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24 April, 2020

What are the biggest mistakes in IPL cricket history?

There must be many mistakes in IPL history but these are some that I remember and some I could find :
  • Delhi Daredevils has made many mistakes in their history and undoubtedly they had bad IPL seasons.
    • DD chose Pradeep Sangwan over Virat Kohli in 2008. I won’t call it a mistake exactly as how would they know that Virat would turn out to be a great player in future.

  • DD bought Yuvraj Singh for 16 Crore (which is till now the most expensive buy in IPL) even though he wasn’t in a great form after his comeback. They paid the price after Yuvraj Singh had a bad season.

19 June, 2017

India vs Pak: Lessons & Learning

For some it was a heartbreaking moment
For some it was a devastating defeat
For some it was a moment to vent their angst out
For some it was a defeat that was hard to digest
For some the sleep proved to be a distant dream last night.
Yes, it all happened last night & these are the accounts of all emotions that were in the breeze that was only appearing cool but was filled with extremely hot vibes. It was a hard day for Indian Cricket Team and they fell victim to the pressure. But for some it was a dark, gloomy night to learn some hard lessons of life. The people who learn from their mistakes & rectify them & implement those improved changes in the work. Yes, you got it right. These people are no extra-ordinary people but are quick learners & recover swiftly. People like these are present among you. They are the aspirants who are ahead of their peers not in terms of preparation always but in terms of temperament & learning capabilities. They accept failures as golden chances to learn something that would prove to be productive in the future. Let's see what are the lessons that could be learned by yesterday's blunder of Indian Team.
It was another normal day where a team that outplayed the other, won. But if you analyse closely, the script of India's defeat was already written at the end of the toss. The lesson that the toss left with us was never to be over-confident. It was a flat surface with a little brown grass over it. It was a kind of surface that even players of Bermuda would die to bat first on. Now over-confidence came into picture when Indian skipper chose to bowl first. No qualms about the fact that he was over dependent on his chasing prowess & also the previous victory added more flavour to his love for chasing. So, this decision proved fatal for the whole team & for the whole nation. Like this decision sometimes we tend to get over-confident about certain topics & make big blunders in the exam inspite of knowing the know-hows of those. This dose of over-confidence must be avoided & we must behave like a glass that is never full to get filled by GYAAN anytime. However, It's totally upto you to filter what to choose & what not to. The one who is always full will never seek knowledge & the one who never seek knowledge can never become a man of wisdom.
Second mistake that proved fatal for India was the no-ball of Bumrah. Had that no-ball not been delivered, then the scenario would have been totally different for sure. As Fakhar Zaman learnt from his mistake of touching a ball outside off-stump without any foot movement & scored the best & his maiden ton against their arch rivals. Now this no-ball is like a puzzle/extremely tough QA question/English RC that is intentionally added in the exam to screen many candidates who come under pressure at the early stages of the exam. Have you ever noticed why these tough questions are put at starting. Simple, to get the best out of you & to make you nervous so that you surrender in front of the exam without even giving a tough fight. This makes their work easy. So, don't get stuck on a no-ball as it may destroy your complete match. In other words, no-balls can leave you hapless & can get you failed. So, recognize them well. Move to the questions that are easy but are hidden from you.
Third & the worst mistake on India's part was their anti-climactic attitude that led to their defeat. Their body language in Champions Trophy sans the final was superb but they proved to be sloppy in the crucial match. They didn't learn from their mistakes as mentioned in the previous article. They were inconsistent on the field with the bowl by conceding a lot of extras & by being sloppy in fielding department. So, this is an important lesson for all the aspirants to leave no stone unturned in their preparation. When you give STs, try to rectify your mistakes & weak portions while analysing it. Had the Indian team worked a little on those extras they could have stopped Pakistan much earlier. Discipline is what's needed to win big games. And this holds true not only for the India Team but also for all of you. Discipline is the key to win wrestling fights, to scale Mt. Everest, to win big finals & even to reach in there, to win big in life & to get selection in any government exams. So, champs better be on your toes & better be running as the race is hard & there is a huge crowd running with you. Now, it's all inside you that you need to beat them. The point is, when & how you awaken the Champion hidden inside you.
PS: Though it was a defeat that was hard on us but we should never forget those uncountable ecstatic moments that our team has given us in the past on numerous occasions. Starting from Kapil Dev lifting his trophy in 1983 WC to the present day we have seen occasion where our Men In Blue have given us moments to cherish for our lifetime. We still back our team & no matter what but India is the best & this defeat does not change our equation.

