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Its time to watch Ted 2 movie

After watching a wonderful movie Ted  , I had a curiosity to watch Ted 2 movie because the fun and entertainment provided by Ted was not enough for me and also the second part is available now, so why should i not try this ? So this movie is not only a fun movie but it is bringing a problem of Ted who is a living teddy bear. Movie starts with John and Ted, Ted is married to Tammy lynn but John is separated from Lori [ Break up : means no Mila Kunis in this movie :( ] Ted with his wife Tammy lynn After marriage, some problems came in Ted and tammy's life and then one lady suggested Ted to have a baby in their lives to sustain their marriage. Ted told this thing to tammy and she felt very happy to hear Ted's idea to have a baby. For this Ted needs a sperm donor for insemination [as Ted is teddy bear, so he doesn't have a d**k] to have baby. During this situation ,some funny scenes will be shown. After all trouble, John agrees for sperm donation and went to hospital for doing


Tonight I have watched another hollywood movie but this time it was a comedy plus emotional movie "Ted". The story mainly moves around two best friends John and Ted (a small teddy bear) with John's girlfriend Lori. When John was a 8 years old child then he made a wish to God to give life to a teddy bear toy and on next morning his wish got true and teddy got alive. Since then they used to live together with each other. Now John is 35 years old workless man with a employed girlfriend Lori and a popular Ted. Lori doesn't like the present condition of John because he used to spend lots of his time with Ted without doing any kind of Job.    by    Evian Tsai   So one day she asked him to move out Ted to different house, so for the sake of their relationship John shifted Ted to a new house. John also promised her not to meet Ted again but his friendship comes again and again. After several warning Lori breaks up with John (because John again meets Ted by leaving Lori in a p

A walk to remember- Another wonderful movie

Tonight I have watched another wonderful movie- "A walk to remember". Its basically a love story between Jammie and Landon, not like 500 days of Summer . Its a simple and cool romantic movie to watch with no adult material. I can say its one of the clean movie of Hollywood i have ever seen in my life. The plot starts with a handsome,fun-loving, popular but irresponsible guy Landon who just lives school life with lots of adult stuff (not shown in the movie but you will understand it after watching this movie). In this school, there is a simple,beautiful and responsible girl Jammie who is very intelligent in her all stuffs (drama, science etc.). She used to stay simple due to which others make a fun of her all the time including Landon.    by    thelittleone417   Due to one of his ragging stuff , Head of School orders Landon to either leave the school or teach fellow students and participating in school's play. Now things come close between Landon and Jammie as she was the

500 days of Summer

Today i just watched 2009 English movie "5oo days of summer". The movie was quite interesting and complex for first time watcher. Complex in the sense that when you see the movie, the flashback part in terms of days can be really confusing. The second confusing thing that what Summer really wants ( Summer is a lead lady in this movie whose real mentality will be unclear to you throughout the movie). The other guy is Tom ( Who is main lead of this movie) who just loves Summer but Summer doesn't believe in relationship kind of things, so for maintaining the relationship, Tom never proposed Summer. They both used to hang out with each other, having intimate fun with each other but never agreed for a relationship status. They always remain as friends with benefits kind of people.    by    รข–²mayumi   Well, In the sequence, both (Summer and Tom) go for wedding and Summer invited Tom for a party. At the party, Tom sees a ring in Summer's finger and realised that Summer is g

Must Watch Movies of Bollywood of All Time

Hello Friends, Today I am posting some Bollywood movies name in which some are hits, some are super hits, some are flops but due to infamous cast or we can under-rated movies. Today I am sharing the list of those wonderful movies which forced audience to clap and must be watched before our death : Rajesh Khanna in Bollywood Poster Note : I am not including just romantic and comedy Genre movie :


On 16th January 2015, New year will be super thrilling as Bipasha Basu is coming with her new movie "Alone" which looks another superb horror movie of Bollywood . Alone Movie Poster The trailer has come out and looking very scary and wonderful and by the trailer it looks like that the movie is based on two sisters who are joint with their bodies but after a operation one of them died and turn into evil.

Bang Bang movie is over-rated- Movie Review

Hello Friends, Recently a Hindi remake of Tom cruise's "Knight and Day" released in all over the World with Title name "Bang Bang". The movie starred Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif with rocking movie poster and trailer. The movie is just for those who loves only action without

Movie of the Month- Kick Movie Trailer- Salman khan and Jacquelin Fernadez

After long time Bollywood Actor Salman Khan is coming with his movie "Kick". The movie will release on 25th July 2014 and movie is already pretended as super hit by many of film journalists. Now all are waiting that how much revenue this movie will get within first week or it will enter in 200 crore club or not. The movie Trailer has been released on 9 June 2014 and it looks too cool to watch out. You should also watch it.

