Cup 2016 schedule

15 मार्च   भारत/न्यूजीलैण्ड

16 मार्च    वेस्टइंड़ीज/इंग्लैण्ड

16 मार्च    पकिस्तान/आयरलैंड

17 मार्च     श्रीलंका/ज़िम्बाब्वे

18 मार्च     ऑस्ट्रेलिया/न्यूजीलेंड

18 मार्च     द.अफ्रिका/इंग्लैंड

19 मार्च     🇮🇳हिन्दुस्तान/पाकिस्तान

Friday, February 13, 2015

Narendra Modi well wishes to Indian Cricket Team for World Cup 2015

ICC Cricket World cup will start from 14th February 2015, before the tournament Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi sent well wishes to Indian cricket team through twitter.
He delivered 16 tweets on twitter for well wishing Team India. These are the tweets of Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Famous cricketers words about Great Rahul Dravid

We all know Rahul Dravid as one of the best and cool person in the world. During his cricketing career he was called as "Mr. Dependable" & "The Wall".
Rahul Dravid the wall
Rahul Dravid

There are some words which are delivered by some cricketers about Rahul Dravid :

1.Brett Lee: 
If you can't get along with Dravid, you're struggling in life.
2. Chris Gayle
 Dravid Could play attacking cricket like me but i could never play like him.
3. Shahid Afridi :
 Once Shahid Afridi was asked for his Favourite Player and He says "Rahul Dravid"
 4. Steve Waugh :
 Try to take his wicket in the first 15 minutes, if you can’t then only try to take the remaining wickets.
5. Shoaib Akhtar:
 Even though Sachin is great, I have always found Rahul more solid and hard to get out.
6. Navjot Singh Sidhu :
 Rahul Dravid is a player who would walk on broken glass if his team asks him to.
7. Brian Lara :
 If I have to put anyone to bat for my life, it’ll be Dravid.
8. Sachin Tendulkar
He (Dravid) is a perfect role model for youngsters. He has set a great example for all of us to follow. We are all trying to follow that path.
9. Ian Chappell :
 Team in trouble? Whom do you turn to? Rahul Dravid!
10. Matthew Hayden:
 All this going around is not aggression. If you want to see aggression on cricket field, look into Rahul Dravid’s eyes.
I’ve seen how Rahul goes about his innings & that’s something I want to get myself involved with.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

BCCI selected 15 players for ICC world Cup 2015

After many months of permutation,combination and probability, BCCI (The Board Of Control For Cricket In India) finally chose final 15 players for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 which is to be held in Australia & New Zealand. In this 15 players squad, 11 players will be playing World Cup first time. Only 4 players- Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ravichandran Ashwin, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina - are included from previous world cup winner team.
15 players for ICC cricket world cup
BCCI selectors who chose 15 players

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Retires from Test Cricket

On 30th December 2014, Indian cricket team skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his sudden retirement from test cricket. The decision of retirement came after the 3rd test between India vs Australia at Melbourne which was a draw match. All the cricketing...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Retires from Test Cricket

On 30th December 2014, Indian cricket team skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his sudden retirement from test cricket. The decision of retirement came after the 3rd test between India vs Australia at Melbourne which was a draw match.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Adelaide Test - Tribute Test for Phillip Hughes

Hello Friends,

Recently a tragic death of Phillip Hughes shocked everyone on/off cricket field. Everyone ,specially cricket Australia wanted to overcome that sorrow and move ahead. As a tribute to Phillip Hughes, venue of 1st test match has been shifted to Adelaide so that it will be a tribute to home player late Phillip Hughes.

