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GOSF 2014 is from 10-12 December

Hello Friends The Great Online Shopping festival is right up for you from 10 December-12 December 2014. It is the biggest online shopping festival where online retailers offers great discounts on products for given period of time. Its a Google initiative and it was started in year 2012 for promoting online sales. GOSF-2014

Facebook Advertising

How to use Facebook Ads. Facebook Pages gives you the option to create paid promotions with paid ads. Facebook paid ads give you the ability to really target your ads to your specific potential clients. You can choose their country, language, gender,...

Is Narendra Modi really caring for india or its just a "FEKU" drama

Hello Friends, 2 months back!!!! "Abki Baar modi Sarkaar" "BJP ko lao , Modi ko Jitao" Now all the advertisements are over and Narendra Modi is now the Prime Minister of India. But after getting PM post, the inflation rate is again rising and cabinet minister Mr. Arun Jaitley is saying that its all due to hoarding in the market. But i want to ask that if you have to say all these things and then whats the difference between you and Congress as they were saying same lines when they were in government. In Lok sabha, where PM Narendra Modi was telling his agendas for working in next 100 days, his first prior agenda was : Agenda 1: We will control the Inflation rate and drop the price of food materials and other important household things What actually happening: Inflation rate(%) is ricing from 5.91 to 6.45 (Today's date) and prices are increasing of food materials Agenda 2 : We provide governance not government.

Why Facebook is winning the race against google in advertising

Hi friends, This is very competitive view between two big companies Google & facebook .Both does the different functions,one is the most promising and popular search engine which is expending its business in many areas,other one is the most popular social networking site. So why i just comparing these two big names ? THE ANSWER IS ADVERTISING. The Google versus Facebook advertising war is far from nearing the finish line, but the playing field has been significantly leveled in recent weeks. Facebook has grown mobile advertising over 76% in the last quarter, bringing in over $656 million. Google, on the other hand, had second-quarter results that fell shy of expectations, and they're watching their advertisement prices weaken each quarter. Why Facebook is Gaining Ground ? All the big guns have found adapting to a mobile world more than a little challenging, but Facebook has finally gained some ground, and that has made all the difference. New mobile forma

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