Watch out "Haider" Movie Trailer starring Shahid Kapoor and Shradha Kapoor

Hello Friends, Here is the exclusive trailer of upcoming movie "Haider" starring Shahid kapoor and Shradha Kapoor . Watch out this trailer :

Read movie Review of New hot comic movie "Grand masti"

Hi friends, Its time to give the review of new comic movie "Grand masti" starring by Ritesh,vivek and Aftaab.The movie is the sequel of 2004 "Masti".But the ladies in this movie are totally changed.In previous movie, Ajay Devgan was also present but in this movie,he is not present.The film is having quite bold and sexy topic just like "American Pie".The movie can be a big entertainer for fun loving and college students. The movie is not directed to social class so keep i mind before going to see this movie. ACTORS : Ritesh Deshmukh,Vivek Oberoi,Aftaab Shivdesani,Suresh Menon,Pradeep Rawat,Sonali Kulkarni,Manjari Fadnis,Karishma tanna,Kaynaat Arora,Broona Abdulla,Maryam Jakaariya. PRODUCERS : Ashok Thaakariya,Indra Kumar DIRECTOR : Indra Kumar. CERTIFICATE : A DURATION : 134 minutes. Story : The story is moving around three friends Amar (Ritesh),Meet (Vivek) & Prem (Aftaab) who are married to Mamta (Sonal

Read Zanjeer Movie review

Hi friends, Its time to give review of Ram Charan Teja's Starer "Zanjeer" with talented Priyanka chopra.This movie is considered as a remake of 70's "Zanjeer" staring Amitabh Bacchhan.At that time this movie was box office hit and gave a big support for the career of Amitabh.Now again Director Apporva Lakhiya remake this movie with new star cast. ACTORS : Ram Charan Teja,Sanjay dutt,Priyanka chopra,Prakash raj,Maahi gill,Ankur bhatia,Atul kulkarni. PRODUCERS : Punnet prakash mehra,Sumit prakash mehra. DIRECTOR : Apoorva Lakhiya. CERTIFICATE : U/A. DURATION : 131 minutes. Story : This is a story about a very sharp ACP Vijay khanna (Ram).When Vijay was 12 year old,somebody kills his parents on his birthday in front of his eyes.Vijay's uncle is living in hyderabad where he was grown up and now he has become ACP.Due to his angry nature ,vijay can't survive in one police station.Vijay is now in mumbai wh

Read Madras Cafe Movie Review

Hi Friends, Today its time to give review of John Abraham's starer new movie "MADRAS CAFE". This movie is the exception of regular/typical masala bollywood movies.This time John has brought a new idea of producing this kind of movie after "VICKY DONOR".Vicky Donor was also very hit in India starring Ayushman khurana.The Film is having the time of 90s which has some relationship of assassination of India's Prime minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi. ACTORS : John Abraham,Nargis Fakhari,Raashi Khanna,Piyush Pandey,Prakash Belwadi,Ajay Ratnam,Siddharth Basu,Dibaang(guest role). PRODUCER : John Abraham. DIRECTOR : Shoojit Sirkar CERTIFICATE : U/A DURATION : 130 minutes STORY : It is time of 80-90s when there was dispute between two communities in Sri lanka i.e., Sinhla and   tamil communities.To see the condition of neighbor country ,Research and analysis wing (RAW) head Robin Dutta ( Siddharth Basu) is in deep tension.Dutt

Read Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobara Movie Review

Hi friends, Today,its time to give the review of Akshay's starer new movie "One upon a time in mumbai dobara".Famous director Ekta kapoor started her new film by getting inspiration of her previous hit film "Once upon a time in mumbai".In previous movie,the star were Ajay Devgan,Emraan Haashmi,Kangana Ranaut & Prachi Desai. This movie can said to be resume of previous movie. Actors : Akshay Kumar,Imraan khan,Sonakshi Sinha,Mahesh Manjrekar,Abhimanyu shekhar singh,Sonali Bendre,Mushtaq khan,Sophie Choudhary. Producers : Shobha Kapoor,Ekta Kapoor Director : Milan Lootheria Certificate : U/A Story : Shoaib (Akshay Kumar) is turning back to mumbai against his enemy/rival Rawal (Mahesh Manjrekar) after 12 years.Shoaib was quite famous when he left mumbai 12 year back and now he tries to recapture his fame in mumbai underworld.Shoaib returns back to same slum where he started his crime journey.In this slum,his work

Review of Superhit Film Aashiqui 2

Friends, Today i m giving review of movie Aashiqui 2 which is now becoming a bollywood.By this film we can see the comeback of tragic love story on your way. Film was considered as the remake of 1990's Aashiqui starred by Rahul Roy but it is not having any connection between Aashiqui 2 starring Aditya Roy Kapoor. In the movie Rahul Jaykar (Aditya Roy Kapoor) was a successful singer but now he is a drunk man who is having habit of taking alcohol.But after a small accident he met with Aarohi(shrradha kapoor) who is a wonderful singer in a bar.Rahul gives her promise to become superstar singer of india and he did that but during this time they fall in love with each other.Now Aarohi becomes a superstar singer but Rahul remains as drunk person.Due to this situation people make fun of him and also blame him to use Aarohi for fulfilling his needs. After that he fed up by all these and commit suicide to stay alone Aarohi for becoming a superstar singer. Acting  of Adi

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