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13 October, 2016

Anti-Defection Law

India being a parliamentary form of government and multilevel party at the different level throws an opportunity of horse trading and game of corruption by parties in order to gain majority and form government at different level. Member of the political parties uses the concept of party hopping in order to gain the position offered by another party. In order to curb this concept of party hopping the anti-defection law was passed by parliament in 1985. Anti-Defection Law is in the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution, which was introduced by the 52nd Amendment in 1985 during tenure of Rajiv Gandhi.

What do you mean by Defection?

Defection defined as “to abandon a position or association, to join an another group or party”. Defection  describes a situation in which a member of any particular party abandons his position or support to another party in order to gain political position. Articles 101, 102, 190 and 191 were changed through this amendment. This amendment laid down the process by which legislators may be disqualified on grounds of defection.

The Tenth Schedule to the Constitution, popularly known as the Anti-Defection Law, introduced by the Constitution (Fifty-second Amendment) Act, 1985 as amended by the Constitution (Ninety-First Amendment) Act, 2003 lays down the conditions regarding disqualification, on ground of defection. 

The main provisions of the Tenth Schedule are summarized below:

(i) An elected member of Parliament or a State Legislature, who has been elected as a candidate set up by a political party and a nominated member of Parliament or a State Legislature who is a member of political party at the time he takes his seat would be disqualified on the ground of defection if he voluntarily gives up his membership of such political party or votes or abstains from voting in the House contrary to any direction of such party.

(ii) An independent member of Parliament or a State Legislature will also be disqualified if he joins any political party after his election.

(iii) A nominated member of Parliament or a State Legislature who is not a member of a political party at the time of his nomination and who has not become a member of any political party before the expiry of six months from the date on which he takes his seat shall be disqualified if he joins any political party after the expiry of the said period of six months.

(iv) Provisions have been made with respect to mergers of political parties. No disqualification would be incurred when a legislature party decides to merge with another party and such decision is supported by not less than two-thirds of its members.

(v) Special provision has been made to enable a person who has been elected to the office of the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker of the House of People or of the Legislative Assembly of a State or to the office of the Deputy Chairman of the Council of States or the Chairman or the Deputy Chairman of Legislative Council of a State, to sever his connections with his political party without incurring disqualifications.

(vi) The question as to whether a member of a House of Parliament or State Legislature has become subject to the disqualification will be determined by the presiding officer of the House; where the question is with reference to the presiding officer himself it will be decided by a member of the House elected by the House on that behalf.

(vii) The Chairman or the Speaker of a House has been empowered to make rules for giving effect to the provisions of the Tenth Schedule. The rules shall be laid before the House and shall be subject to modifications/disapproval by the House.

This issue of Anti-defection law was addressed by the five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in 1992 (Kihoto Hollohan vs Zachilhu and others). The court said that “the anti-defection law seeks to recognize the practical need to place the proprieties of political and personal conduct…above certain theoretical assumptions.” It held that the law does not violate any rights or freedoms, or the basic structure of parliamentary democracy.

Presiding officer of different houses were made the sole authority to take final decision on the matter of disqualification of any member. The law states that the decision is final and not subject to judicial review. The Supreme Court struck down part of this condition. It held that there may not be any judicial intervention until the presiding officer gives his order. However, the final decision is subject to appeal in the High Courts and Supreme Court.

Recently some of the favorable decisions made by the presiding officers in order to protect or delay the decision about disqualifying any member of his/her parental parties or near- dear one. Recent examples of Arunachal Pradesh and Telangana has shown the loopholes of the anti-defection law. Indian government has to consider this issues as some changes are needed to be done in order to curb these issues. Government has to introduce the concept of time based manner of decision making for the presiding officers in order to short the problem of disqualification and secondly the final authority must be transferred to election commission while taking the decision of disqualification for any member.

