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What are some dark secrets of Sanjay Dutt?

1. Sanjay Dutt used to trick women who were sleeping with him: Hirani revealed that Dutt used to take some of the women to the tomb. The filmmaker revealed, "He will start to date a girl and take her to this cemetery. He will say," I brought you here to meet my mother. " He will make the girl emotional with this act. In fact, the tomb was not his mother's. But women used to fall prey to Dutt's words. Hirani revealed that Sanjay Dutt would not just make up stories and lie to score emotionally with his girlfriends, as well as being very vengeful. 2. Affair with Madhuri Dixit: Sanjay and Madhuri fell in love with each other after working together in many films like Saajan, Thanedar, Khalnayak etc. According to industry insiders, it was not their 'one fly-by' affair, the two were serious about each other. Sanjay and Madhuri were a 'thing' in the 90s and everyone knew about their affair. 3. Obsession with Guns !: Guns have put Sanjay Dutt in a lot of t

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