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How to reach catamorph system C-55/2 okhla Exam centre

Hello Friends Today I will tell you how to reach catamorph system C-55/2 okhla exam centre. So lets start:  The Nearest metro station is Harkeshnagar Metro station so you have clear idea now where to reach first by metro. It's very convenient to reach by metro than bus because availability of bus and time taken by them is unpredictable.  So this is a sample route from my place mayur vihar phase 1 to harkesh nagar okhla  metro station which is on violet line. So you have to pick violet metro line to reach Harkesh nagar metro.  After reaching the final metro station,  then there will be e-rickshaw standing to pick you to catamorph exam centre who will take fare of Rs 10/- I hope you have understood the route now.  Take care Best of luck for exam ✌✌

How to Reach Delhi International School Dwarka Sector 23, Delhi 🏫

Hello Friends Today I will tell you the path of Delhi international school situated in Dwarka Sector-23, near adjoining dwarka sector-23 Police station, Delhi-110075. So the path direction is as follows: 1. The common metro station is Dwarka sector-9, so if you are from Delhi then you have to pick blue line metro towards Dwarka sector-21 and if you are from outside Delhi, then first you have to reach Delhi first then read the first point again. 2. After reaching at the exit of Dwarka Sector -9 metro station, there will three mode of public vehicle service : a) E-Riksha - 10 Rs/- Fare b) Riksha - 20 Rs/- Fare c) Auto - 30 Rs/- Fare 3. Pick any of above vehicle and reach your destination- Delhi International School, Dwarka. I hope it will help  Thanks for reading and share atleast once.

How to reach Ion Digital Zone IDZ IIMT Campus Plot No 20-A, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida

Hello Friends Today I will share another route of exam centre which is very far away from Delhi and it's better to go to centre on exam day only. Today I am sharing the route of another TCS exam centre " ION Digital Zone IDZ ,IIMT Campus, Plot No 20-A, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida ". The route of exam centre is very easy and you can easily reach the centre on exam day. 1. First the common metro station is Botanical Garden Metro, so if you are from Delhi, then first reach botanical garden metro station. And if you are outsider, then first reach Delhi and read 1st point again. 2. After reaching Botanical garden metro station, then you should take bus which goes to Pari Chowk/sometimes direct to exam centre. Fare : Botanical to Pari Chowk- 30 Rupees            Pari Chowk to IIMT - 20 Rupees 3. If bus doesn't go direct to exam centre, then it will leave you to Pari Chowk, then you can take sharing auto there to IIMT exam centre which cost you around 20 r

How to reach Nunkun Assessment centre C-129 Naraina Industrial Area

Hello Guys Today I will teach you the path of Exam Centre Nunkun Assessment Centre C-129 near Naraina Industrial Area, Delhi-110028 via Metro. So Firstly, here is the pic of Exam Centre for your convenience. Nunkun Assessment Centre, Naraina     And Now time to tell the route Nunkun Assessment Centre is near the Shadipur Metro Station which is on the blue line (Noida-dwarka route), as i picked metro from Mayur Vihar Phase-1, so i am showing you the map of route so that you can take some idea from it and it will help you definitely You have to get out from Metro Gate No-6. Just go straight after coming out from gate no-6 and there will 4 way road, and you can see E-Rickshaw standing there which will take you to the centre in Rs 10/- They will leave you on main road ,you just have to cross the road and reach the exam Centre. Best Of Luck !!!! I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

How to reach ION DIGITAL ZONE IDZ1 & IDZ2, Mathura road, Near Sarita Vihar

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you about the path of exam centre - " ION DIGITAL ZONE IDZ 2 MATHURA ROAD A 27 MOHAN CO­OP INDU. ESTATE NEAR SARITA VIHAR, DELHI 110044". First of all it is easy to reach there as metro station is near the exam centre.  Nearest metro station to exam centre is Mohan Estate . The common path is from Mandi House to Mohan Estate. It will take around 36 minutes to reach there from Mandi House. After reaching Mohan Estate , move to your left hand side and take a walking distance of around 5-7 minutes. Just follow the path till pillar numbers 294, 293, 292. Both exam centres IDZ2 and IDZ1 come along the way with 2 consecutive cuts (IDZ2 at first cut and IDZ1 at second cut) on the left hand side. I hope it will help you BEST OF LUCK  I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

भारत के राष्ट्रीय प्रतीक (Indias National Symbols)

भारत का राष्ट्रीय ध्वज ----- तिरंगा भारत का राष्ट्रीय गान --- जन-गन-मन भारत का राष्ट्रीय गीत --- वन्दे मातरम् भारत का राष्ट्रीय चिन्ह ---- अशोक स्तम्भ भारत का राष्ट्रीय पंचांग --- शक संवत भारत का राष्ट्रीय वाक्य ---- सत्यमेव जयते भारत की राष्ट्रीयता --- भारतीयता भारत की राष्ट्र भाषा ---- हिंदी भारत की राष्ट्रीय लिपि ---- देव नागरी

भारत के बारे में सामान्य ज्ञान जानकारी

✰ भारत की राष्ट्रीय मिठाई - जलेबी ✰ भारत का राष्ट्रीय ध्वज गीत - हिंद देश का प्यारा झंडा ✰ भारत का राष्ट्रीय ध्वज - तिरंगा ✰ भारत का राष्ट्रीय वाक्य - सत्यमेव जयते ✰ भारत का राष्ट्रीय गीत - वन्दे मातरम्

