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02 December, 2014

Haryana Eve Teasing Case

Recently a Eve teasing case is registered in Haryana when two sisters were molested by three people in Haryana roadways bus. When those people crossed their limits then sisters fought with them in the bus. In between, another lady made a video of whole incident and video went viral on social media.

21 July, 2013

Delhi Metro Scandal-Who is responsible ?


In the previous days what all happened in the Delhi metro (where some intimacy was publicised on the adult sites) was quite a sadfull moment of Delhi.This incident again questioned our security because the video which was present on the adult sites are 4 minutes longer.Here the question arise:
How a 4 minutes video can be prepared as there is always maximum 2-3 minutes gap between two metro stations ?
Where were security checker of metro ?
Where the couple was sit as no public interruption was there ?
Similarly many question arise in our thinking but people should also keep in their mind to these do type of intimacy in their living bedroom or room,not any public place because whatever bad happens,it always be bad for them and sometimes for nation or city also.