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How to create multiple channels on YouTube

Hello Friends, In today's time, video sharing is great way to explore the things and it can be very useful to earn some money too if your video content is totally out of the box and unique. But sometimes we don't want to collapse the things with only 1 channel. It means we can create separate zones to upload the videos. But How can we do this ? Answer is by creating more than 1 YouTube channel.

How to delete Watched History of YouTube

Hello Friends, Whenever you search about different dirty things then sometimes it can be watched by your dear ones so how to remove or delete watched History of Youtube . Here is your tutorial

How to create a new YouTube Channel wth existing one YouTube Channel

Hello Friends, If you want many YouTube channels then this tutorial is for you. Here is a tutorial of how to create a new YouTube channel with your existing YouTube channel. So watch and learn the things

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