22 February, 2016

How Arvind Kejriwal is coming out to be a big liar for Delhi People


Before starting this post, i want to tell you that i am not supporter of any political party.

Proof : 

Reasons behind Arvind Kejriwal win in Delhi elections 2015

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal started his journey with #AnnaHazare Aandolan as a supporter for Lokpal bill. After many #Dharnas , he came to conclusion that, to improve politics, one has to come in politics.

25 April, 2015

Farmers are dying but Indian politicians are busy in Politics

In Year 2015, due to unwanted rain and weather, crops of farmers were harmed. Due to which, they are not able to sell them and nurture their families. The financial stress is causing them to commit suicide but central government and state governments are just saying the same dialogue- "We will do something".
Gajendra Singh Suicide Case
Gajendra Singh Suicide Case

27 July, 2014

भारत अकड सरकार आपकी सेवा मे हमेशा Ready

नमस्कार दोस्तो !!

आज की Hindi Post उन आलसियो के लिए है जो नरेंद्र मोदी के "अच्छे दिनो के भागीदार होने का दावा करते है.

जी हाँ
आप सही सोच रहे है, आज मै बात कर रहा हू ,आपके अपने सरकारी मुलाजिमो की जो उम्र बढ़ने के साथ-साथ और अकड़ते जा रहे है, पर हैरानी कि बात ये है यह अकड़ पूरे साल भर रह्ती है, सर्दी हो या गर्मी , बारीश हो या धूप, हर समय आप इसका आनन्द ले सकते है.
ये अकड़ हमे हर जगह मिल जायेगी, चाहे सरकारी Banks हो, स्कूल या कोलेज हो, सरकारी दफ्तर हो,पोलीस Station हो या कोई और सरकारी दफ्तर.

19 June, 2014

Is Narendra Modi really caring for india or its just a "FEKU" drama

Hello Friends,

2 months back!!!!

"Abki Baar modi Sarkaar"

"BJP ko lao , Modi ko Jitao"

Now all the advertisements are over and Narendra Modi is now the Prime Minister of India.

But after getting PM post, the inflation rate is again rising and cabinet minister Mr. Arun Jaitley is saying that its all due to hoarding in the market.

But i want to ask that if you have to say all these things and then whats the difference between you and Congress as they were saying same lines when they were in government.

In Lok sabha, where PM Narendra Modi was telling his agendas for working in next 100 days, his first prior agenda was :

Agenda 1: We will control the Inflation rate and drop the price of food materials and other important household things

What actually happening: Inflation rate(%) is ricing from 5.91 to 6.45 (Today's date) and prices are increasing of food materials

Agenda 2 : We provide governance not government.
What actually happening : 
  • BJP failed to provide proper governance to National capital Delhi (still having President rule)
  • 1 day of wind storm in delhi (31 may 2014) and its now becoming the habit of Delhi people to bear 7-10 hrs power cut.
As your government couldn't take care of its National capital then why we trust you that you will bring a sunshine in India.

Agenda 3: We will provide corruption free government.
What actually happening : Still there is no news of Lokpal Bill.

Agenda 4: We will provide protection for our women in India.

What actually happening : Still rape cases are coming in India and there is no strict rule or law is coming.

These all things showed that Narendra Modi was somehow a "FEKU" personality who promises to reach at the moon but can't manage to reach at the roof his own house :P.

After watching his failure in the government with getting a full support from public, it has been proven that he just wanted a Prime minister tag in his CV and all he knew is a good advertisement to fool people.

This post is not for insulting somebody but it is asking someone who got big support but still giving pain to public like Congress.

Do Modi something for India.

Campaigning time is over now.

11 April, 2014

Mulayam Singh defends Rapists for getting muslim votes-dirty politics

Hello Friends,

Yesterday, a well known Indian politician Mulayam Singh defends rapists of "Shakti mill" case where 3 accuse are from Muslim community.
He said in his political rally in Hindi that - "Bechare teeno ladko ko faansi ho jayegi, ladke hai galati ho jaati hai,agar hamari sarkaar aayegi to hum bill me badlaaw layenge"
"Mercy, three young boys will be hanged :(  ,
 Boys will be boys , mistakes can be happened by boys.If they come in governance,then they will change the bill of rape"

I don't know why such type of comment came from a politician.

