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Free Internet service in India by Mark Zuckerberg

On 10 February 2015, Facebook team launched a new website  for providing free internet service in India. Main Points : Right now this service is only available in six indian states :  Tamil Nadu Mahararashtra Andhra Pradesh Gujarat Kerala Telangana Right now this service is only available in Reliance Network. Mark Zuckerberg in Village Chandauli ( India) This announcement was released by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg where he emphasized the need of internet in the lives of people. In his personal update, he shared a photo of himself in village chandauli in october 2014 and describe the whole website motive. Mark Said :

Mark Zuckerberg denies to remove content related about Mohammed

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg gave a statement on Facebook that his team will not remove the content related to Mohammed. He also signals about the warning he got from an Pakistani extremist few years ago. He said that some people are trying to spread the threat in the World and want to keep people restricted. He also said that:

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