I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

06 February, 2017

Virat Kohli features in latest cover star of Wisden Cricketers' Almanack

Indian skipper Virat Kohli, who led his side to victory against England in all three formats of the game recently, has featured in the latest cover star of the bible of cricket - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack.

Kohli becomes only the third Asian origin player after Tendulkar and England all-rounder Moeen Ali to be featured on the cover of the magazine. So, let's discuss some questions related to this post:

Q1. Name the Indian Cricketer, who has been featured in the latest cover star of the bible of cricket- Wisden Cricketer's Almanack?
Ans1. Virat Kohli

25 June, 2016

1983 Cricket World Cup

• आज ही के दिन 1983 में भारत ने वेस्टइंडीज को फाइनल में 43 रनों से हराकर प्रथम बार क्रिकेट विश्व कप जीता था।
• Blast from the Past !!
In England on June 25, 1983 - India won its first Cricket World Cup defeating West Indies.
1983 WCup moment

08 March, 2016

Cricket T-20 World Cup 2016 Schedule Matches

1st match - 3 PM
2nd match - 7:30 PM
Qualifiers Round
8th March - Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong
Scotland vs Afghanistan
9th March - Bangladesh vs Netherlands
Ireland vs Oman
10th March - Scotland vs Zimbabwe
Hong Kong vs Afghanistan
11th March - Netherlands vs Oman
Bangladesh vs Ireland
12th March - Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan
Scotland vs Hong Kong
13th March - Netherlands vs Ireland
Bangladesh vs Oman
Main Tournament

23 January, 2016

T20 World Cup 2016 schedule

15 मार्च   भारत/न्यूजीलैण्ड

16 मार्च    वेस्टइंड़ीज/इंग्लैण्ड

16 मार्च    पकिस्तान/आयरलैंड

17 मार्च     श्रीलंका/ज़िम्बाब्वे

18 मार्च     ऑस्ट्रेलिया/न्यूजीलेंड

18 मार्च     द.अफ्रिका/इंग्लैंड

19 मार्च     🇮🇳हिन्दुस्तान/पाकिस्तान

03 April, 2015

Players who played their last 50 overs ICC Cricket World Cup

Recently ICC Cricket World cup 2015 ended in Australia and Australian Cricket team won the World Cup 2015 by beating New Zealand in Final match. There are very cheerful moments in this world cup but their are sad moments too. We are talking about some...

13 March, 2015

AB De Villiers - A complete sportsperson

AB De Villiers-a name which is well enough for a cricket lover to say- "He is the best sportsperson in the sports cricket". His method of playing shots, finding gaps, playing unpredictable shots etc. are just well enough to say that he is undoubtedly the best player in the world.
There are some points which shows why AB is best as person as well as batsman.

  • Cool and Calm Personality : AB De Villiers is one of the coolest person on the cricketing field. A fare bit of smile will always present on this wonderful right hand batsman. Whatever is the condition, this player will not show you anger and always play with his full potential and hard work. Despite of being a foreign player, AB always act as a handy player for his IPL team. He never showed poor performance for his IPL team for getting some bit of rest. He is now currently the best player of south african team and representing his country as a captain. In other players, Virat Kohli is good but he is short tempered and loss his calm during some moments.
    AB Devilliers with steyn
    AB Devilliers with steyn

02 March, 2015

Cricket World Cup- Black & White movie to wonderful color movie

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is happening in the beautiful venues of Australia and New Zealand. People are enjoying this world like always but with a more exciting way because of lot of excitement in the matches. Cricket World Cup has changed in many ways from year 1975 to 2015, now there are some points which show the change in the scenario of Cricket World Cup :
  • Uniform : From year 1975-1989, uniform in cricket was white and quite boring to look at.
    Cricket match on Lords
    At that time, people were enjoying the cricket but there was no scope for new viewers to distinguish between the teams as all the teams were wearing white uniforms so there was lack of charm in the cricket. But in year 1992, colorful uniforms were used first time and all the cricket fans were too happy to watch their cricketers in different colorful uniforms.

07 January, 2015

BCCI selected 15 players for ICC world Cup 2015

After many months of permutation,combination and probability, BCCI (The Board Of Control For Cricket In India) finally chose final 15 players for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 which is to be held in Australia & New Zealand. In this 15 players squad, 11 players will be playing World Cup first time. Only 4 players- Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ravichandran Ashwin, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina - are included from previous world cup winner team.
15 players for ICC cricket world cup
BCCI selectors who chose 15 players

30 December, 2014

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Retires from Test Cricket

On 30th December 2014, Indian cricket team skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his sudden retirement from test cricket. The decision of retirement came after the 3rd test between India vs Australia at Melbourne which was a draw match.

