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Banking Trickky Notes: Trick to learn HQ of Nationalised banks

Dear Readers,   In this article we are providing you the tricks to learn the Head Quarters (HQ) of all the nationalized banks in India. These are important as minimum on question in your GA section come from this part. After reading this article, you will able to learn this very easily.   Trick 1:  All Bank Names ending with India except United Bank of India is having HQ in Mumbai 1.        Union Bank of India                 :  Mumbai 2.        Bank of India                              :  Mumbai 3.        Central Bank of India               :  Mumbai 4.        Dena Bank                                   :  Mumbai 5.        IDBI Bank                                     :  Mumbai   Trick 2:  A phrase which is pronounced as “KUUA” K:  Kokata as HQ 6.        U:  United Bank of India 7.        U:  UCO Bank 8.        A:  Allahabad Bank   Trick 3:  A phrase which is pronounced as NEW DELHI ki PUNJABI WOMEN, COMMERCE mein achi hoti hai….. From this we will learn: Banks ha

Handy Notes Banking : A Brief on Mutual Funds

What are Mutual Funds? Mutual Fund is trusts which pool the savings of large number of investors and then reinvests those funds for earning profits and then distribute the dividend among the investors. In return for such services, Asset Management Companies charge small fees.    Every Mutual Fund launches different schemes, each with a specific objective.   Investors who share the same objectives invests in that particular Scheme.   Each Mutual Fund Scheme is managed by a Fund Manager with the help of his team of professionals. The mutual funds in India are governed by Association of Mutual Funds in India, the umbrella body for mutual funds, which is in turn governed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. A diagrammatic representation to understand the Cycle”:   Where does Mutual Funds usually invest their funds : The Mutual Funds usually invest their funds in equities, bonds, debentures, call money etc., depending on the objectives and terms of scheme floated by MF.  

Uses of “OF”

Rule 1.   belonging to somebody; relating to somebody Examples: a friend  of  mine, the love  of  a mother for her child, the role  of  the teacher, Can’t you throw out that old bike  of  Tommy’s?, the paintings  of Monet *When you are talking about everything someone has painted, written, etc. use of. When you are referring to one or more examples of somebody’s work, use by: a painting by Monet   Rule 2.   belonging to something; being part of something; relating to something: Examples: the lid  of  the box, the director  of  the company, a member  of  the team, the result  of  the debate   Rule 3.   coming from a particular background of living in a place Examples: a woman  of  Italian descent, the people  of  Wales   Rule 4.   concerning or showing somebody/something Examples: a story  of  passion, a photo  of  my dog, a map  of India   Rule 5.   used to say that somebody/something is, consists of, or contains Examples: the city  of  Dublin, the issue  of  housing

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