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27 July, 2013

Is ebiz a scam or true company ?


Today i want to give review about a private company pvt. Ltd.
Friends this company is totally true and registered by government of india.This company provides free e-learning computer education program for some courses.

if you have to know all these courses with set of CDs then you can purchase their product at the price of 9556 Rs/-.You have to submit this money as demand draft in favor of ebiz
After purchasing this product,you can join their commission share program also i which you have to bring many person as you can in their meeting.After that meeting ,senior ebizzors will play with your friends mind to join ebiz pvt. Ltd. If  two of your friend ready to join ebiz,then you will be eligible to earn money at ebiz.
It can be look like if u r A ,then first friend B will be on your left leg and second friend C will be on your right leg.
If another friend join your group then you can put that on your any of leg.After creating cycle of 3 person you will get check of 2700 Rs/-.For another three person via you or by your existing friends in the cycle,you will get check of 2700 Rs/-.
Its simple like marketing,you can check via Wikipedia.
Its difficult to bring people in such kind of programs because there are many sites which are providing free computer education with high quality tutorial without going anywhere for every week meeting of ebiz.
Ebiz is good but for only those who are rich (can waste money),totally free,little literate.

17 May, 2013

Who should join Pvt. Ltd.


Today i will tell about private government registered company ebiz
Ebiz Company was founded by Dr.Pawan Malhan,in taking view of providing free computer education for some courses.
Premium price-9556 Rs/-
But this company is totally look like a marketing company who sells its computer education products via their associates to give them commission on selling that product. It totally distract associates to get computer education and they totally focus on selling that product.

In my view people should join if:
1.They are totally free to attend their meetings in almost every sunday.
2.They have Desire to earn money with less time or means legal short cut money.
3.They have Lots of friend to bring in their meetings.
4.They are from rich families to waste their money if can't get success.
5.Having good knowledge of laws because if there is shortcut money then there will be risk also involve in that.
6.Having good skills of telling lies about unknown person that look like:
"hey you know Mr.chaman lal is now the richest person of  pitampura by joining ebiz"
7.Boundation of wearing white shirt ,black trouser with good looking tie.Aww it quite disasterous in summers.
8.Consistent call by senior ebizzors,even in night also.
9.Save the unknown numbers in your phone directory.
10.Always use to tell "Ji"as a suffix to each associate.This is total disgusting.
This post is not anti-ebiz but it provides the experience of joining ebiz