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04 September, 2013

Sonia Gandhi is true foreigner

Hello Friends,
Today's topic is slightly my personal view not a group view and this is about our Italian political leader Smt.Sonia Gandhi who always claim her to be a true Indian.
But i really don't agree with her mentality because she is only wife of Mr. Rajeev Gandhi ,thats all.If she really trust indian people then why she always did her medical check up in United States of America.

Are Indian doctors are not well qualified to do her medical check up ?

Thats why i really hate Sonia gandhi's attitude as she doesn't trust highly qualified doctors of India.I really doubt on her as she doesn't trust educated doctors then how we believe that she will complete her promises for illiterate people of India.
This totally signifies that she just forwarding Congress party for the future of her family and their children.Sonia doesn't know any ABCD about politics and her son Rahul is also same as Rajeev Gandhi was.Our honorable Prime minister Smt. Indira Gandhi was the last eligible congress lady who did extremely good job for poor people in India  as i recently visited one village where people criticizing today's congress party and sonia gandhi and praising Indira gandhi's work.
I don't know up to what date Sonia will rule in India(Manmohan is Just a PM).
Sonia gandhi is just blundering the illiterate people by bill like food security,land security etc. near the elections.
Today growth rate of India is getting lower,rupees is getting weaker,different types of corruption by political leaders are coming out,rape case are increasing,unemployment is increasing,inflation is at its peak.
But Sonia Gandhi is busy.  
I just oly wanna tell her- WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND INDIANS