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25 October, 2014

Teachers of Today

Hello Friends,
Today i want to talk about the condition of teachers in India and all over of the world.Teaching is one of the nobel and great task in our society.Everyone praises the great minds and their inventions but no body talks about their teachers who learn them a lot of things in their lives.

I am not taking favor of all the teachers

04 September, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day

Hi friends,

Its time to say thanks to our teachers who did their work excellently without any demand.They inspire us all in our whole life,specially our school teachers who are more deeply attached with us than college teachers. School teachers are more attached due to smaller area of school where everybody can be seen by everyone.But in Colleges , teachers take less concern about the students because of presence of various kind of students of different streams.But we can't neglect their contribution in our life as they can be big helping hands for our future purposes. I just don't want to extend this convo. and wish all teachers           

                            A HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY