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What makes somebody a gifted person?

Highly gifted people demonstrate these traits: They have a very high tolerance to emotional pain. They get abused, rejected, displaced and yet they fight on. They are very altruistic. They care about strangers that may not even be kind to them. They are very faithful. They never at all play their spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends. They are very gentle and sensitive. They care about your feelings, even if you hardly care of theirs. They are very intelligent. They are the smart people in the society. For those who are not smart, they are very creative. They can do some art, make some music, paint both our faces. You don’t always have to be smart, you can be creative. They love kids. Even if they don’t have kids, they care not to hurt them or rape them unlike some sick serial killers. They are very wise. They can offer good solutions to everyday problems. If you are here and not a troll, congratulations, you are highly gifted. They are not jealous. They can look for their own

Famous Wrestler John Cena pays tribute to Late Siddhartha Shukla

Famous Wrestler John Cena pays tribute to famous TV star Late Siddhartha Shukla on Instagram who died on 2nd September 2021. Here is his post: 

What are the 5 life changing tips?

Being good with women is a skill , a frame , an attitude, not a genetic trait . Don’t jump to her. Let her feel your intent.  Many people will claim they love themselves just the way they’re. Yet are overweight, immobile & binge eating junk food . Why would you do anything to hurt yourself if you love yourself ? , If you can’t find contentment in your current circumstances, you won’t find it once you’ve “ achieved “ your ideal situation, By being aware that life is temporary, one ensures that he lives to the maximum while still alive . Your fulfilment is more important than their approval, There’s so much peace in just chilling & minding your own business.  Source: Mukul Royy

How can I become less critical of others?

Being a gentleman is always a good idea , Quietly observing instead of reacting to everything you notice is top tier growth, Simplify your routine, you’ll know when it’s time to mix things up, Shed your confirmation biases, be open- minded , & approach , Lack of communication leaves room for imagination, it’s real, Everything is only obvious in retrospect. Don’t label yourself . Don’t blame yourself too much . Learn & do better next time, Declutter & reorganize your most frequently used spaces, There’ll be moments when you’ll be tempted to do the wrong even while knowing that you shouldn’t do it. If you only could control this state of temptation !! , Always be yourself. Live within your means, don’t pretend to be something you’re not. It’s okay, Life isn’t fair, you’ve to accept that & do the best you can regardless, Just Chill.!! Source : Mukul Royy

What are the traits of a person who has an above-average IQ?

You can’t pull them into humdrum storms, chit chat and small talk. They get bored with that and even loathe them. Start an interesting topic and they will dive in as if they had always been there. They don’t waste time doing superficial, uninteresting, ususal, common things that don’t benefit them in the long run, whether at work, or at meetings, discussions, debates or even fights. They know when to lose in order to gain later, or lose less in order to gain more. Their calculation is unnerving and not always obvious. They will gladly let you be wrong if they think correcting you is not beneficial in any way. So if one is asking for casual advice the intelligent will usually say very little or nothing at all. They have different and sometimes (well, most of the times) weird opinion/ ideas and questions that can unsettle most people and even irritate them. They are hazardous for team work and more hated than respected for their singularity. If you are intelligent and highly

How do you extend the life span of car tires? 🚗

The tyres are considered consumable components which wear out as per the usage. However, there are certain conditions which make tyre wear faster. Any force of tyres which is additional to pure rolling forces make them wear faster. Sudden acceleration and braking, frequent sharp cornering, driving on winding roads and in hilly areas are some of the reasons which accelerate the rate of tyre wear. If the wheel alignment gets out of specification, inflation pressure is too high or too low, tyres are out of balance or the wear rate is aggravated. To extend the life span of tyres, it is important to drive properly as well as regularly maintain the tyres and the vehicle. Key maintenance of tyres are maintaining correct inflation pressure, wheel alignment, tyre rotation and wheel balancing. Inflation Pressure- Inflation pressure plays an important role in tyre performance including impact on tyre wear. Always maintain inflation pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Low tyre pressu

What should I learn from an intelligent person to improve my life?

