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What simple things can I do to keep my liver healthy?

The liver is one of the most important internal organs of the human body, and its biggest function is to help the body eliminate toxins. The most beneficial food for liver health is wolfberry, which is a berry with high nutritional value. Wolfberry is rich in protein, carbohydrates, betaine, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, germanium, iron, and phosphorus. Wolfberry contains a lot of betaine. Pharmacological experiments show that betaine can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver, repair damaged liver cells, and promote liver cell regeneration. Regular consumption of wolfberry is a simple and effective way to maintain the health of the liver. In addition, wolfberry contains natural organic germanium, which has good anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. You can buy wolfberry online, it's not expensive. Source:  Lucia Garcia


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WhatsApp Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT Beware, Your WhatsApp could hacked next! Here’s what’s happening- {thread} 1. You receive a call from the attacker who will convince you to make a call to the following number **67*<10 digit number> or *405*<10 digit number> 2. Within a few minutes, your WhatsApp would be logged out, and the attackers would get complete control of your account. 3. The number you have dialled is a service request for Jio and Airtel to do "call forwarding" when your number is busy/engaged 4. The attacker tricked you into call forwarding your calls to a number they own when you are busy. 5. Now in the backend, the attacker triggers the WhatsApp registration process for your number and chooses the option to send OTP via phone call. Since your phone is engaged- the OTP will go to the attacker's phone, and GAME OVER. The same trick can be used to hack anyone's WhatsApp account if the attacker has physical access to your phone and has permission to make

Big Billion Day turns into Big Flop Day for flipkart

Hello Friends, On 6 October 2014, Flipkart announced the Big Billion Day with huge hype and marketing on TV,Radio,Newspaper and internet. They were celebrating this day 1st time and claiming it as one of the biggest day for E-commerce business . They promised to offer great deals,discounts and other exciting prizes to win for the customers.

Coca cola lottery scam busted



HELLO FRIENDS, IF YOU GET THIS TYPE OF MAIL IN YOUR INBOX IN YOUR MAIL BOX THEN TOTALLY IGNORE IT BECAUSE IT IS SCAM: THE MAIL IS:                                                    FROM: THE DESK OF THE E-MAIL PROMOTIONS MANAGER INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS/PRIZE AWARD DEPARTMENT, UK LOTTO CORPORATION WORLD LOTTERY UNITED KINGDOM PO BOX 1010 LIVERPOOL L70 1NL UNITED KINGDOM                                                     The Uk Lotto Incorporation PO Box 1010, Liverpool L70 1NL, United Kingdom ==================================== Ref: XYL /26510460037/05 Batch: 24/00319/IPD Congratulations!! We are please to inform you that your email address has won an award in The UK LOTTO INC LIVE held on October 9th 2013 in London United Kingdom. The Award center of UK Lotto Inc randomly selected 10 Email addresses Through a computer ballo


HELLO FRIENDS, IF YOU GOT THIS TYPE OF MAIL IN YOUR EMAIL INBOX THEN TOTALLY IGNORE IT. BECAUSE IT IS A BIG SCAM AND YOU CAN BE BE FOOLED. IT IS SCAM International Remittance Dept; Berkley Square, London WIJ 6BD   United Kingdom. Office Number +447010079350 Dear Lucky Winner We are pleased to inform you that your email address has won an Award in the Nokia Company Award Anniversary as organized by Nokia Company United Kingdom. Nokia Company. Randomly selected 50 email addresses through a computer ballot system to receive an award of Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds ( £500,000.00 ) and Laptop each as a part of our for-profit philanthropic wing promotion.   The online award draws was conducted from an exclusive list of over 25,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the web. No tickets were sold. After the automated computer ballot, your e-mail

Big scam-Honda lottery promotion BUSTED

HELLO FRIENDS, Today i wanna open a big scam in front of you i.e. HONDA LOTTERY PROMOTIONS. Some days ago on 25 September 2013 i got an email from email that i have won a prize money of  three hundred and fifty thousand,great Britain pound sterling (355,000.00 GBP),1 laptop & 2 Honda t-shirts. They said that their computer system randomly choose my mail address for being best online from several years. WHEN I READ IT FIRST TIME I WAS SAYING WHAT IS THIS ????????????? I was totally surprised ,here i am providing a pic of that mail You can zoom it by clicking it. After that i just Google on HONDA LOTTERY PROMOTIONS and check it about.After certain investigation on it , i found it as big scam . Now you will be thinking ,i will stop it here. BUT NOT  I just want to know that why are they sending such type of emails. Is it beneficial for sending such type of emails b

Is ebiz a scam or true company ?

Friends, Today i want to give review about a private company pvt. Ltd . Friends this company is totally true and registered by government of india.This company provides free e-learning computer education program for some courses. if you have to know all these courses with set of CDs then you can purchase their product at the price of 9556 Rs/-.You have to submit this money as demand draft in favor of ebiz After purchasing this product,you can join their commission share program also i which you have to bring many person as you can in their meeting.After that meeting ,senior ebizzors will play with your friends mind to join ebiz pvt. Ltd. If  two of your friend ready to join ebiz,then you will be eligible to earn money at ebiz. It can be look like if u r A ,then first friend B will be on your left leg and second friend C will be on your right leg. If another friend join your group then you can put that on your any of leg.After creatin

Rackspace Outsourcing - A Total scam

Hello FRIENDS, Today i will tell you about a scam website that make fool of people by ensuring them to earn online money .

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