The match is being played between Australia versus India from 9 December to 13 December 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sachin Tendulkar never lies

Hello Friends,
Everybody knows Sachin Tendulkar- The cricket icon of millennium. He is considered as one of the best sporting and loyal person in the World.Recently he wrote his autobiography book- "Playing it my way" and in this book he talked about former Australian cricket player Greg chappel who was coach of Indian cricket team in 2005-2007. In this book, he criticized the coaching of

Saturday, July 12, 2014

England vs India cricket matches- Whole tour schedule ( Trent Bridge to Edgbaston)

Hello Friends,

From the month of July Indian cricket team will be visiting England to play a whole package of cricket (Test,One-day,T-20). This tour is crucial for both the teams because last time when India team visited ,they lost the test series by 4-0 and England also lost a series recently against Sri Lankan team.
The Big Test has already started in Trent Bridge and whole series includes 5 tests, 5 ODIs and 1 T20.
Here is total  schedule of India cricket team on England tour.

  1. 9 July 2014 - Trent Bridge Ground, Nottingham.
  2. 17 July 2014 - The Lord's Cricket stadium.
  3. 27 July 2014 - The Rose Bowl in Southampton.
  4. 7 August 2014 - Old Trafford cricket stadium, Manchester.
  5. 15 August 2014 - The Oval ground.
  1. 25 August 2014 - Bristol
  2. 27 August 2014 - Sophia Garden, Cardiff.
  3. 30 August 2014 - Trent Bridge Ground, Nottingham.
  4. 2 September 2014 -Edgbaston ground,Birmingham.
  5. 5 September 2014 - Headingley, Leeds. 
  1. 7 September 2014 - Edgbaston, Birmingham.
The whole tour is so long and approximately of 2 and half months.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mahendra Singh Dhoni offered a job to his Fan

In country like India, where cricket is considered as religion and cricketers as God, Indian skipper Mahendra singh dhoni offered a job to one of his fan Ravindra Kumar Saini for care taking his Ranchi Farmhouse.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mayanti Langer or Stuart Binny , who is more hot google search topic

Hello friends,
This post is just a fun purpose post as i have seen that during IPL season more traffic is coming to Cricket Jockey and due to one post of mine i.e Rare combination of Husband and wife .
From Past few weeks,people are searching for Mayanti langer or Stuart binny's wife constantly.Its is quite jokey that people are interested in glamour of mayanti langer who is the wife of Indian Cricketer Stuart binny.
For All those people i just want to introduce Mayanti langer-

 Mayanti Langer is an Indian TV sports journalist with ESPN. She is the daughter of Lt. General Sanjiv Langer who worked in UN and Mrs. Preminda Langer, an award winning teacher. She is the granddaughter of Lt.General Rajinder Nath Batra and Mrs. Priyo Batra. She is a BA(Hons) graduate from Hindu College, University of Delhi. She grew her interest in football when she was in USA as her father worked in UN. She was in her college football team in the beginning and then became a guest anchor for a broadcast of FIFA beach football.

With the success of the broadcast she was offered a spot as host and associate producer for "Football Cafe" on Zee Sports. Langer then went on to work for various football shows on the Zee network providing commentary and interviews during pre-match, half-time and post-match shows. She was also the anchor on Zee Sports for the Nehru Cup held in New Delhi at the Ambedkar Stadium.
She was a host in the 2010 FIFA World Cup broadcast on ESPN which includes a pre-match, half-match and post-match analysis. She headed a team of expert panellists alongside John Dykes for that show, which attracted millions of viewers.

Mayanti Langer also hosted 2010 Commonwealth Games

 - Delhi along with Charu Sharma
 and 2011 Cricket World Cup .She also hosted India vs South Africa test series on 2013 December in Ten Sports.

Mayanti is married to the Indian cricketer Stuart Binny,son of former Indian Cricketer Roger Binny.
This is a general about her and by google search topics,its totally clear that people are more interested in Mayanti than Stuart binny.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

England women cricketer Danielle Wyatt tweet about virat kohli

Hello Friends,

Recently after watching Indian batsman Virat Kohli's inning in semifinal match against South Africa, where he hit unbeaten 72 runs from 44 balls, the women England cricketer Danielle Wyatt wished to marry Virat kohli.

