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Rest in Peace Rahat Indori Shahab

Today (11Aug 2020) one of the most famous Urdu Poet Mr. Rahat Indori Shahab passed away with his heart touching poems and shayaris. He was having such a huge talent to narrate simple things into poetic manner. God Bless his Soul And once again 2020 snatched one of our star.

Top news for Hindi Bloggers- Google Adsense is now available to earn Money

Hello Friends, A new news has come that Google Adsense totally supports hindi language means if you have a website which is written in Hindi language, google adsense advertisements will be shown :) . It is revolutionary change for all the hindi bloggers who used to create unique content but couldn't get their right value.

Amitabh Bachchan sings National Anthem of India

Bollywood Superstar and star of the millennium Mr. Amitabh Bachchan sung National Anthem of India. Eros Now has uploaded the video of the national anthem and duration of this music is 01:29 minutes. Amitabh Bachchan is singing this song in traditional Kurta-Pajama and behind him there is statue of Nobel Prize winner Late Mr. Rabindra Nath Tagore who wrote it. The music is quite peaceful and very monotonous.  Here is the video of National Anthem sung by Amitabh Bachchan:

भारत अकड सरकार आपकी सेवा मे हमेशा Ready

नमस्कार दोस्तो !! आज की Hindi Post उन आलसियो के लिए है जो नरेंद्र मोदी के "अच्छे दिनो के भागीदार होने का दावा करते है. जी हाँ आप सही सोच रहे है, आज मै बात कर रहा हू ,आपके अपने सरकारी मुलाजिमो की जो उम्र बढ़ने के साथ-साथ और अकड़ते जा रहे है, पर हैरानी कि बात ये है यह अकड़ पूरे साल भर रह्ती है, सर्दी हो या गर्मी , बारीश हो या धूप, हर समय आप इसका आनन्द ले सकते है. ये अकड़ हमे हर जगह मिल जायेगी, चाहे सरकारी Banks हो, स्कूल या कोलेज हो, सरकारी दफ्तर हो,पोलीस Station हो या कोई और सरकारी दफ्तर.

How to get excellent marks in HINDI

Friends, Now you can get more than 90% marks in the subject HINDI   by following these steps: 1.Note down the summary of lessons and meaning of poems in your auxiliary notebook. 2.Understand the format of writing letter before practicing letter writing. 3.Read different types essays from book before practicing essay writing. 4.keep look on word limit. 5.Don't write the essay more than 200-250 words. 6.There are five questions come in the subject related to "JANSANCHAAR".So do practice on it. 7.If you have good grammer then you can get full marks. 8.Learn the writers name and meaning of poems. 9.Keep practice sample papers. GOOD LUCK

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