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What is the moment when a cricketer tried to act smart, but his opponent was double-smart? 🏏🏏

Ahh yes. I wanted to answer this question and thus, I asked it myself. It was the moment between Pollard and our own, M.S. Dhoni MS trolled Pollard in such a way that Pollard will think thrice before challenging him again. It happened in the 49th over of the match. Dwayne Bravo the bowler bowled a wideish delivery to B.Kumar who only managed to hit it towards the long-on fielder for a single. The ball traveled so fast that, a single was all Dhoni and Kumar could manage. Pollard the fielder at long-on, tried to play smart and after collecting the ball, pushed it ahead of him, as if it was a fumble. Dhoni who is not only quick on his feet but has excellent game presence and a real street smart cricketer decided to take an extra run which was on offer, the very moment that he saw Pollard juggle the ball. You can watch the moments here - Source : Saarthak Jain

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Retires from Test Cricket

On 30th December 2014, Indian cricket team skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his sudden retirement from test cricket. The decision of retirement came after the 3rd test between India vs Australia at Melbourne which was a draw match.

11 Leadership qualities of an Individual to become successful

Hello Friends, Here i am giving you 11 basic leadership qualities of a person. If you adopt this qualities then you can be a successful leader in your work.

Historic Win of Indian cricket team at Lord's cricket ground after 28 Years

ON 21st July 2014, Indian cricket team won a historical match against England in a crucial battle series of England Tour.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni offered a job to his Fan

In country like India, where cricket is considered as religion and cricketers as God, Indian skipper Mahendra singh dhoni offered a job to one of his fan Ravindra Kumar Saini for care taking his Ranchi Farmhouse.

Why Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the best captain of Indian Cricket Team

Mahendra Singh Dhoni                                                                        Friends, in today's date(07-03-2013) Mahendra singh dhoni is the best captain of Indian cricket team.But you wonder how this happened with him means how he manages to become a successful captain of indian cricket team from small town of Ranchi. This whole thing happens with him due to his hard working,patience & ability to stay calm at adverse condition.He came to Indian team in 2005 against Sri Lanka ,playing a superb not out knock of 183.That was his first chance and he grabbed that chance with both hands.In that period of team selection of team was totally based on the name of the players means team was selected after the selection of Sachin tendulkar,sourav ganguly,rahul dravid ,vvs laxman,virender sehwag,anil kumble,harbhajan singh,zaheer khaan etc. The new players come in the team by getting only 1 or 2 chances and if they didn't perform they were permanen

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