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What advice will you give to growing teens

They will ruin your life, Your self confidence, p*rn will change your way of thinking. Don't be like him after breakup. You have to understand it was not true love. There are 7 billion people in the world you will find the true love at the right time. patience. Never share nudes . Never Don't watch this type of web series. They are soft p*rns. Don't watch movies of these starkids. Don't care about what people say. They are the same people who are going to ignore you if you need some help. Just follow your passion. They are not heroes. Don't follow someone on the basis of their looks only. Look for the talent. Respect yourself. Don't be desperate For your crush reply if they are ignoring you. Respect your opposite gender. Don't make fun of someone. You don't know what he/she is going through. Don't let your harmones drive you. Keep control. Look for good personality not for beautiful faces. Don't get addicted to games like pubg. Never ever support

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