You’ll never live if you’re looking for the meaning of life, Confidence can’t be faked. You’re or you’re not, A big secret to longevity is living a low stress life. You can’t control things outside you. You can only control your response, Stop giving a shit what people think of you. Realize they’re hardly thinking of you at all , Rejection is a myth & only exists in the mind, Getting rich is hard , but being broke is also hard . So which hard life are you choosing ? , Be careful what you tolerate. You’re teaching people how to treat you , You’ll have an extremely difficult time persuading someone if you’re not calm , Our greatest addiction is focusing on other people’s lives & noticing what others should be doing better, Problems are common but attitude makes the difference, Just Chill.!! Source : Mukul Royy

Shatrughan Sinha Account Hacked with name of Elon Musk

Recently a funny thing happened on Twitter when hackers hacked Bollywood Actor Shatrughan Sinha's twitter account and rename it famous Entrepreneur Elon musk. Hackers also tweeted about bitcoin from Shatru's account. Later account was revived.

My Quote 36-Democracy is the only solution not religion

Taliban = Jaish= Al Qaeda = Hizbul Muzahaidin= Hakkani Network = Etc etc. = Pakistan What they want = Islamic State all over the world Every militant group wants their religion supremacy. What people actually get - Anarchy, Illiteracy, Loss of lives and terror. So all these powers should be eradicated once they set up. Law should be in upper hand than religion. Democracy is the only Solution.

Elon Musk questions Talibanis about covid-19 Awareness

Genius Elon musk questions the talibanis about covid-19 awareness. He tweeted with a pic in which no Talibani were wearing masks.He also questions them whether they know about delta variant of covid-19. He simply questioned their knowledge and awareness about covid-19. This is a big statement of famous personality of the world. Recently Talibanis overthrown the government of Afghanistan after United States of America decided to withdraw its army from the country. Currently Afghanistan is in total mess and people are suffering from talibani terror.

What things will add value to your life, and why?

If she doesn’t respect you, respect yourself & leave her, Life is simple . Get rid of insecure connections, a few habits, a few emotions , & a few expenditures, She’ll tell you they like to be chased , but the truth is that they love to chase. Stop simping, You’ve to be open. But you also have to be sceptical. Wisdom lies somewhere in between, Our brain is originally designed to keep us in survival mode , not thriving mode. However, with a little bit of practice, we can learn to focus on the positive side of every experiences, Once you’ve grown into independent adulthood, you no longer need somebody to take care of you. You can be responsible for yourself, Don’t sleep on your goals, aspirations, & dreams ! Get started on them today , You can’t be high quality if your perfectionism prevents you from finishing, Men who want to lead relationships with women must be prepared to bear the bulk of the responsibility for everything that happens between them, Keep promot

सबसे अच्छी आर्थिक सलाह क्या है?

किसी भी तरह के कर्ज से पहले छुटकारा पाएं। कम से कम ४-६ महीने की आपातकालीन बचत करें जो आपको कठिन समय से निकाल सके। जितनी जल्दी हो सके जीवन बीमा करवाएं। अपने निवेशों में विविधता लाएं- इक्विटी, एमएफ, डेट इंस्ट्रूमेंट्स, गोल्ड बॉन्ड, क्रिप्टो। ऑनलाइन निवेश के बारे में पढ़ें। विभिन्न प्रकाशनों और यूट्यूब चैनलों पर बहुत सारी जानकारी मुफ्त में उपलब्ध है। कार खरीदने के लिए कर्ज लेने से बचें। अपनी मासिक आय का २०-२५% निवेश करने का प्रयास करें। जब आप छोटे हों तो FD में निवेश न करें। रिटर्न कम है और आपकी संपत्ति नहीं बढ़ेगी। जब आप छोटे होते हैं तो आप थोड़ा जोखिम उठा सकते हैं। अपने खर्च को जानें। एक टैब रखें। एक सीमा तय करें और जब तक वास्तव में आवश्यक न हो, अपने आप को और अधिक खर्च करने की अनुमति न दें। दोस्तों या परिवार को पैसे देना। जान लें कि इसमें से कुछ वापस नहीं आएंगे और दोस्ती / रिश्ते को बर्बाद कर देंगे। अनुभवों पर अधिक खर्च करें। Source : शबरीनाथ नायर

Which life life lesson you learn only after you experience it?

