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Airtel Open Network

Mobile telecom company Bharti Airtel started a wonderful initiative "Open Network" for creating transparency between customers and company. Now People can register their complaints or suggestions on Airtel Open Network Portal and company will find out the solution.
Its a kind of good move for customers who are facing problems like call drops and slow internet speed.
People can log on to can register their suggestions/complaints etc.
But there is no guarantee how much this initiative will work for public. Although Airtel is one of the leading company in india yet its internet and call costs are much higher than other mobile operators which makes it tougher to be the first choice of poor people.

I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading :)

Useful Secret Codes for your Android Device


Here I am posting some secret codes for your android device to know about some useful information:

What to do if outgoing calls are not working in Mobile phone

Hello Friends

Today I will tell you about a mobile topic- "How to recover from a problem where outgoing calls are not working".
This is mostly network related problem and sometimes it occurs due to low signal quality. Its very difficult to analyze in roaming free zone but when you are in roaming zone/area then you can easily distinguish that your mobile network is not what you want.

So now lets come to the solution of this problem. Kindly follow these steps to recover from this problem. 

What to do if outgoing calls are not working in Mobiles ?

How website mobile friendliness will AFFECT Google search result ranking

From 21st April 2015, Google will consider mobile-friendliness as a factor for ranking the website in the Google search results. Till now it was not the matter but now Google will strictly follow this. Mobile-Friendliness will be now a ranking signal for showing the search page results.
Discover Tips is mobile-friendly
Discover Tips is mobile-friendly
So if your website is not friendly with mobile devices then it will be ranked lower than the websites which are mobile-friendly.

So it will highly affect your website traffic and reputation.

Google's New Feature for mobile devices-"Mobile Friendly"

Hello Friends,

Recently Google has introduced a new feature i.e. "Mobile Friendly" for mobiles where a user can know whether a website is mobile friendly or not.

How to Protect your samsung smartphone by Pattern,Pin,Password

Hello Friends,

Today i will tell you a simple technique to protect your Samsung smartphone by other people like your little dear members and other fellows.

Its sometimes looks like essential to create a password to protect your phone so that no body could access your personal data. A personal data can be anything but the most necessarily the data which is now coming in your mind can be embarrassing if access by others.
So here are the simple steps tutorial:

Blackberry Z3 launched in India

Hello Friends,

Blackberry has launched its Z3 model in India at Rs/-15900. At the crisis, blackberry is too much dependent on this model to improve its market value.

The main features of this phone is that android apps can also run on this phone.
From 25th June 2014, the pre-booking of phone will be started at and possibly phone will be available for sale from 2nd July 2014.

What to do if your mobile is stolen or lost ?

Hello Friends,

There are certain situations where we lose our mobile phones whether it is happened by mistake or any thief took it away from you.

He gave a big tension to you, but now its your time to give him some tension.

You all are thinking that i am gonna suggest you for police inquiry and all, but thats other part because if i say it you or not, you will definitely go to police first for investigation (unless you are not Bill gates).

Till Police will do its job ,then you can assure that your mobile phone will not be usable without you.


There are certain steps by which you can block your sim supporting system of your stolen or lost phone :

  1. Dial *#06# from your mobile. (Its not applicable if your phone is stolen but you can save your other phones by dialing it)
  2. After dialing this number, a 15 digits number will come as IMEI.
  3. Note down this IMEI number to your records where you can remember it easily.
  4.  The IMEI number is used by a GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network. 
  5. For example, if a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can call his or her network provider and instruct them to "blacklist" the phone using its IMEI number. 
  6. This renders the phone useless on that network and sometimes other networks too, whether or not the phone's SIM is changed.
So by this little trick you can easily put the thief's bump on hot plate.

Why samsung galaxy is far better than iphone 5

Samsung launches its best smartphone Galaxy S4 in india.There were all eyes on this phone due to its challenging features against Iphone 5.

Why its different ? Ans- Full HD super Amolad, Polycarbonate sleek body, 13 MP main camera & 2 MP front camera,2600 mAmp,1.6 GHz quadcore + 1.2 GHz quadcore,4.1 jelly bean OS,MRP-41,500Rs/-. Software: New features are added to camera that is you can take picture by both front and main camera at the same time, it directly relates there you can also see the picture clicker in the images. It is sensitive to both eyes and fingers. You can also erase the unwanted part from your image.

Is free sms app decreasing the craze of free messaging sites

Today i am gonna tell about our daily stuff i.e., sms.We love to do sms to our near one and dear one.We chose various plans for sms pack and do many things.
Some years ago some of site like way2sms,160by2,,fullonsms etc. have provided the free sms to any number with only usage of your internet data not your phone balance.With this type of facility,people choose it for messaging for many years But

Now some of free mobile sms app like whatsapp,hike,line,wechat are also using your data plan but you can send sms with ease or on the go.Hike is also offering free sms for their promotional offer to join hike by others.The basic requirement of these apps is that whoever has these app then he/she can get these sms (hike is something different).Due to these app , the college going students who r the most users of free sms websites are not using them because these apps are reducing the time of sending sms.

How to know the own number without help of other mobile

There are various situation arises where we don't know our mobile number.

This is very rare to forget the mobile number but if you forget your number and want to know without the help of any other mobile,you should follow below numbers to dial to know that:
Airtel: *121*9#
Aircel: *888#
Idea: *1#
Vodafone: *777*0#
Docomo: *580#
BSNL: *1#
Reliance: *1#
Virgin: *1#
Videocon: *1#
Just check these numbers and see your number

How to activate 2 step varification process

Today i would like to tell you about activating a extra layer of protection i.e. 2 step varification for your google account.
Here are the steps how to do it :
1.Login to your account.
2.Click on account settings.
3.Click on "security". 4.After there will written in blue writing "2 step varification" 
5.When you will enter into it then it will activated with your recovery phone number on which you will get your varification code whenever there will be  login from diffrerent i.p. Address other than trusted one.

What is 2 step varification process ?

Today i would like to tell you about 2 step varification process.

Q. What is 2 step varification ? Ans. 2 step varification is the process of protecting your google account with recovery phone on which you will get password whenever there will be login from different i.p. Address.This is considerd as extra security layer for your google account.

How to access google account in gmail application with 2 step varification

Today i would like to tell you about how to access your google account in gmail application in android with having 2 step varification service.
For activating this service you have to get application specific password and enter that password in the application rather than your usual google password.

Here are the steps by which you can do the above procedure:

1.First of login to your  account.
2.Then on the top right hand corner ,there is a drop down tag,enter it and click to account
3.After that click on the "security"widget of your account
4.Then a page will be opened in which all the security stuff will be there
5.On below there will blue color marked words written as "application specific password"
Click on it
6.Then you will be redirected to your login page to varify your password generating request
7.After that you have to write like"gmail on my android" on Name and click on generate password
8.After that a password will be generated which can be used as application password for user id
Good Day :)

How to hide your files in your memory card ?

Hello Friends,

This is a simple technique to hide your files in your memory card without having a software for hiding them.