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What simple things can I do to keep my liver healthy?

The liver is one of the most important internal organs of the human body, and its biggest function is to help the body eliminate toxins. The most beneficial food for liver health is wolfberry, which is a berry with high nutritional value. Wolfberry is rich in protein, carbohydrates, betaine, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, germanium, iron, and phosphorus. Wolfberry contains a lot of betaine. Pharmacological experiments show that betaine can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver, repair damaged liver cells, and promote liver cell regeneration. Regular consumption of wolfberry is a simple and effective way to maintain the health of the liver. In addition, wolfberry contains natural organic germanium, which has good anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. You can buy wolfberry online, it's not expensive. Source:  Lucia Garcia


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What simple things can I do to keep my liver healthy?

The liver is one of the most important internal organs of the human body, and its biggest function is to help the body eliminate toxins. The most beneficial food for liver health is wolfberry, which is a berry with high nutritional value. Wolfberry is rich in protein, carbohydrates, betaine, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, germanium, iron, and phosphorus. Wolfberry contains a lot of betaine. Pharmacological experiments show that betaine can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver, repair damaged liver cells, and promote liver cell regeneration. Regular consumption of wolfberry is a simple and effective way to maintain the health of the liver. In addition, wolfberry contains natural organic germanium, which has good anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. You can buy wolfberry online, it's not expensive. Source:  Lucia Garcia

What are some of the most awesome psychological facts?

1) 80% of people would write their name if asked to write something with a new pen. 2) If a person laughs at a low quality joke then he is suffering from loneliness. 3) The big toe indicates the nervous weakness hidden by the other fingers, indicating that the person wants to be unnoticed by many. 4) Psychology is the first 6 seconds of meeting with someone, the first impression about him is formed. 5) It is a proven fact that our response to any situation is capable of radically changing that situation. 6) Many times someone's indifference indicates his utmost care which he does not want to express. 7) If you write down negative thoughts and throw them away like garbage, your mood will get better. 8) In 90% of cases, those whose handwriting is bad are more creative than usual. 9) It has been proven that orange helps reduce anxiety. That's why doctors recommend eating an orange before going to work. 10) Never reveal your goals to anyone. It produces the equivalent e

What are some signs of intelligence?

They stare at the wall more than anyone else. Delusion never leaves them. Without imagination, they are nothing. Leave the group when they find the people in it are not a match for them. Generally polite, mature, have a good knowledge of the philosophy of life. Feel uncomfortable following the rules. Fighting desperately in their work. That's what gives them happiness. Have a high sense of self-worth for yourself. In silence, they always feel happy and at peace. All they need is love. Which can attract them strongly. They like the company of people who have a high curiosity.  Source  : Dale P Lee

हमेशा फिट रहने के 5 तरीके कौन-कौन से हैं?

हमेशा फिट रहने के लिए कुछ बेसिक नियम हैं जिनका अनुसरण करके हम फिट रह सकते हैं खाना हमेशा भूख से कुछ कम खाएँ, पेट मे ठूँस ठूँस कर भोजन नही करना चाहिए, भोजन समाप्त करने के पश्चात पेट मे इतनी जगह अवश्य होनी चाहिए कि भोजन को पचने की पर्याप्त जगह मिल जाये। पानी हमेशा पर्याप्त मात्रा में पीना चाहिए, और ठंडे पानी के बजाए सादा या गुनगुना पानी पीना चाहिए, भोजन के तुरंत बाद पानी ना पी कर 45 मिनट बाद ही पानी पीना चाहिए। मैदे से बनी, बैकरी वाली और तली भुनी चीज़ों से बचना चाहिए, और यदि खाएं भी तो बहुत कम मात्रा में इनका सेवन करना चाहिए। वॉक और हल्की फुल्की एक्सरसाइज अपने रूटीन में शामिल करनी चाहिए, कुछ लोग जिम इत्याद हर 6 महीने में कुछ दिन करते हैं और फिर 5 महीने आराम करते हैं, ये तरीका बिल्कुल गलत है, आप भले ही घर पर कसरत करें लेकिन आपकी दिनचर्या में ये नियमित रूप से शामिल होनी चाहिए। आपका रवैया, आपका बर्ताव लोगो के साथ सकारात्मक होना चाहिए, नेगेटिव चीज़ों और विचारों से बचना चाहिए, आपके खुश रहने के लिए बहोत ज़रूरी है कि आप दूसरों को खुशियां बाँटे, यकीन मानिए दुसरो को खुशी देकर आपके अंदर ए

