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What are some lesser known facts about BR Chopra's Mahabharata?

Each actor was paid Rs 3000 per episode, no matter how small your role was. (Except - foot soldiers). This was literally amazing. No matter you are playing Arjun or a maid, you will still get 3000 rs. That's an equality. Gufi Paintal (Shakuni) was a casting director and his younger brother Paintal played the role of Shikhandi(Amba’s next birth) He is Paintal. Pankaj Dheer (Karna) initially auditioned for the role of Arjun. Feroz Shah(Arjun) changed his name to Arjun after playing his role in mahabharata. Nazneen(Kunti) changed her religion from Islam to Hinduism. Our beloved Mukesh Khanna aka Bhishma Pitamah, remained unmarried as, Pitamah was also unmarried. He also opened a production house called as Bheeshma International. Roopa Ganguly was teased as ‘fatty’ on the sets of Mahabharata. Shooting fighting scenes were the most challenging. Budget of this show was supposed to be Rs 6 lakh per episode but it was increased to Rs 7.5 lakh per episode. BRC Mahabharata is said to be most

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