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Journey to IIT Kanpur

On 14th September 2015, I visited IIT Kanpur regarding the NNMCB Internship 2015. It was a wonderful 1 day visit to one of the best engineering in India. I reached up there at 06:15 A.M. but got the entry at 9 A.M. But apart from that everything went well with some rush-race. I ended up my work at 6:00 PM in the evening and leave for Delhi, so I couldn't manage to click lots of images but here are some of images of IIT-K. I also write a tutorial guide to Reach IIT Kanpur at my another blog Discover Tips Read it :  How to reach IIT Kanpur without auto and taxi/cab

How to reach IIT Kanpur without auto and taxi/cab

Hello Friends As you all know IIT Kanpur is one of the best engineering college in India and people used to go there for different purposes like study, internship, meeting etc. So for a outsider, it can be really expensive to reach IIT Kanpur with auto or taxi fare of above 200 rupees  (average 250 rupees). So today I am telling you the cheapest way to reach IIT Kanpur. This journey trip is applicable from Kanpur Central railway station to IIT Kanpur. Some Points to remember: Total distance between Kanpur Central Railway Station to IIT Kanpur is 16 kms. Auto, Taxi or cab drivers will force you to travel with average 250 rupees to IIT Kanpur. So don't listen to them follow below procedure. Procedure to Reach IITK:

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