Here is her tweet:

Friday, January 31, 2014

Are Indian cricketers only players of their home pitches

Hello friends,

Recent performance of Indian cricket team shows how they are incapable of playing in foreign's bouncy and fast pitches.
Their techniques of playing short pitch bowls are just too pathetic and sometimes it look like they don't how to handle these bowls and play like a street player.
In New Zealand, where team was considered to be as a favorite but they show poor cricket than Caribbean team which manages to level the series by 2-2. Players like Shikhar dhawan, Rohit sharma, Ajinkya rahane, Suresh Raina, Ravichandran ashwin and all other bowlers were totally failed to play any part in this series.

Sometimes it can be said that England and Australia are better team at their home and they are not easy  beatable at their home but NZ was no.8 ranked team and they can be easily pressurized by showing some extraordinary cricket but Indian team failure shows that they are champions of indian or asian pitches    

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last words of Sachin Tendulkar at cricket field


Sachin Tendulkar:'All my friends, settle down let me talk, I'll get more and more emotional.'The crowd does berserk out there.'My life between 22 yards in the 24 years, it's hard to believe that it's coming to an end. I would like to thank all the people who have helped me in my life to get here. I have a list in my hand, please forgive me if I miss out on a few names. First, my father, he passed away in 1999. He was very key for my career. he gave me freedom, chase your dreams and don't find shortcuts. He also told me to be a nice human being. My mother, I don't how she dealt with such a naughty like guy me. She took care of me to be healthy. She started praying for me even before I started my career and I think those prayers gave my strength. In my school days, I used to stay with my uncle and aunt as my school was far away. They treated me like their son. They gave me enough food that I can play well. My eldest brother, he used to tell me, I know you'd do everything right and I have the confidence in you. My sister, she gave my the first bat for me. A Kashmir Willow bat. She continues to fast when I bat. Ajit, I don't what do I talk about him. It all started from the age of 11, he took to Achrekar sir my coach. And my life changed. Even last night, he called me and we were discussing my dismissal. Various things we agreed upon, my technique. I have had a lot of chat with him. If I had not done that, I would have been a lesser cricketer. The most important one in 1991, I met my wife Anjali. I know she was a doctor. When we decided to make it a family, she said, you continue with your cricket and I'll take care of the family. Without that I think I couldn't have played so much cricket. Thank you for all that you've done and it is the best partnership I've had in my life. Then Sara and Arjun are two precious diamonds in my life. Daughter is 16 and son is 14, time has flown by. I wasn't able to be with them for the birthdays, annaul days and stuff. Thanks for understanding all that, both of you have been so special to me. I've not spent enough time with you but I promise you the rest is for you. My in-laws have been supporting. I discuss various things with them, we have a strong family and thank you for allowing me to marry Anjali. There have been a lot of friends who have supported me. Leaving their work and coming to bowl at me when I called them. I thought my career was over when I was injured, by my friends called even at 3 AM and made me believe that it was not over. My career started at 11. My brother took me to Achrekar sir and that is the best to have happened to me. Sir would be taking me on his scooter all over Mumbai to ensure that I get enough match practice. On a lighter note, he's never said well played to me so that I don't get complacent.'
'When Dhoni gave me the 200th Test cap, I just said, we are all proud to be here as a team and I believe that you guys will take care of this country in the right spirit to the best of our abilities. I believe in you and all the best for your future. Thanks to all the doctors, physios, without your special efforts, I couldn't have been fit. I don't know how you all kept me in good shape. My dear friend, late Mark Mascerenhas, my first manager. Without him I couldn't have achieved all this. All those sponsorship deals etc.. thanks for your support. I miss you. My manager Vinod Naidu, he's more like my family. He's given me so much time leaving his family to work with him. In the school days when I played well, the media backed be a lot. You've been doing that till now. Thank you to all of you, all those photographers. Those moments will remain with me for the career. I thank all the people who supported me a lot. Whether I scored a 0 or a 100. I've met a lot of people who does all sorts of things for me, thank you for all that you've done. Especially,'Sachin... Sachin..'that will be ringing in my ears till I breath. Thank you very much. I am sorry if I have missed out on anything. Good bye.'

