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10 November, 2016

Donald Trump elected 45th President of United States

Billionaire-turned-politician Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States. The Republican party candidate secured the support of 276 of the 538 members of the electoral college, beating Democratic party rival Hillary Clinton. President-elect Trump will formally take charge of the Oval Office on January 20, 2017, dubbed as the 'Inauguration Day'.
Initially, the Indian citizens who were indeed watching the election with incredulity, did not have very strong opinions about any of the candidates. This is mainly because this year’s campaign was fought more on scandals than on policies which include historical load and the diaspora. But if one has followed the campaigns closely, it can be said that the outcome of this election will affect trade ties between America and other countries. But if it will affect India, is debatable, as Indian economy is already doing very well, along with the fact that our foreign policies regarding each other are so strong that leaders cannot change that effectively for a long time.

At BA, We congratulate the newly elected  American President Donald Trump and we hope that the Ties between India and US will be strengthened and we expect to have camaraderie among our leaders and The people in general.  

16 November, 2014

5 Reasons behind many likes on facebook images

Hello Friends,

We generally see many likes of your friend's picture on Facebook and we think what can be the reasons behind the likes.
So here are some reasons behind those likes:

03 July, 2014

Top-5 Goalkeepers of Fifa Fototball World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Hello Friends,

Fifa Football World Cup brings many extra ordinary surprises in 2014 where top teams were out from the tournament and other minor teams are giving tough competition to the other top teams.

10 June, 2014

Central Park

843-acre masterpiece of a landscape architecture designed in the 19th century. One of Americas greatest works of art and first public park, Central Park has become the most famous urban park in the world. Having gone to Central Park before I was used...

19 June, 2013

Why indian students can not live lifestyle like americans

We all see Americans program and films and quite take inspiration from these shows and films.But when it comes to adopt this culture in India,it quite difficult.There might be some reasons of these:

Boys and girl can't be a friend:

This is not entirely true but up to maximum level it seems true in India,here the friendship between a boy and a girls always think to be a love relationship.Indians are very much restricted to such type of friendships.Here a boy can be a friend of boy and girl can be a friend of girl.A boy can be nearer to a girl if they are brother-sister,husband-wife,or relatives.(college-school life is exception)I am not against Indian culture but  i just telling about general feelings of an Indian.

Sex:Here sex is just like taboo , nobody wants to talk about it and even parents and teachers also feel quite shy to share about it.

Every youngster in India learn about sex by TV ,films,internet etc.And sometimes this type of knowledge can be quite dangerous.

Less investment on food:

This directly relates to availability of food in the buckets of Indian , Indians are quite minded but their refrigerators are just fulfilled by some vegetables,one or two fruit items.You can take look at Americans and their refrigerators.This is serious trouble because due to this Indians are quite weaker than Americans in health.