We all know Mulayam singh yadav and his language skills but this is totally ridiculous as he is encouraging rapers to do more more rapes in the future.Here he was defending those boys because out of those accuses ,2-3 persons are from Muslim community and he just wanted to grab the Muslim votes in the upcoming elections.

But he forgot that now media is also focusing on these elections and they will highlight each step of yours.
Also the way of defining of shakti mill case by mulayam was also out of this world as he was relating this forced rape with love and relationship in which first all things happens with both agreement and after breakup ,girls file report against boys.But i just want to say Mulayam singh that first read the whole case of shakti mill then say something relevant to this topic.

He was criticized by whole politician world in India and claimed this act as his old age.


On the social media platforms like Facebook,twitter , people are making joke of Mulayam singh with such a vulgur and harsh language which i can't define on this blog

01 August, 2013

हम सब एक थाली के चट्टे बट्टे है

नमस्ते दोस्तो !

आज का टाईटल है "हम सब एक थाली के चट्टे बट्टे है".
अब आप सोच रहे होगे कि मै किस बारे मे बात कर रहा हू.थोडा सोचिये,याद आ जायेगा.
जी हा,आप ठीक सोच रहे है, मै बात कर रहा हू अपने प्यारे नेताओ की जो हमारे लिये दिन-रात एक किये रह्ते है, मगर जनता के लिए कम और अपने लिए ज्यादा करते दिखते है. इस बात के लाखो सबूत होगे,पर मै यह पोस्ट कई दिनो तक जारी नही रख सकता.

इसीलिए मै अपने भारतीय नेताओ के कुछ किस्से बयान करना चाह्ता हू,जो मेरी पोस्ट के टाईटल को यह रखने पर मुझे मजबूर कर रहे है!

1.सी.बी.आई. की स्वायत्ता : दोस्तो हम सभी जानते है कि सी.बी.आई. हमारे देश कि सबसे बडी न्यायिक संस्था है और अगर यह चाहे तो बहुत कुछ निबटा सकती देश से,मगर आज तक इसे सरकार के दायेरे मे रखा गया है और इसका मतलब है कि नेताओ के हाथो में ,यही वजह कि कई नेताओ के केस आज तक पडे हुए हैं. अगर CBI हरकत में आ जाए तो बहुत डंडा रुल सकता कुछ लोगो पर और बहुत से केस हाथो हाथ हल हो जाएंगे. 

2.BCCI को RTI में ना लाने में एकजुटता : 
वेसे तो ये नेताजी आपस मे एक दूसरे के कपडे फाडने मे कोई कसर नही छोडते,मगर जब धनवान बोर्ड BCCI से जवाब तलब करने की बात आई तो सारे के सारे नेता एक मत हो गए कि BCCI ,RTI के दायरे में नही आयेगी|

 अरे अब लोगो का इस धनवान संस्था से जवाब तलब करने का कोई हक नही ?
 हक तो होता ,अगर हमारे नेताओ का पैसा इसमे ना लगा होता |

3.LOKPAL BILL पर सभी दलो की पूरी सहमती ना होना :
वैसे तो ये लोग BCCI को RTI में ना लाने के लिए बैठक करते हैं,लेकिन जब बात लोकपाल पर बैठक करने की होती है, तो ये लोग कह्ते कि "सश्क्त लोकपाल बिल लाने का काम जारी हैं"
हमारे हिसाब से यह काम हमेशा जारी रहेगा.

 अब आप ही बताइए कि यह बात सच्च हैं या नही|

गुस्ताखी माफ हो

 जय हिन्द !
जय भारत !