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11 January, 2015

Famous cricketers words about Great Rahul Dravid

We all know Rahul Dravid as one of the best and cool person in the world. During his cricketing career he was called as "Mr. Dependable" & "The Wall".
Rahul Dravid the wall
Rahul Dravid

There are some words which are delivered by some cricketers about Rahul Dravid :

1.Brett Lee: 
If you can't get along with Dravid, you're struggling in life.
2. Chris Gayle
 Dravid Could play attacking cricket like me but i could never play like him.
3. Shahid Afridi :
 Once Shahid Afridi was asked for his Favourite Player and He says "Rahul Dravid"
 4. Steve Waugh :
 Try to take his wicket in the first 15 minutes, if you can’t then only try to take the remaining wickets.
5. Shoaib Akhtar:
 Even though Sachin is great, I have always found Rahul more solid and hard to get out.
6. Navjot Singh Sidhu :
 Rahul Dravid is a player who would walk on broken glass if his team asks him to.
7. Brian Lara :
 If I have to put anyone to bat for my life, it’ll be Dravid.
8. Sachin Tendulkar
He (Dravid) is a perfect role model for youngsters. He has set a great example for all of us to follow. We are all trying to follow that path.
9. Ian Chappell :
 Team in trouble? Whom do you turn to? Rahul Dravid!
10. Matthew Hayden:
 All this going around is not aggression. If you want to see aggression on cricket field, look into Rahul Dravid’s eyes.
I’ve seen how Rahul goes about his innings & that’s something I want to get myself involved with.

05 November, 2014

Sachin Tendulkar never lies

Hello Friends,
Everybody knows Sachin Tendulkar- The cricket icon of millennium. He is considered as one of the best sporting and loyal person in the World.Recently he wrote his autobiography book- "Playing it my way" and in this book he talked about former Australian cricket player Greg chappel who was coach of Indian cricket team in 2005-2007. In this book, he criticized the coaching of