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What simple things can I do to keep my liver healthy?

The liver is one of the most important internal organs of the human body, and its biggest function is to help the body eliminate toxins. The most beneficial food for liver health is wolfberry, which is a berry with high nutritional value. Wolfberry is rich in protein, carbohydrates, betaine, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, germanium, iron, and phosphorus. Wolfberry contains a lot of betaine. Pharmacological experiments show that betaine can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver, repair damaged liver cells, and promote liver cell regeneration. Regular consumption of wolfberry is a simple and effective way to maintain the health of the liver. In addition, wolfberry contains natural organic germanium, which has good anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. You can buy wolfberry online, it's not expensive. Source:  Lucia Garcia


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Wikipedia fundraising appeal

Friends We all know about wikipedia, our most helpful resource to know about any thing. We are very used to of it that we can't understand a thing without the help of this unique website. It provides free information for no cost and relieve us from buying journals which costs high amount of money. We can't thank a website but now Wikipedia needs our help to run their resources. They want fund to run their website because they do not want advertisement in it (as per their policy). Here is their request message:

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