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21 January, 2015

Microsoft announces release of Windows 10

Microsoft has finally decided to roll out Windows 10 for the customers. In its blog, Microsoft had announced about Windows 10 on 30 September 2014. There is also report that Windows 10 will available Free.

Microsoft announces release of Windows 10 According to Jim Alkove :

Windows 10 will run across an incredibly broad set of devices – from the Internet of Things, to servers in enterprise datacenters worldwide. Some of these devices have 4 inch screens – some have 80 inch screens – and some don’t have screens at all. Some of these devices you hold in your hand, others are ten feet away. Some of these devices you primarily use touch/pen, others mouse/keyboard, others controller/gesture – and some devices can switch between input types.

29 July, 2013

Microsoft decided to say BYE BYE Windows XP

From the date 8 April 2014, Microsoft is quiting the Windows XP operating system.After this date Microsoft will not provide any type of security update and service pack to the windows xp users.It was first released to computer manufacturers on August 24, 2001,it is the second most popular version of Windows, based on installed user base.
The name "XP" is short for "eXPerience", highlighting the enhanced user experience.Windows XP, the successor to Windows 2000 and Windows ME, was the first consumer-oriented operating system produced by Microsoft to be built on the Windows NT kernel. Windows XP was released worldwide for retail sale on October 25, 2001, and over 400 million copies were in use in January 2006.It was succeeded by Windows Vista in January 2007. Direct OEM and retail sales of Windows XP ceased on June 30, 2008. Microsoft continued to sell Windows XP through their System Builders (smaller OEMs who sell assembled computers) program until January 31, 2009.On April 10, 2012, Microsoft reaffirmed that extended support for Windows XP and Office 2003 would end on April 8, 2014 and suggested that administrators begin preparing to migrate to a newer OS.

ANS-The answer is quite simple that microsoft want to sell there other upgraded versions also like windows vista,7 and windows 8.From the manufacturing of any product,Microsoft provides ten year support to their product and windows xp has crossed that limit in year 2011.So Microsoft has already provided 2 year more support to it and now they are not in mood of any concession.
That is why they are not providing any security update after 8 April, 2014.