WhatsApp Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT Beware, Your WhatsApp could hacked next! Here’s what’s happening- {thread} 1. You receive a call from the attacker who will convince you to make a call to the following number **67*<10 digit number> or *405*<10 digit number> 2. Within a few minutes, your WhatsApp would be logged out, and the attackers would get complete control of your account. 3. The number you have dialled is a service request for Jio and Airtel to do "call forwarding" when your number is busy/engaged 4. The attacker tricked you into call forwarding your calls to a number they own when you are busy. 5. Now in the backend, the attacker triggers the WhatsApp registration process for your number and chooses the option to send OTP via phone call. Since your phone is engaged- the OTP will go to the attacker's phone, and GAME OVER. The same trick can be used to hack anyone's WhatsApp account if the attacker has physical access to your phone and has permission to make

जीवन ने आपको कौन से सबक सिखाए है?

1. आपकी सफलता से आपके परिवार के अलावा कोई भी खुश नहीं है। 2. प्यार एक मिथक है। बिना वजह कोई आपका दोस्त नहीं है। 3. बिना किसी अपेक्षा के आपसे प्यार करने वाले केवल आपके माता-पिता हैं। 4. आपके जीवन में हर किसी की एक भूमिका होती है और जब उनकी भूमिका समाप्त हो जाती है, तो वे आपको छोड़ देंगे। तो मजबूत बनो। 5. पैसे का हर किसी के जीवन में एक मजबूत स्थान होता है, लेकिन दुर्भाग्य से, यह आपको सब कुछ नहीं खरीद सकता। 6. सबके साथ हंसें, लेकिन किसी पर भरोसा न करें। 7. लोग कहते हैं सच बोलो लेकिन हकीकत में कोई सुनना नहीं चाहता। 8. आप जो सोचते हैं या जो करते हैं उसके बारे में कोई भी बकवास नहीं करता है, यह केवल आपका दृष्टिकोण है कि वे आपके बारे में सोचते हैं। 9. उम्मीद हमेशा दर्द देती है। इसलिए दूसरों से अपेक्षा कम या ना की अपेक्षा करें। 10. कभी भी अपनी खुशियों को किसी और के लिए बलिदान न करें। 11. आप जितने कम लोगों के साथ चिल करेंगे, आप उतने ही कम बकवास करेंगे। 12. सादा जीवन जीने से आपको महत्वपूर्ण चीजों के लिए अधिक समय मिलता है। 13. जितनी जल्दी आप अकेले रहना सीख जाते हैं, उतनी ही जल्दी आप जीवन का अर्थ स

How do I rebuild myself and build a strong fearless character?

If you didn’t work hard for yourself today , you’ll soon be working hard for someone else , Who’ll you be on the most stressful day of your life ? You’ll only have the mind you built for yourself . Keep checking in with yourself, You don’t want to be like most of your friends. Look at them, obsessed over a single woman who barely even gives them the time of the day . Pathetic ! Rise above them , Allowing yourself to be human is the most basic thing ever . There’s freedom in that space , Remember to connect with people now & then . In fact, pick up the phone, right now , & call a friend for no other reason than to say ”Hello “ . That’s great. Your network , like all living beings, needs to be fed in order for it to keep existing , Ask yourself “ how do I feel right now” . It’ll give you a chance to get out of your head & embrace the present . Embrace mindfulness as a way of living, Staying committed to healthy daily habits is like writing a series of love letters

अपनी वैल्यू बढ़ाने के कुछ टिप्स कौन सी हैं?

1. अपने इमोशंस पर कंट्रोल करें और एकदम से हंसना छोड़ दें। 2. सीधे और कंधे पीछे कर कर चले और लोगों की आंखों में आंखें डाल कर देखना सीखे। 3. हर दिन वो काम करें जिससे आप डरते हैं हर दिन वह काम करें जो लोग नहीं करते। 4. यदि आपको कुछ समझ नहीं आया तो अपनी शर्म को हटाए और दोबारा पूछ ले। 5. अगर आप कहते हैं कि मैं यह काम कर सकता हूं तो इसे पूरा करें 6. अपनी नजरों में ऊपर उठने की कोशिश करें दूसरों की नजरों में तो आप खुद ब खुद ऊपर उठ जाएंगे। Source: Sumit Gautam

What are 20 things that are not worth it?

