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24 August, 2014

How to download movies,games,software from torrent website

Hello Friends,

Most of you are aware about torrent and its value.

But actually not!!!!
I have seen many people don't know about the torrent and if they know then they don't know its function.They pretend "torrent" as very complex term and don't want to know about it.

26 July, 2014

How to add Youtube videos to Facebook Fan page

Hello Friends,

Its time to introduce you about a new technique to embed your personal YouTube videos/others videos to your Facebook page.

24 February, 2013

What are the facts that slow down your pc


When you buy any pc/laptop/mobile phone , u always want to see it run fast and smoothly but after some time of usage its speed gets slow down.WHY?

Here are the reasons:

1 Temporary files of windows and softwares should be deleted after the usage but they actually do not delete out from the system.

2.Accumulation of cache files during INTERNET usage.

3.Accumulation of pictures,wallpapers,music files.

4.Some websites store cookies in your system which consume high amount of data.

5 Files of softwares remains in the computer after uninstallation which should be deleted.

6.Attachment files of emails should be deleted after the use.

7.Delete the files from recycle bin which are not in use

8.many copies of one thing during copy paste.