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What simple things can I do to keep my liver healthy?

The liver is one of the most important internal organs of the human body, and its biggest function is to help the body eliminate toxins. The most beneficial food for liver health is wolfberry, which is a berry with high nutritional value. Wolfberry is rich in protein, carbohydrates, betaine, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, germanium, iron, and phosphorus. Wolfberry contains a lot of betaine. Pharmacological experiments show that betaine can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver, repair damaged liver cells, and promote liver cell regeneration. Regular consumption of wolfberry is a simple and effective way to maintain the health of the liver. In addition, wolfberry contains natural organic germanium, which has good anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. You can buy wolfberry online, it's not expensive. Source:  Lucia Garcia


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How to reach Nunkun Assessment centre C-129 Naraina Industrial Area

Hello Guys Today I will teach you the path of Exam Centre Nunkun Assessment Centre C-129 near Naraina Industrial Area, Delhi-110028 via Metro. So Firstly, here is the pic of Exam Centre for your convenience. Nunkun Assessment Centre, Naraina     And Now time to tell the route Nunkun Assessment Centre is near the Shadipur Metro Station which is on the blue line (Noida-dwarka route), as i picked metro from Mayur Vihar Phase-1, so i am showing you the map of route so that you can take some idea from it and it will help you definitely You have to get out from Metro Gate No-6. Just go straight after coming out from gate no-6 and there will 4 way road, and you can see E-Rickshaw standing there which will take you to the centre in Rs 10/- They will leave you on main road ,you just have to cross the road and reach the exam Centre. Best Of Luck !!!! I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

Do and Don' t for Your ATM

Customers-Be Aware Do’s and Don’ts of ATM transactions Do’s Conduct your ATM transactions in complete privacy, never let anyone see you entering your Personal Identification Number (ATM Password) After completion of transaction ensure that welcome screen is displayed on ATM screen Ensure your current mobile number is registered with the bank so that you can get alerts for all your transactions Beware of suspicious movements of people around the ATM or strangers trying to engage you in conversation Look for extra devices attached to the ATMs that looks suspicious Inform the bank if the ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, immediately, report if any unauthorised transaction Check the transaction alert SMSs and bank statements regularly If cash is not dispensed the ATM does not display “cash out” please report to the Bank on the number mentioned in the Notice Board Immediately check your phone for SMS for debit amount Don’ts Do not write your PIN on the card,

Important Codes / Numbers Used in Financial or Banking System

There are various  abbreviations used in Banking sectors  that are identified with a unique digit of alphanumeric like  Aadhaar Card, IFSC Code, MICR etc.  So many such entities has been recently in news and there are strong chances that such type of words may appear in the exam. So, here is the compiled list of abbreviations with full form and numbers of  alphanumerics used in it.  1. IFSC Code-  IFSC Code is the acronym for Indian Financial System Code developed by RBI - Reserve Bank Of India as a unique Identification code to each of the bank branches in India. The Bank IFSC Code consists of 11 alpha-numeric characters that uniquely identifies a bank-branch participating in the RTGS and NEFT system.   2. MICR-  MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) is a 9 digit code and its technology used to verify the legitimacy or originality of paper documents, especially checks. Special ink, which is sensitive to magnetic fields, is used in the printing of certain characters on the origi

Computer Study Notes: History and Generation of Computers

History and Generations is an important chapter of Computer Awareness for Bank Exams. Computer awareness is a section in upcoming NICL AO Mains and it is also a section in the mains examination of IBPS RRB, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk exams. Last year many questions in IBPS Examination were from this topic History and Generations, so aspirants must also prepare this along with other topics. You can find more study notes on computer terms asked in recent bank exams and start your preparation. 1. In 1822, Charles Babbage conceptualized and began developing the Difference Engine, considered to be the first automatic computing machine. 2. Then after almost a decade, Charles Babbage proposed the  first general mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine . The Analytical Engine contained an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), basic flow control, and integrated memory concept and is the first general-purpose computer. 3. In 1946, ENIAC-  Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer was the first electr