1. Chasing Girls. It might seem pleasurable during your teens and early 20s but trust me, you'll regret later. 2. Smoking. It only brings a temporary pleasure but the ill-effects will hurt you in the long run. 3. Drinking. Alcohol is known to destroy lives and families. The temporary pleasure it gives is not worth the pain it gives later on. 4. Doing Drugs. The fact that this is illegal is reason enough that one shouldn't do it. These take a toll on your body in the long run and destroys you. 5. Putting those extra hours in office. No person on their death bed has wished to have spent more time at office. Spend more time with your friends and family. 6. Being in a toxic relationship. There's no point in dragging a relationship where the other person hardly puts any effort. Save your time, efforts, dignity and walk away. 7. Worrying about things not under your control. Why worry about things that you cannot control in life? Will your worrying solve the problem? If its under

मध्यम वर्ग के लोगों के लिए कुछ वित्तीय सुझाव क्या हैं?

बच्चा एक ही रखें। अगर किराए के घर पर है तो ऑफिस के पास घर लें। न केवल आने जाने का खर्चा बल्कि आपका समय भी बचेगा। इनकम टैक्स कम करने के लिए जो भी सही उपाय हैं उन्हें अपनाइए लेकिन गलत दस्तावेज न लगाए। सेहत का ध्यान रखिये। जरूरी नहीं हर बीमारी के इलाज के लिए आप महंगे हॉस्पिटल में जाए किसी अच्छे पर सस्ते चिकित्सालय में भी इलाज करा सकते है। एक 6 महीने की तन्ख्याह बराबर इमरजेंसी फण्ड बैंक में रखें। अगर कभी नौकरी पर गाज गिरी तो? पति पत्नी दोनों कमाए तो अच्छा है। बचत तो करें पर जायज़ माँगो को मार कर नहीं। बच्चे की शिक्षा पर समझौता न करें। एक तरह की इन्वेस्टमेंट ही समझ लें। कपड़े वगैरह की खरीदारी किसी फैक्ट्री आउटलेट से करें उसके लिए चाहें कुछ 30–40 किलोमीटर बस पर ही क्यों न जाना पड़े। क्रेडिट कार्ड रखें और इस्तेमाल भी करें लेकिन समय पर भुगतान करना न भूलें। उधार न दें न लें। कही यात्रा करनी हो तो पहले से ही योजना बना कर सस्ती टिकट व सस्ता लेकिन अच्छा होटल बुक कर के रखें। मैं मासिक बजट में विश्वास नहीं रखता। लेकिन अगर आपके पास समय है तो एक बजट बना लें। अच्छा काम करें ताकि नौकरी और आय मे

What are the behaviors of a confident person?

Confident persons never bow their eyes down while talking to someone. They are not afraid to tell the truth, even if it is bitter. They are engaged in imrpove themselves rather than being in a hurry to answer others. They trusts in action more than talking. They are firm in their promises. They never hesitates while asking questions to anyone. They are focused on their goals. They manages themselves when any obstacle comes. They never stop Learning. They are very cautious. And the biggest thing is that they live a balance life. Source: Rajesh Ubale

What golden advice did you learn in your life?

People will only treat you well if you are doing good in life. Birds of the same feathers flock together- do not flock with shitty birds. Feeling uncomfortable around someone means that you guys do not vibe. Don’t force the relationship. Do not waste your time trying to change someone. They won’t change. Never stick to one thing, thinking that it will 100% work out. Always have a plan B, C, D, and E. No one cares about you more than yourself. So yes, you are overthinking. Your haters are always below you. Don’t bother looking down. Don’t call everyone your friends or you’ll find yourself in a lot of disappointment. People are always jealous or feel some way towards your newfound success. Keep it a secret. Toxic people are not aware they are toxic. That’s why they are toxic. Don’t bother to let them know that they’re toxic and move on to better people. Everyone has preferences. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Don’t let one person mess up your self-esteem because they

What is the best mindset to have before going into a relationship?