Good looking faces always attract people. It causes embarrassment most of the times mostly in parties . Realised and avoided parties where alcohol is served. All people don’t go for Dowry . I guess good looks compensate dowry . Love is not sex always. Caring and understanding attitude is the secret ingredient of successful marriage. Individuality matters a lot for self esteem. People should know your name , not as a wife of someone. Self independence is absolutely necessary for personal growth. It gives emotional security and respect in the Society. People ask those for help who are in a position to help . I feel happy that I have helped some needy ones in getting jobs. Parents are biased to their children. Even though I am close to them I can feel for others. Friends don’t remain friend if you are more successful than them . Now , even if I introduce myself to some of my school friends they can’t recognise me . It hurts the most. I have regretted for some of my decisions i

How to make life easier?

To make life easier, I would prefer to go straight to the issues rather than getting bogged down in too many theories. Choose a good life partner who understands you and who understands you. Even if it takes some time to find him. Although it is not that easy, but try to make your career as much as we try for it. Whatever hard work you put into it, it will definitely be worth it. Don't collect unnecessary stuff . Nowadays, there is a big trend of minimalism, many people keep only as much as they come in a backpack. Even if you do not have a lot of crazy, then keep checking all your belongings from time to time. Say goodbye to whatever stuff is not working in them for a long time. You will feel much lighter. Avoid doing tasks yourself for which you can hire employees. People will also get employment and you will be able to put your energy in such works which are close to your heart and whose utility is more. Just keep in mind one thing, if you have got dogs to protect th

What is considered normal now that would have scared people 100 years ago?

The amount of porn there is and how raw and uncut it is. Tiddies all over. Being transgender. If you talk to yourself today, it's assumed that you're on a Bluetooth headset. A hundred years ago you'd be considered nuts. That there are people that are dumb enough to believe the earth is flat. Women wearing shorts, mini skirts and bikinis. Women working or elected in very significant positions. Food. The way we eat today, particularly the variety, is completely unheard of historically. Pressing a button (Uber app) to call a total stranger to come to your house with his car and then getting in it. LASIK. Sure, let's just carve up your corneas with lasers so you can see better. Other medical advancements, surgeries and the tools they use. How fast we can get information at the drop of a hat. People walking around like zombies staring down at a little box in their hands. Interracial and gay marriages.

वो कौन सी 5 आदतें क्या हैं जो मेरे जीवन को बेहतर बना सकती हैं?

कभी मल्टीटास्क न करें। एक समय में एक कार्य पर ध्यान लगाओ। यदि आप एक ही बार में अधिक काम करते हैं, तो आप सभी काम पर ध्यान नहीं दे पाएंगे! 2. अनजाने लोगों से कभी बहस न करें। आप कुछ भी पूरा नहीं करेंगे और अपना समय बर्बाद करेंगे, साथ ही आप बहुत निराश हो जाएंगे। 3. कभी भी गपशप में शामिल न हों। ऐसे लोग हैं जो दूसरे लोगों की पीठ पीछे बात करना पसंद करते हैं और इस बारे में बात करते हैं कि दूसरे लोग क्या करते हैं, कैसे रहते हैं, कितना बनाते हैं, आदि। यह सब व्यर्थ ऊर्जा और समय है। 4. कभी भी आवेगी निर्णय न लें। सो जाओ और अगले दिन अपना फैसला करें जब आप शांत हों और आप एक उद्देश्यपूर्ण दिमाग के साथ अपने जोखिमों की गणना करने में सक्षम हों। 5. कभी भी गुस्से में बिस्तर पर न जाएं। जिस प्रियजन या मित्र के साथ आपका तर्क था, उसके साथ शांति बनाने की कोशिश करें। रीसर्च के अनुसार, "नींद के दौरान, मस्तिष्क नकारात्मक यादों को संग्रहीत करने के तरीके को पुनर्गठित करता है, जिससे भविष्य में इन संघों को दबाने के लिए कठिन हो जाता है।" Source : Sunny Sahni

जीवन में काम आने वाली कुछ प्रेरणादायक महत्वपूर्ण बातें क्या हैं?