SBI PO Salary and Other Benefits

Well this post will obviously give you some motivation to work hard for your goal. Ultimately everyone is working to earn their bread and butter and no one would mind to have a dessert by the end of the day. SBI is known for its perks and benefits and I am sure it is something that everyone of you would like to have. SBI PO is most sought after job after RBI . Well definitely, SBI PO 2017 is going to change the life of some aspirants. In terms of  Social Status and Financial Status , SBI is going to give you an identity that anyone would like to have. We have received thousands of mail and queries regarding the salary of SBI PO. Well, the  salary of SBI PO  is more than the salary of other banks PO. In terms of various perks, SBI enables its employees with more financial stability. This post is dedicated to the salary components and growth path in SBI. Before we discuss the exact salary structure of SBI PO, we would like to share one more fact that it differs from place to place. The

Important Newspapers for Governments Exam

1.  Al-Ahram -  Egypt  2.  Izvestia -  Russia  3.  The Dawn -  Pakistan  4.  Daily News -  USA 5.  Daily Telegraph -  UK 6.  Aftonbladet -  Sweden  7.  The Daily Mirror -  UK 8.  The Times -  UK 9.  The Guardian -  UK 10.  New Statesman -  UK 11.  New York Times -  USA 12.  Pakistan Times -  Pakistan  13.  Pravda -  Russia  14.  People’s Daily -  China  15.  Merdeka -  Indonesia  16.  Le Monde -  France  17.  Wall Street Journal -  USA 18.  Clarin -  Argentina  19.  The Age -  Australia  20.  Gulf Daily News -  Bahrain  21.  Correio Braziliense -  Brazil  22.  Chronical-Herald -  Canada  23.  China Daily -  China  24.  Middle East times -  Egypt  25.  Courier International -  Germany  26.  The Jakarta Post -  Indonesia  27.  Tehran Times -  Iran  28.  Globes -  Israel  29.  La Repubblica -  Italy  30.  Asahi Shimbun -  Japan  31.  El Universal -  Mexico  32.  Gazeta Wyborcza -  Poland  33.  O’Independente -  Portugal  34.  Gulf Times -  Qatar  35 . Gaz

SBI launches 'work from home' facility for Employees

Every bank aspirant wants job in SBI, why? Most of the people will say that it is the country's largest lender bank and provide high invisible perks Yes, this is very true and to continue this praxis in banking sector here  SBI comes up with one more immensely facility to enable its employees to work from home. Yes, you heard it right now if you are SBI employee you can work from home  using mobile devices to address any urgent requirement they may have. The lender will be using mobile computing technologies and shall have continuous control over all the enabled devices centrally to manage and secure the data and applications on the mobile devices. This initiative will help to save a lot of time and some urgent work will not suffer. This step will lead to huge employee satisfaction and also somehow ones can manage work-life balance. This is a motivation factor for all those who are working in this renowned organisation and also for those who wants to. So, all aspirants here you a

GA Questions asked in IBPS PO MAINS 2016

1. Corporation Bank Headquarter-  Mangalore 2. BSDBA limit -  Rs . 10000 3. Khaliko Pul was CM of-  Arunachal Pradesh 4. NATO Summit 2017- Belgium (Brussels) 5. One Question asked from Payment Bank 6. One Question asked from MIPS  7. One Question asked from Nobel prize in Economy 2016 8. Indravati national park which district-Dantewada , Chhattisgarh 9. Bhavani dam which state- Tamil Nadu 10. Antiwerp diamond situated in which country- Belgium  11. EFTPOS stands for- Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale  12. One Question asked from Gross value added (GVA) Rate 13. 22195 cr given for capitalization& for- 13 ailing public sector banks  14. CRR need for? - CRR is a crucial monetary policy tool and is used for controlling money supply in an economy 15.  Bermuda triangle in which ocean- North Atlantic Ocean