Important questions for Bank exams

Few knowledge about Banks you must know ... very Important for IBPS exam and PO exam ============================== • First India bank Got ISO: Canara Bank • First Governor of RBI: Mr. Osborne Smith • First Indian governor of RBI: Mr. CD Deshmukh • First Bank to Introduce ATM in India: HSBC • First Bank to introduce saving Bank in India: Presidency bank in 1830 • First Bank to Introduce Cheque system in India: Bengal Bank 1784

CBSE released exam datesheet of 10th and 12th class

On 7 January 2015, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) released exam date-sheets of 10th and 12th class. Exams will start from 2nd March 2015. There will be 15 minutes extra time for reading the question paper. The question paper will be given at 10:15 am and students will start writing their papers from 10:30 am. CBSE

Top Recommended books for Quantitative aptitude and reasoning for placements and competitive exams

Hello Friends, Today  i am providing you a list of best books for your preparation for placements and competitive exams like CAT,XAT,MAT,UPSC,Civil Services,IBPS,PO etc. Below given serial is not the rating of books but just a normal sequence of books (all books are equally good and best for your preparation).

How to get excellent marks in HINDI

Friends, Now you can get more than 90% marks in the subject HINDI   by following these steps: 1.Note down the summary of lessons and meaning of poems in your auxiliary notebook. 2.Understand the format of writing letter before practicing letter writing. 3.Read different types essays from book before practicing essay writing. 4.keep look on word limit. 5.Don't write the essay more than 200-250 words. 6.There are five questions come in the subject related to "JANSANCHAAR".So do practice on it. 7.If you have good grammer then you can get full marks. 8.Learn the writers name and meaning of poems. 9.Keep practice sample papers. GOOD LUCK

How to get good marks in BIOLOGY exam

Friends, There are the points by which you can get good marks in Biology exam : 1.Give answer of 1 mark question in 1 or 2 lines. 2.Draw diagrams positively and label them. 3.Learn the scientific names. 4.Underline the generic names and specific epithets. 5.There are 10 questions of 2 marks and 9 questions of 3 marks. 6.Answer the questions by understanding their languages. 7.Keep look on sample papers to give the answer of value based questions. 8.There are 4 sections , try to solve part-D first because it contains three questions of 5 marks. 9.Learn the definitions given in NCERT books. 10.Give answers in points/flowcharts instead of paragraph.   GIVE YOUR TIPS ALSO BELOW IF YOU HAVE

How to get good marks in business studies paper

Friends, From year 2013  the paper of Business studies is of 90 marks and 10 marks is of project work. These are some exam tips by which you can get good marks in business studies exam: 1.In exam there are 1,2,3,4,5,6 marks question.There is choice in 6 marks question and you have answer them in 200 words. 2 Word limit of 4 & 5 marks question is 150 words and 3 marks is 50-75 words. 3.Wherever require,draw the diagrams. 4.Management topic is very essential.There is always 1 question of delegation / decentralization  . 5.Underline the main points and give examples wherever require.  READ OTHER POSTS ALSO   

How to get good marks in POLITCAL SCIENCE

Friends, Here are the points by which you can very good marks in political science: 1.There are 10 questions of 1 mark, keep them answer in 20-25 words. 2. 2 marks question-40 words     4 marks question-100 words     6 marks question-150 words 3.Answer the 4 and 6 marks question in points because it saves time and make answer more manner full.   4.1question is based on map, so keep practice on with previous year sample papers and question papers. 5.In question paper, questions are             30% -easy             50%-average             20%-difficult  6.There are value based questions also , so keep look at sample papers. 7.Write the title of your answer and underline the main points. 8.Checkers also check your writing style too. 9. Time management                                     marks         time(minutes)                                         1                     10                                         2                   

How to get good marks in chemistry

Friends, Here are some points by which you can good marks in chemistry paper in board examination: 1.Just take look at NCERT quetions once. 2.In organic chemistry, focus on name reactions,comparative tests and IUPAC . 3.In physical chemistry, focus on rules,formulas and graphs. 4.In inorganic chemistry,focus on structure,oxidation state,chemical reaction and periodic table. 5.Now value based questions are also coming ,so keep track on sample papers also. 6.Underline the main points. 7.There are 8 questions of 1 mark so keep them answer in one or two lines and do it also for 2 marks and higher marks. 8.There are 10-12 numbers numerical , so try them .write even  formula,unit.So try them in anyway. 9.Don't forget to write the units in numericals. 10.Keep try conversion in organic chemistry. 

IF mind blanks out during exams

FRIENDS, Sometimes there are conditions arise when mind suddenly bank out or feel we do not know anything.So here are the points to get out that situation 1.Do not worry and drink 1 glass water and take a deep breath with closed eyes.

How to spend 24 hours before exams

Friends, We know the during board exams 24 hrs before exams is very crucial for students .They live in high voltage tension.Here are the points how to live that moment 1.During this time do not take more tension or do not do more studies. 2.Only revise those material which you have studied and do not read new. 3.Always take some entertainment to get refresh for the exams.

How to answer the question to get good marks

Friends, These are the points to get good marks to answer a question in the exams 1.Always use blue pen to write the whole paper. 2.Always spare two lines after answering any question.

Common mistakes by students during board exams

FRIENDS, Today i would like to tell you about various mistakes which students do during examination 1.They generally do not bring minimum two pens and geometry box. 2.They waste their time for answering others and it is risky also. 3.They prefer cheating materials for getting good marks but it can cause serious problem too if caught by teacher .

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