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Wild and Sexy Selfies of couples in Lift

For all the young couples who have planned wild things to do in future, can see one example of selfie in the lifts. These pics will definitely boost your love with your partner and you can also take one selfie with your love like this: Widgets Wild Selfie in lift -1

Viral image of Monkey taking selfie

Recently Wikipedia Commons uploaded a picture of a monkey in public domain which after sometimes became a viral news because the camera owner files a copyright on that image and said, the image was taken from his camera which was stolen by a macaque in 2011. But Wikipedia refused to that copyright claim and said that all the copyright of that image comes under that Monkey which took the image by the camera of David Slater, the British nature photographer.

Why girls like to click their pics with their mobiles ?

Hello friends, There is another interesting topic in front of us that why girls like to click their pics with mobiles as they want do it or somebody deliberately takes their photo in hidden corner and then send it to them to post on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. As i have asked some girls why did girls do that: Some remain silent that is no answer or simply dumb girls. Some told that they don't like it and wanna keep things simple and more real. And some told that girls like their mobiles and wanna show how much money they spend and brand they got via their mobiles. So i got all types of answer but according to my post, third point is more preferable that girls like to take their snapshots with mobile for fun purpose and also want to show figure of their bodies and mobile's too :P . As a male perspective, girl with mobile make their pics more catchy, hot and appealing but as second point says it sometimes look like more unr

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