बैंको के Headquarters के नाम याद रखने की Short Trick

A. याद रखने के लिए यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " Bank of India " आता है तो उसका मुख्यालय मुंबई होगा . BANK OF INDIA “ ==> -MUMBAI 1. BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 2. Central BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 3. Industrial Development BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 4. State BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 5. Union BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 6. Reserve BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 7. Securities and Exchange BOARD OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 8. Dena Bank - ==> MUMBAI (देना बैंक को छोड़ कर) B. यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " UNITED " आता है तो उसका मुख्यालय KOLKATA होगा. 9. UNITED Bank of India 10. UNITED Commercial Bank 11. Allahbad Bank C. यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " PUNJAB MAHILA " आता है तो उसका मुख्यालय DELHI होगा. 12. PUNJAB National Bank 13. PUNJAB & Sind Bank 14. Bharathiya MAHILA Bank 15. Oriental bank of commerce D. यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " INDIAN " आता है तो उसका मुख्यालय CHENNAI होगा. 16. INDIAN Overseas Bank 17. INDIAN Bank E.

Banking Related Acts

==> Negotiable Instrument Act–1881 ==> The Bankers’Books Evidence Act–1891 ==> The ReserveBank of India Act–1934 ==> The Industrial Finance Corporation of India Act–1948 ==> The Banking Companies (Legal Practitioner Clients’ Accounts) Act–1949 ==> The Industrial Disputes (Banking and Insurance Companies) Act–1949 ==> The Banking Regulation(Companies) Rules–1949 ==> The Banking Regulation Act–1949 ==> The State Financial Corporations Act–1951 ==> The Reserve Bank of India (Amendment and Misc. Provisions) Act–1953 ==> The Industrial Disputes (Banking Companies) Decision Act–1955 ==> The State Bank of India Act–1955 ==> The State Bank of India (Subsidiary Banks) Act-1959 ==> The Subsidiary Banks General Regulation–1959 ==> The Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation Act–1961(DICGC) ==> The Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act–1970 ==> The Regional Rural Banks Act–1976 ==> The Bank

Reasoning Study Notes: Coding Decoding

Dear Readers, Today we’ll discuss about Coding- Decoding. This topic is can fetch you marks easily but you need to know the right concepts and types of questions to practice. In banking exams Coding Decoding questions can be asked in Data Sufficiency or there can be direct questions of coding-decoding itself. Usually 3-5 questions can be asked from this topic, thus it can fetch you easy marks with right practice. Tips: 1. Try to focus on the thinking behind the solution. Example 1:  If GLORIOUS is coded as GOLRIOSU, code ‘JUDICIAL’? Solution:  This doesn’t need any explanation. A simple question based on observation. As G L O R I O U S is coded as G O L R I O S U, we are that second and third letters are interchanged, again last two letters are also interchanged as shown below.   Using the same logic, the word J U D I C I A L is coded as J D U I C I L A Example 2:  If PEN is written as ‘+X’ and ENT is written as ‘X–’ in a certain code, how is TEN written in the same code? So

Study Notes: Banking and Finance

Today in the study Notes we are Discuss about  NABARD ( NABARD ) (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) set up as an apex Development Bank by the Government of India with a mandate for facilitating credit flow for promotion and development of agriculture, cottage and village industries etc. CHAIRMAN Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala, Chairman, NABARD, is a Post Graduate in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad HEAD OFFICE- NABARD has its head office at Mumbai, India. HISTORY At the instance of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India (RBI),  constituted a committee to  review the arrangements for institutional  credit for agriculture and rural development (CRAFICARD)  on 30 March 1979, under the  Chairmanship of Shri B.Sivaraman , former member of Planning Commission, Government of India to review the arrangements for institutional credit for agriculture and rural development. The Committee, in its interim report, submitted on 28 November 1979, felt the need for a new orga

