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What simple things can I do to keep my liver healthy?

The liver is one of the most important internal organs of the human body, and its biggest function is to help the body eliminate toxins. The most beneficial food for liver health is wolfberry, which is a berry with high nutritional value. Wolfberry is rich in protein, carbohydrates, betaine, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, germanium, iron, and phosphorus. Wolfberry contains a lot of betaine. Pharmacological experiments show that betaine can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver, repair damaged liver cells, and promote liver cell regeneration. Regular consumption of wolfberry is a simple and effective way to maintain the health of the liver. In addition, wolfberry contains natural organic germanium, which has good anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. You can buy wolfberry online, it's not expensive. Source:  Lucia Garcia


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How to reach IIT Kanpur without auto and taxi/cab

Hello Friends As you all know IIT Kanpur is one of the best engineering college in India and people used to go there for different purposes like study, internship, meeting etc. So for a outsider, it can be really expensive to reach IIT Kanpur with auto or taxi fare of above 200 rupees  (average 250 rupees). So today I am telling you the cheapest way to reach IIT Kanpur. This journey trip is applicable from Kanpur Central railway station to IIT Kanpur. Some Points to remember: Total distance between Kanpur Central Railway Station to IIT Kanpur is 16 kms. Auto, Taxi or cab drivers will force you to travel with average 250 rupees to IIT Kanpur. So don't listen to them follow below procedure. Procedure to Reach IITK:

Pinterest Marketing

Post by AtContent So you think you know social media . You're on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. You have a posting strategy, a style, a tone of voice, and are building an audience. Then along comes Pinterest,

How to Protect your samsung smartphone by Pattern,Pin,Password

Hello Friends, Today i will tell you a simple technique to protect your Samsung smartphone by other people like your little dear members and other fellows. Its sometimes looks like essential to create a password to protect your phone so that no body could access your personal data. A personal data can be anything but the most necessarily the data which is now coming in your mind can be embarrassing if access by others. So here are the simple steps tutorial :

How to Redirect from one url to another url

Hello Friends, For some reasons we have to make changes in our blog/website's url name. For sometimes it can be due to purchasing a custom url from free hosting service. It might be changing of name of website url like from to

What to do if your mobile is stolen or lost ?

Hello Friends, There are certain situations where we lose our mobile phones whether it is happened by mistake or any thief took it away from you. He gave a big tension to you, but now its your time to give him some tension. You all are thinking that i am gonna suggest you for police inquiry and all, but thats other part because if i say it you or not, you will definitely go to police first for investigation (unless you are not Bill gates). Till Police will do its job ,then you can assure that your mobile phone will not be usable without you. But HOW TO DO THAT : There are certain steps by which you can block your sim supporting system of your stolen or lost phone : Dial *#06# from your mobile. (Its not applicable if your phone is stolen but you can save your other phones by dialing it) After dialing this number, a 15 digits number will come as IMEI. Note down this IMEI number to your records where you can remember it easily.  The IMEI number is


Hello Friends, Here is the pic of Fifa world Cup 2014 Schedule :

Syllabus For Gate Biotechnology

Syllabus for Biotechnology (BT) ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS Linear Algebra: Matrices and determinants, Systems of linear equations, Eigen values and Eigen vectors. Calculus: Limit, continuity and differentiability, Partial derivatives, Maxima and minima, Sequences and series, Test for convergence, Fourier Series. Differential Equations: Linear and nonlinear first order ODEs, higher order ODEs with constant coefficients, Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations,Laplace transforms, PDE- Laplace, heat and wave equations. Probability and Statistics: Mean, median, mode and standard deviation, Random variables, Poisson, normal and binomial distributions, Correlation and regression analysis. Numerical Methods: Solution of linear and nonlinear algebraic equations, Integration of trapezoidal and Simpson’s rule, Single and multistep methods for differential equations. BIOTECHNOLOGY Microbiology: Prokaryotic and eukaryotic

How many Ads can be placed on a webpage under Google Adsense account

Hello Friends, Today, i will tell you about how many ads can be placed on a webpage under Google adsense account.There are some policies of Google network to show ads on a webpage.  According latest Google policies, a publisher can show 3 Adsense for content ads, 2 search boxes and  3 link units on a single webpage which matches google's terms and policies. This includes a maximum of one 300x600 ad unit (or similar sized ad) per page. Adsense for content ad: Google search box:  Link Unit : Happy blogging :)

How to embed Tweets in the blogger website

Hello friends Today i will tell you how to embed twitter tweets in your website. As i am using blogger so i will tell you how to do it in blogger but you can also do it for other services also.   Steps : 1.First Go to twitter and select a tweet you want to embed in your website. 2.Then there will be a option of "more" in each tweet.Click that more option,then there will be option of embed tweet. 3.Click on embed tweet and copy the code. 4.Then sign in into your Blogger dashboard and create a new post and under HTML coding ,paste this code and click on the compose. 5.After that click on Preview button to check how your embed tweet look like. I think it will work :) Thank you

Some important tips for preparing Aptitude in competitive exams

Hello friends, These words are referred by one of our senior which were quite good for students  like us who are preparing for various competitive exams. The words of that Senior were- IMPORTANT TIPS TO PREPARE CURRENT AFFIRS & GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (GK) FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS :- We all know that most of the competitive exams come up with these two subjects, and most of the students feel great difficulties to score good marks in it...There is always something happening in this bloody big world, so it’s not easy to stay updated with all the latest affairs all the time...“Current Affairs” and “General Knowledge” cover many topics like from economy to sports or education to politics, or even technology to automobiles... TIPS : * READ NEWSPAPER REGULARLY : It will be better if you read one newspaper of your mother language,and other of English. Some useful newspapers are “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, “The Telegraph” etc...And most important it will increase your englis

How to the know directX and graphic card in windows pc

Hello Friends Whenever we download any pc game or other software which is having some requirements to run in the pc. Then we think about where to find all this specification like DirectX and Graphic card. So i am providing you simple steps to find out these specifications.: 1.First go to RUN and type "dxdiag" 2.In the SYSTEM ,you can find out DirectX version as in this pic ,it is DirectX 11. 3.In the DISPLAY section,the name is your GRAPHIC CARD name and its specifications. Hopefully  you understood it. Happy BLOGGING.

Coca cola lottery scam busted



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