1.Be willing to walk away from it. Many people pull themselves into relationships and waste a lot of time in them because they're simply afraid to be alone. 2. As the relationship gets on, open up more and enforce clear communication. 3. Focus on pointing out their negative points and ask yourself, "Can I deal with this?" People might not change, but your coping ability can. 4. Forget The Past If you've been burned in past relationships, it's important not to compare your current partner to your past partners. It's not fair to you or to them. 5. He could be an amazing person, but that doesn't mean he is amazing for you. This is amazing advice that I received from my mom after my first heartbreak. While he could be an all-around "great guy," that doesn't necessarily mean he's the best guy for you. 6. Don't expect your significant other to change for you It’s not fair to push your partner to be different. People have to chan

What are some important things in life people haven't understood yet?

We’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy, when we get that car or job or person in our life that will fix everything, but we tend to forget, happiness is a mood & it’s a condition, not a destination . It’s not permanent, it comes & goes & that’s okay, We’re given this life coz we’re strong enough to live it . Failure will never exceed its limits if our determination to succeed is strong , We’ve to change our inner conversation to be amazing, brave, phenomenal , powerful beyond measure, more positive, supportive & optimistic . How we speak to ourselves can improve our mental wellness. We’ve to be kind to ourself, Nothing great happens without embracing change gleefully. It’s painful. There’re lot of shifts & realizations that must take place for a change to manifest, Let’s try to keep love in our heart at all times & if we can’t, at least don’t spread hate. It shouldn’t take death to respect someone , Are you doing what makes you happy or are

What are the 10 things that only smart people pay attention to?

Logic: Smart or highly intelligent people seek logic in all things. Anything that lacks logic is useless to them; anything with logic in it excites them. That’s why most scientists and geniuses have a very different opinion about God, heaven and hell, culture, customs, beliefs and faiths. It must have a logic to catch their attention. Excuse/ lies/ cover-ups: They can always spot excuses and lies which is why it is so hard fooling smart people. You know they can unnervingly see through you. Idea: Ideas leap from creative and imaginative thinking. They are usually brimming with ideas themselves and therefore extremely quick to recognise an idea in all situations however comic, tragic or impossible. That same idea may have been ridiculed, condemned or rejected a hundred times before by others. Novelty: Novelty in thoughts, deeds, situations or objects cannot stay hidden from smart people.. Justice and truth: They notice justice and fairness and will not differentiate between

अमेरिका के बारे में दस आश्चर्यजनक तथ्य कौन से हैं?

आप अमेरिका देश के बारे में ये 12 बातें शायद ही जानते होंगे। 1. अमेरिका में रहने वाले 7 फीसदी लोगों का यह दावा करते हैं कि वे कभी नहाए नहीं हैं। 2. इस देश में हर आठ में से एक व्यक्ति मैक्डोनल्ड में नौकरी करता है। खासकर के यहां के युवाओं की नौकरी का बड़ा जरिया यही है। 3. अमेरिका के मोंटाना शहर की बात की जाए तो इस शहर में पशुओं की संख्या मनुष्यों से ज्यादा है। 4. वाइट हाउस अमेरिका के राष्ट्रपति के रहने की जगह है। और वाइट हाउस में लगभग 132 कमरें हैं। 5. अमेरिका की पहली राजधानी न्यू-यार्क थी लेकिन बाद में इसकी राजधानी वाशिंगटन डी सी कर दी गई। 6. अमेरिका में आप 16 साल की उम्र से कार चला सकते हैं, 18 की उम्र से पिस्तौल रख सकते हैं और वोट दे सकते हैं और 21 साल होने पर शराब खरीद सकते हैं। 7. अमेरिका में सबसे प्रथम सिक्का 1794 में शुरू किया गया था, ये सिक्का चांदी का बना होता था। 8. क्या आपको पता है है कि The Statue Of Liberty 1884 में फ्रांस ने अमेरिका को गिफ्ट में दिया था। 9. अमेरिका का अंटलांटा अंतरराष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डा विश्व का सबसे व्यस्त हवाई अड्डा है। 10. अमेरिका की हवाई सेना द

क्या रात को सोने से पहले पानी पीना चाहिए?

