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31 May, 2013

Impact of White Revolution on India

White Revolution was considered as one of biggest revolutinary movement started by Establishing NDDB(National dairy development board) by verghese kurean in 1970's.
This programme was set up under the prime minister Late.Sh.Lal bahudar shastri.
The main objective of this programme was to make India self dependent in the production of milk and other dairy products.As we know India is having one of largest cattle resources which can give milk for production of dairy products.
It also aim to development of rural areas in terms of employment as after the white revolution people now sell milk and other dairy products in exchange of money due to which earning of people also increase.
The White revolution programme was done in three phases:
1.First phase: 1970-1980
2.Second phase: 1981-1985
3.Third phase:1985-1996
In these phases various programmes were run by which nutritional value of milk can be enhanced.In this Genetic engineering also take a great role because its the genetic engineering by which superior breeds can be crossed between each other to produce superior progeny which can high nutritious milk.