29 November, 2014

R.I.P Phillip hughes :(

Hello Friends,

On 27th November 2014, Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes Died to major head injury caused by a rising bouncer in a regional cricket match. Ball struck directly on his neck and he felt exhausted at that time but in couple of minutes he felled down on the pitch and lost his consciousness which was never regained.

It was such a disappointing moment in cricket and all the cricket fraternity are in really shock.They showed their condolences to phillip and his family.
Phillip was at 63* not out when this unfortunate act happened to him.

05 November, 2014

Sachin Tendulkar never lies

Hello Friends,
Everybody knows Sachin Tendulkar- The cricket icon of millennium. He is considered as one of the best sporting and loyal person in the World.Recently he wrote his autobiography book- "Playing it my way" and in this book he talked about former Australian cricket player Greg chappel who was coach of Indian cricket team in 2005-2007. In this book, he criticized the coaching of

12 September, 2014

07 July, 2014

Mahendra Singh Dhoni offered a job to his Fan

In country like India, where cricket is considered as religion and cricketers as God, Indian skipper Mahendra singh dhoni offered a job to one of his fan Ravindra Kumar Saini for care taking his Ranchi Farmhouse.

21 April, 2014

Mayanti Langer or Stuart Binny , who is more hot google search topic

Hello friends,
This post is just a fun purpose post as i have seen that during IPL season more traffic is coming to Cricket Jockey and due to one post of mine i.e Rare combination of Husband and wife .
From Past few weeks,people are searching for Mayanti langer or Stuart binny's wife constantly.Its is quite jokey that people are interested in glamour of mayanti langer who is the wife of Indian Cricketer Stuart binny.
For All those people i just want to introduce Mayanti langer-

 Mayanti Langer is an Indian TV sports journalist with ESPN. She is the daughter of Lt. General Sanjiv Langer who worked in UN and Mrs. Preminda Langer, an award winning teacher. She is the granddaughter of Lt.General Rajinder Nath Batra and Mrs. Priyo Batra. She is a BA(Hons) graduate from Hindu College, University of Delhi. She grew her interest in football when she was in USA as her father worked in UN. She was in her college football team in the beginning and then became a guest anchor for a broadcast of FIFA beach football.

With the success of the broadcast she was offered a spot as host and associate producer for "Football Cafe" on Zee Sports. Langer then went on to work for various football shows on the Zee network providing commentary and interviews during pre-match, half-time and post-match shows. She was also the anchor on Zee Sports for the Nehru Cup held in New Delhi at the Ambedkar Stadium.
She was a host in the 2010 FIFA World Cup broadcast on ESPN which includes a pre-match, half-match and post-match analysis. She headed a team of expert panellists alongside John Dykes for that show, which attracted millions of viewers.

Mayanti Langer also hosted 2010 Commonwealth Games

 - Delhi along with Charu Sharma
 and 2011 Cricket World Cup .She also hosted India vs South Africa test series on 2013 December in Ten Sports.

Mayanti is married to the Indian cricketer Stuart Binny,son of former Indian Cricketer Roger Binny.
This is a general about her and by google search topics,its totally clear that people are more interested in Mayanti than Stuart binny.

24 March, 2014

Truth: Asian countries always do well in World Cup tournaments of ICC

Hello friends,

Today i wanna put a cricketing thought in my mind that Asian countries like India, Sri lanka, Pakistan always do well in World cup tournaments whether it is T20 or 50 over.

These are only three brilliant teams of Asia in cricket and other brilliant teams are Australia, New Zealand, England, West indies, South Africa.

But in comparison of these 5 teams, there are always presence of Asian team in semis or final.

We can look at previous 20 years record that in most of the situation,the finalist were asian countries and thats look so surprising.
In T20 also,most of finalist teams were Asian countries.
So its become fact that whatever will be the past performance of any asian team, but they always do well in big tournaments.
There might be some reasons behind that :

1.Experience of playing big tournaments till semis and finals.

2.Quality spin attack.

3.Don't lose their hopes like chokers.

4.Quality batsmen.

15 November, 2013

Exclusive pics of Sachin tendulkar last match

Hello friends,
Here are some last moments of a great player sachin tendulkar at Wankhede stadium,mumbai where he played his last match against West Indies.
So pictures are here because
Pics tell more than words.

Sachin Tendulkar last bat when he was playing his last match

Here is exclusive pic of sachin's bat at his last match against West Indies.