यह बहुत लोगों की समस्या रहती है कि खाना खाने के बाद रात को सोने से पहले पानी पीना चाहिए कि नहीं। वैसे अगर देखा जाए तो रात को थोड़ा बहुत पानी पीना उचित है। क्योंकि खाने खाने के बाद थोड़ा बहुत खाना हमारी आहार नाल में रह जाता है, ऐसे में अगर हम पानी पी लेते हैं तो हमारी आहार नाल में फसा खाना हमारे पेट में चला जाता है और हमारी आहार नाल साफ हो जाती है। लेकिन अगर हम ज्यादा पानी पी लेते हैं तो उससे हमारी किडनी पर ज्यादा असर पड़ता है, जिससे हमारी किडनी फेल भी हो सकती है, क्योंकि रात को पिया गया एक्स्ट्रा वॉटर हमारे किसी काम का नहीं होता,इसलिए उससे किडनी पर जोर पड़ता है। आप अगर सोने से पहले 1–2 गिलास पानी पीते हैं तो ये आपके लिए बहुत लाभकारी होगा, क्योंकि हमारी आहार नाल को साफ करने के लिए इतने ही पानी की जरूरत होती है। और इससे डीहाइड्रेशन का खतरा भी खत्म हो जाता है। अगर आप सोने से पहले गुनगुना पानी पी सकते हैं तो बेहतर होगा, क्यों कि गुनगुना पानी पीने से शरीर में से टॉक्सिंस बाहर निकाल जाता है- गुनगुना या हल्कागर्म पानी पीने से शरीर का टेंपरेचर बढ़ता है, जिससे ज्यादा से ज्यादा पसीना आता है। पसी

What are some psychology hacks for self-improvement?

Life isn’t difficult. Getting along with people, isn’t difficult either, Encourage the other person to talk about themselves, Keep it simple & you’ll make her happy, The less you care , the happier you’ll be, Trying & failing puts you in the top 10% . Most people don’t even try , Competition exists. It’s always you versus you , Invest into fitness, Your actions should be dictated by your goals, Be calculating even when procrastinating, The one big thing that impacts your life is your Network. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll attract, Just Chill.!! Source: Mukul Royy

What are some hacks that everyone should know?

Dress well, always. A lot depends on how you look! Pinch yourself if you can't stop laughing. At every job, you should either earn or learn. Either is fine. Both are best. But if it’s neither, quit. To exercise should be done daily, whatever the time. It doesn't matter if it is 5 minutes or 50 minutes. To keep bananas fresh for a longer time, wrap the top part of the bunch in plastic wrap. Research shows that the right ear is better at picking up words & speech, while the left ear is better at picking up music & other sounds. Adding a teaspoon of baking soda when you boil eggs and the shell will come off easily. If you place dry tea bags in smelly shoes and leave them for a few hours, the bad smell will go away. If you want to make sure the person you talk to is paying attention to you, start the conversation with “I shouldn’t be telling you this but…” You can make the elevator go faster by pressing “close” and your floor at the same time. Source:  Mukul Cha

LIC Holdings in various companies till 2021

LIC's Holdings in Banking Sector in %* -------- IDBI Bank 51 AXIS BANK 10.37 ICICI BANK 10.37 SBI  9.25 Punjab And Sindh bank  7.4 PNB 7.3 UNION BANK OF INDIA  6.4 CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA 6.19 THE KARNATAKA BANK 4.97 BANK OF BARODA  4.01 CITY UNION BANK 3.86 CORPORATION BANK 3.62 SOUTH INDIAN BANK 3.22 UCO BANK 3.07 ANDHRA BANK  2.64 BANK OF MAHARASHTRA 2.61 HDFC BANK 2.52 KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK 1.95 INDIAN BANK  1.85 LAXMI VILAS BANK  1.71 UNITED BANK OF INDIA 1.27 -------- LIC Portfolio of the Banking and Financial services Cos. constitutes 37% of NIFTY 50 Index!  It's clear that LIC holds a stake in all the public and private banks working across the country LIC's Holdings in % LIC Housing Finance  40.3 ILFS 25.35 INDIA BULLS HOUSING FINANCE  10.78 REC  2.78 AB CAPITAL 2.43 BAJAJ FINSERV  2.16 EDELWEISS FIN SERV  1.14 -------- LIC's Holdings in PSU’s in % -------- MTNL 14.56 MSTC 9.98 NMDC 12.8 NSE 12.51 BHEL 11.67 MOIL 7.12 HAL   7 MIDHANI  6.58 CDSL 4.15 BEL

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