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31 January, 2020

Buy IRCTC stock, A new Multibagger Stock

Hello Friends

Good Morning, Met you after long time.

These days I am not writing because I was busy studying about markets and how some investors are making fortunes out of stocks.
One thing I notice that in stock market, patience is also key to the success. If you pick just good stocks for investment then you can easily make fortunes from it. I am saying it so because we know there are 5000+ listed companies in BSE and NSE, so there are many garbage stocks where operators are playing there game (operators are leachers that raises stock prices intentionally and spread rumours in forums to buy such stocks among retail investors like you and me).
So before buying stocks , research about its fundamentals then invest in it.

Today I am talking about one company which has very strong business presence in the market or we can say it has monopoly in the market right now. It is the only company which is managing railway ticketing and catering business in entire india and packed by Indian Government.
Yes I am talking about IRCTC.

Why i am saying so because this stock was listed in BSE and NSE on 644 in october 2019 but now today it has reached at 1200 on 31 Jan 2020 (200+% returns in just 4 months) and it's just a beginning.

So if you want to make fortunes, buy this multibagger before it's too late.

Rest is your choice

Happy Investing

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27 September, 2014

15 Warren Buffett Quotes About Investing

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Warren Buffett Quotes Warren Buffet, investor, businessman and philanthropist was born in Omaha, Nebraska on August 30th, 1930. Buffet started his business career extremely early and had his first small business by the age of 13.