Friday, November 15, 2013

Exclusive pics of Sachin tendulkar last match

Hello friends,
Here are some last moments of a great player sachin tendulkar at Wankhede stadium,mumbai where he played his last match against West Indies.
So pictures are here because
Pics tell more than words.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is Virat kohli a new sensation and replacement of sachin tendulkar for India

Today I wanna talk about a new sensational player i.e., Virat Kohli.We all know who is Virat kohli and why he is so much popular among Indians.

Virat Kohli (born 5 November 1988) is an Indian cricketer. He is a middle-order batsman, who can also open the batting. He can also bowl right arm medium pace.Kohli was the captain of the victorious Indian team at the 2008 U/19 Cricket World Cup held in Malaysia. He represents Delhi in first-class cricket and is the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise in the Indian Premier League. He also played for the West Delhi Cricket Academy.Kohli made his One Day International (ODI) debut in 2008 and was part of the Indian team which won the 2011 World Cup. Despite being a regular in the ODI side, Kohli only played his first Test in 2011 against West Indies in Kingston. But on the disastrous 2011/12 India tour of Australia, in which India's senior batsmen struggled throughout, Kohli stood out, scoring his first Test hundred in Adelaide.
Kohli was the recipient of the ICC ODI Player of the Year award in 2012.SportsPro has rated him the 13th most marketable athlete in the world.

 Recently he has also crossed Sachin Tendulkar's landmark of making most centuries (15) in least age against Zimbabwe.He has all the ability of proper batsman and player for Indian Cricket Team.Kohli first came into the spotlight when he played for Delhi in a Ranji Trophy match against Karnataka on the day of his father's death. Choosing to stay and bat, he went on to score 90 runs. Mithun Manhas, the team's captain, remarked that "That is an act of great commitment to the team and his innings turned out to be crucial".
Kohli captained the victorious Indian team at the 2008 U/19 Cricket World Cup held in Malaysia.Batting at number 4, he scored 235 runs in 6 matches at an average of 47, including a century against the West Indies U-19s.He was also commended for making several tactical bowling changes during the tournament.His mother noted that "Virat changed a bit after that day. Overnight he became a much more matured person. He took every match seriously. He hated being on the bench. It's as if his life hinged totally on cricket after that day."
Kohli was preferred over Raina for the 2011 World Cup and became the first Indian to score a century on World Cup debut. He also scored 59 against West Indies while sharing a 122-run patnership with Yuvraj Singh.His 83-run partnership for the third wicket with Gautam Gambhir was instrumental in India taking the upper hand during their run chase against Sri Lanka in the final.He made 282 runs in 9 innings at an average of 35.25.Between 1 January 2009 and 1 September 2011, Kohli was India's second highest run-scorer in ODIs with 1,994 runs at an average of 47.47.

Virat Kohli is not only famous on the ground but he is also known for his stylish chocolate boy look.He is leading brand for many advertisement companies.He is also known as "cheeku" among their team mates and dear ones.He is also very brand icon after M S Dhoni,Sachin Tendulkar for india.Recently a survey also claimed that Virat is also famous among the girls also.
some of the expert also says:


Records and achievements

  •     Fastest Indian cricketer to reach 1000 runs in ODIs.
  •     Fastest Indian cricketer to reach 3000 runs in ODIs.
  •     Fastest Indian cricketer to reach 4000 runs in ODIs.
  •     Fastest cricketer to reach 10 centuries in ODIs.

Most runs in a calendar year

  •     Most ODI runs by an Indian cricketer in 2010
  •     Most ODI runs by an Indian cricketer in 2011
  •     Most ODI runs by an Indian cricketer in 2012
  •     Most ODI runs in the calendar year 2011
  •     Most Test runs by an Indian cricketer in 2012

Most centuries

  •     Most ODI centuries in 2010 by an Indian cricketer
  •     Most ODI centuries in 2011 by an Indian cricketer
  •     Most ODI centuries in 2012

Highest score

  •     Highest score (183) by any batsman in ODIs against Pakistan.


  •     2012 – ICC ODI Player of the Year


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