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Haryana Eve Teasing Case

Recently a Eve teasing case is registered in Haryana when two sisters were molested by three people in Haryana roadways bus. When those people crossed their limits then sisters fought with them in the bus. In between, another lady made a video of whole incident and video went viral on social media.

Why mens have mentality of gangrape

Hello friends,
This post is quite sensitive issue as per context of todays scenario.This is not a matter of pride for the men community as they are indulging in rape cases specially in gangrape cases.Daily,almost 10 to 15 news are always coming of rape or gang rape cases.I am also a man and have a proper feelings for girls and women but i am not going/running to rape them,so why some of these creepy minds are not understanding this matter.
A word "MARD" (Hindi word means man) means can be "Men against rape & discrimination" but this "men" word remains restricted to "man".
A recent survey also tells that rape cases increased by 853% from 80-90s, which is quite shameful for today's generation.Recent gangrape cases of Delhi and Mumbai tell that the accuses were not well qualified but the victims were highly qualified.This type of inequality creates bad thinking in these illiterate people.Today inflation rate is very high,so generally these people come to big cities alone and search for some work,and when they interact with modern city girls then they think about sex with them.This internal heat sometimes reaches to its peak when they found these girls in alone area and then they do this type of shameful crimes.
There is also fact that in big cities,skills are in very much demand,so generally these people do not get work/jobs ,so when these unemployed persons meet each other,they make a group.When these groups find these employed modern girls on road ,there frustration reaches to its peak and then they do gang rapes.They feel happy with pain of these girls and pull out of all of their manpower frustration on this shameful work.

Their friends also smile on this situation and give full support for raping girls.In villages also, high class people do the rape of poor class girls and when somebody reports it then Panchayat decides to marry that girl to rapist or somebody also kills the girl also.

In almost cases ,men win in all situations which also encourages them to do such crimes.
Government has also not made very tough punishment for rapists,even some days ago ,a rapist was giving challenge to police that no body can give him any punishment.This is also signifying  the reality of helpless law.
These facts can be quite different but its a fact.
Apologies for any wrong word

Why rape cases are increasing in Delhi

Hi friends,

This topic is quite sensitive as per given date above.Specially Delhi is becoming rape capital of India which is totally a shameful matter for the pride of this beautiful city.

In today's date whenever you open a newspaper , a dozen of news will be of rape or gang rape.
This is quite shameful mentality of some of the dirty and half minds to do such kind of things.These kind of people should be hanged till death.

In my view there are some reasons due to which rape cases are increasing day by day:

ILLITERACY: This is the first reason of happening such crimes because education always brings some sense of humor in the person's mind and always bring future fear.

An illiterate person doesn't think about its career,effect on family because he thinks these things as a matter of pride among their illiterate friends.
As i have seen many Rikshawala,ferrywala,autowala,bikers staring the girl's private parts and singing vulgar songs and their other colleagues were just laughing.

This the mentality of these people because they haven't seen girls in colleges that's why they stare them in a bad way.

Recent cases of Rape cases also tell that in mostly time the rapist is illiterate.

LIBERAL PUNISHMENT: The Indian government also doesn't have any strong punishment for the rapists like death or make him reproductive organ less.

One of the example is the juvenile accuse of December 2012 Delhi gang rape only gets the punishment of just 3 years.
I don't know why court do this ?
Will under 18 age give the life of that girl ?
Is he only accuse of rape or murder or rape+murder both ?

Some the illiterate politician says the clothing of girls is responsible for this but i just want to ask them all why rape cases is also there in villages ,where girls wear casual/traditional Indian dresses.

This is just mentality of some creepy minds and weak Indian system.
that's all. 
First make strict laws then tell give girls such advices.