जीवन में काम आने वाली कुछ प्रेरणादायक महत्वपूर्ण बातें जिसे पढ़ने के बाद आप अपने जीवन में इसे अपनाना अवश्य चाहेंगे। 1.जीवन में कितना भी बड़ा दुःख क्यो ना आए,अगर उसे ठीक कर पाना आपके बस में नहीं है तो 5 मिनट से ज्यादा दुःखी मत होना और आगे बढ़ जाना तभी जीवन जीना सीख पाओगे वरना आप जीवन भर किसी न किसी बात को लेकर दुःखी ही रहोगे। 2. इंसान उतना ही बड़ा बनता है जीतना बड़ा वो सोच सकता है, इसलिए जो भी सोचो बड़ा सोचो। 3. क्रोध में भी शब्दों का चुनाव ऐसा कीजिए की जब गुस्सा उतरे तो खुद की नजरों में सर्मिदा ना होना पड़े। 4. बुद्धिमान वहीं होता है जो अपनी कमियों को किसी के सामने उजागर नहीं करता। घर की गुप्त बातें , धन एवं सम्पत्ति की बातें , दूसरो द्वारा धोखा, मन की चिंता , इन सभी बातों को खुद तक ही सीमित रखना चाहिए। 5. सही परिस्थितियों और सही समय रहते करियर बनाने के लिए काम शुरू कर लीजिए वरना, यदि एक बार समय हाथ से निकल गया और परिस्थिति खराब हुई तो खराब परिस्थितियां आपसे काम करवायेगी और आपको रो रो कर मजबूरी में जीवन भर काम करना पड़ेगा। 6. जिंदगी में जो कभी give up नहीं करता वहीं सफल होता है। हर दिन

Are mutual funds meant for long term investments?

To be precise, equity mutual funds are meant for long term investments. The reason is simple. Equity mutual funds invest the money in the stock market. The stock market is volatile in nature. It means the returns are not fixed. I nthe short term, the stock market is more volatile but in the long term, the market trajectory is always towards an upward direction. Let me explain this volatility with an example of a large-cap equity mutual fund performance during Covid19: Case 1: If you had invested Rs 1 lakh in Kotak Bluechip Fund - Direct growth just one year ago in Nov 2019, then by March 2020 (within 4 months), you would have lost 33% of your investment value. Now, just imagine what would be your reaction? If you are someone who has no idea about how a mutual fund works, you would simply panic! You would think - “What a mistake I have made! Within 4 months, I have lost Rs 33,696. If I continue further, I might lose all my money. So let me exit from this fraud of mutual fund.” Well, I w

What are common mistakes made by first time house buyers?

Here are 7 rookie mistakes I’ve seen others make…I’ve bought and sold a number of homes now, and I watch these happen again and again. The 7 Mistakes! They Buy at the Top of their Range. Don’t you want to be able to go out, travel, have a decent car or be able to weather a job loss? Always buy *below* what you can afford. They Are Misled By Beauty. There is a reason people hire staging companies or do minor upgrades - it sells homes. Don’t let the beauty of the interior mask real problems of the house…it is far more important that a house functions for you or doesn’t flood, than whether you love that midcentury light fixture. They Shop in the “Hot Neighborhood.” You don’t want the hot neighborhood…you want the *next* hot neighborhood. You will pay at the top of market for the cool factor of now…but if you buy in the next place to pop, you’ll have equity for days. They Make “Emotional” Decisions. This is the biggest financial purchase of your life…make it with your head, and

30 की उम्र में लड़के गंजे क्यों हो रहे हैं?

30 की उम्र में लड़को में गंजापन कुछ विशेष कारणों की वजह से होता है। आइए उन कारणों के बारे में जाना जाए - आजकल के बिजी लाइफस्टाइल और गलत खानपान की वजह से 30 की उम्र में लड़कों में गंजेपन की समस्या हो जाती है। इसके अलावा गर्म पानी से शॉवर लेने से भी बाल बहुत ज्यादा झड़ने लगते है। इससे स्कैल्प को काफी नुकसान होता है। गर्म पानी स्कैल्प के नेचुरल ऑयल को कम कर स्किन को ड्राई बना देता है। शराब पीने और धूम्रपान करने से भी बाल तेजी से झड़ते है। सिगरेट और शराब में मौजूद टॉक्सिन बालों को काफी नुकसान पहुचाते हैं। फैशन के चक्कर में लड़के बालों में तेल नहीं लगाते हैं। जिससे 30 की उम्र तक जाते जाते गंजेपन की समस्या दिखाई देने लगती है। गंजेपन की समस्या का एक अन्य महत्वपूर्ण कारण अत्यधिक तनाव लेना भी है। अत्यधिक स्ट्रेस लेने से भी बाल तेजी से झड़ने लगते हैं जिससे कुछ ही दिनों में गंजेपन की नौबत तक आ जाती है।

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