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) were established in 1975  under the provisions of the Ordinance promulgated on the 26th September 1975 and followed by Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976 with a view to develop the rural economy and to create a supplementary channel to the 'Cooperative Credit Structure' with a view to enlarge institutional credit for the rural and agriculture sector.   The Government of India, the concerned State Government and the bank, which had sponsored the RRB contributed to the share capital of RRBs in the proportion of  50%, 15% and 35%, respectively.  The area of operation of the RRBs is limited to notified few districts in a State. The   RRBs mobilise deposits primarily from rural/semi-urban areas and provide loans and advances mostly to small and marginal farmers, agricultural labourers , rural artisans and other segments of priority sector. The RBI in 2001 constituted a Committee under the Chairmanship of  Dr V S Vyas on “Flow of Credit  to Agriculture and

56 Days Study Plan for IBPS PO Prelims 2016

By Bankersadda We all want to be in the Top Companies & when we talk about banking sector, we all want to be a Probationary Officers' (PO) in PSBs. To become a  Probationary Officer  is a dream of many bank aspirants. You work hard all year for this one opportunity and here we have IBPS PO Pre Exam in 56 days. What you do in these 56 days will make or break your dream of becoming a PO.All the hard work you’ve been doing so far now if not channelised properly into smart work, might then go in vain. It is very important for you to understand that from now onwards, every move that you make counts. Key to CRACK IBPS PO Entrance Exam PROPER PLANNING + DEDICATION + SMART WORK How should you plan to work in these areas: Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English Quantitative Aptitude If you are good in calculation and you’ve cleared your basics then this section is good for scoring. For quantitative aptitude, its practice that matters for scoring well in limited time. But

How to fill preferences in IBPS PO – 6?

As many of the students are constantly bombarding the queries related to bank preference for IBPS PO 2016. So, we are providing here the Preference List of the banks based on various criterion which you can use for reference while filling the application form . These data are based on various market research and the choice of the students aspiring for a job in the banking sector. At first let us provide you the list of participating organisations i.e. those organisations which will be recruiting employees through the IBPS PO 6 Examination. The table clearly states that 20 banks participating but only 14 out of them have provided the number of vacancies in their banks for PO through IBPS PO 2016 examination, and 6 have not provided any vacancy. But please note that at any stage of the recruitment process, any of those 6 banks can disclose their vacancies. Now, lets see that what can be the possible criterion for a aspirant to prefer a bank?  (I) Based on Headquarters of the banks

How to reach ION DIGITAL ZONE IDZ1 & IDZ2, Mathura road, Near Sarita Vihar

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you about the path of exam centre - " ION DIGITAL ZONE IDZ 2 MATHURA ROAD A 27 MOHAN CO­OP INDU. ESTATE NEAR SARITA VIHAR, DELHI 110044". First of all it is easy to reach there as metro station is near the exam centre.  Nearest metro station to exam centre is Mohan Estate . The common path is from Mandi House to Mohan Estate. It will take around 36 minutes to reach there from Mandi House. After reaching Mohan Estate , move to your left hand side and take a walking distance of around 5-7 minutes. Just follow the path till pillar numbers 294, 293, 292. Both exam centres IDZ2 and IDZ1 come along the way with 2 consecutive cuts (IDZ2 at first cut and IDZ1 at second cut) on the left hand side. I hope it will help you BEST OF LUCK  I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

List of Important days in Indian history for banking exams:

January,5th-Louis Braille Day January,10th- World Laughers Day January,12th National- Youth Day January,15th- Army Day January,24th-National Girl Child Day (Indira Gandhi Birthday) January,25th-National Voters Day January,26th- Republic Day January,30th- Martyr’s Day FEBRUARY February,4th-World Cancer Day February,21st-World Mother Tongue Day February,28th- National Science Day MARCH March,4th-National Security day March,8th- International Women’s Day March,15th-World Consumers Right Day March,21st- World Forestry Day March,22nd-World Water Day March,24th- World TB Day APRIL April, 5th-National Maritime Day April, 7th-World Health Day April, 18th-World Heritage Day April, 21st-Civil Service Day April, 22nd-World Earth Day April, 25th- World Malaria Day MAY May,1st- May Day (Workers Day) May,3rd-World Press Freedom Day May,7th-World Asthma Day May,8th-World Red Cross Day May,11th-National Technology Day May Second Sunday World Mother’s Day May,15th-Worl

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