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17 January, 2015

Schedule of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Hello Friends,

Today I am posting the schedule of ICC WORLD CUP 2015 to you which will be hosted in Australia and New Zealand.
ICC Cricket world cup logo
ICC Cricket World Cup logo

So watch this schedule and enjoy your matches:

Match Details
GMTISTYour TimeGroundCity
Feb 14 - SatNew Zealand vs Sri Lanka, 1st Match, Pool A22:00
Feb 13
3:30 AM
(Feb 14)
03:30(Feb 14)Hagley OvalChristchurch
Feb 14 - SatAustralia vs England, 2nd Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Feb 15 - SunSouth Africa vs Zimbabwe, 3rd Match, Pool B01:0006:3006:30Seddon ParkHamilton
Feb 15 - SunIndia vs Pakistan, 4th Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Adelaide OvalAdelaide
Feb 16 - MonIreland vs West Indies, 5th Match, Pool B22:00
Feb 15
3:30 AM
(Feb 16)
03:30(Feb 16)Saxton OvalNelson
Feb 17 - TueNew Zealand vs Scotland, 6th Match, Pool A22:00
Feb 16
3:30 AM
(Feb 17)
03:30(Feb 17)University OvalDunedin
Feb 18 - WedBangladesh vs Afghanistan, 7th Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Manuka OvalCanberra
Feb 19 - ThuUnited Arab Emirates vs Zimbabwe, 8th Match, Pool B22:00
Feb 18
3:30 AM
(Feb 19)
03:30(Feb 19)Saxton OvalNelson
Feb 20 - FriNew Zealand vs England, 9th Match, Pool A01:0006:3006:30Westpac StadiumWellington
Feb 21 - SatPakistan vs West Indies, 10th Match, Pool B22:00
Feb 20
3:30 AM
(Feb 21)
03:30(Feb 21)Hagley OvalChristchurch
Feb 21 - SatAustralia vs Bangladesh, 11th Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Brisbane Cricket GroundWoolloongabba, Brisbane
Feb 22 - SunAfghanistan vs Sri Lanka, 12th Match, Pool A22:00
Feb 21
3:30 AM
(Feb 22)
03:30(Feb 22)University OvalDunedin
Feb 22 - SunIndia vs South Africa, 13th Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Feb 23 - MonEngland vs Scotland, 14th Match, Pool A22:00
Feb 22
3:30 AM
(Feb 23)
03:30(Feb 23)Hagley OvalChristchurch
Feb 24 - TueWest Indies vs Zimbabwe, 15th Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Manuka OvalCanberra
Feb 25 - WedIreland vs United Arab Emirates, 16th Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Brisbane Cricket GroundWoolloongabba, Brisbane
Feb 26 - ThuAfghanistan vs Scotland, 17th Match, Pool A22:00
Feb 25
3:30 AM
(Feb 26)
03:30(Feb 26)University OvalDunedin
Feb 26 - ThuBangladesh vs Sri Lanka, 18th Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Feb 27 - FriSouth Africa vs West Indies, 19th Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Feb 28 - SatNew Zealand vs Australia, 20th Match, Pool A01:0006:3006:30Eden ParkAuckland
Feb 28 - SatIndia vs United Arab Emirates, 21st Match, Pool B06:3012:0012:00W.A.C.A. GroundPerth
Mar 01 - SunEngland vs Sri Lanka, 22nd Match, Pool A22:00
Feb 28
3:30 AM
(Mar 1)
03:30(Mar 1)Westpac StadiumWellington
Mar 01 - SunPakistan vs Zimbabwe, 23rd Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Brisbane Cricket GroundWoolloongabba, Brisbane
Mar 03 - TueIreland vs South Africa, 24th Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Manuka OvalCanberra
Mar 04 - WedPakistan vs United Arab Emirates, 25th Match, Pool B01:0006:3006:30McLean ParkNapier
Mar 04 - WedAustralia vs Afghanistan, 26th Match, Pool A06:3012:0012:00W.A.C.A. GroundPerth
Mar 05 - ThuBangladesh vs Scotland, 27th Match, Pool A22:00
Mar 4
3:30 AM
(Mar 5)
03:30(Mar 5)Saxton OvalNelson
Mar 06 - FriIndia vs West Indies, 28th Match, Pool B06:3012:0012:00W.A.C.A. GroundPerth
Mar 07 - SatPakistan vs South Africa, 29th Match, Pool B01:0006:3006:30Eden ParkAuckland
Mar 07 - SatIreland vs Zimbabwe, 30th Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Bellerive OvalHobart
Mar 08 - SunNew Zealand vs Afghanistan, 31st Match, Pool A22:00
Mar 7
3:30 AM
(Mar 8)
02:30(Mar 8)McLean ParkNapier
Mar 08 - SunAustralia vs Sri Lanka, 32nd Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Mar 09 - MonEngland vs Bangladesh, 33rd Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Adelaide OvalAdelaide
Mar 10 - TueIndia vs Ireland, 34th Match, Pool B01:0006:3006:30Seddon ParkHamilton
Mar 11 - WedSri Lanka vs Scotland, 35th Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Bellerive OvalHobart
Mar 12 - ThuSouth Africa vs United Arab Emirates, 36th Match, Pool B01:0006:3006:30Westpac StadiumWellington
Mar 13 - FriNew Zealand vs Bangladesh, 37th Match, Pool A01:0006:3006:30Seddon ParkHamilton
Mar 13 - FriAfghanistan vs England, 38th Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Mar 14 - SatIndia vs Zimbabwe, 39th Match, Pool B01:0006:3006:30Eden ParkAuckland
Mar 14 - SatAustralia vs Scotland, 40th Match, Pool A03:3009:0009:00Bellerive OvalHobart
Mar 15 - SunWest Indies vs United Arab Emirates, 41st Match, Pool B22:00
Mar 14
3:30 AM
(Mar 15)
03:30(Mar 15)McLean ParkNapier
Mar 15 - SunIreland vs Pakistan, 42nd Match, Pool B03:3009:0009:00Adelaide OvalAdelaide
Mar 18 - WedTBC vs TBC, 1st Quarter-Final (A1 v B4)03:3009:0009:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Mar 19 - ThuTBC vs TBC, 2nd Quarter-Final (A2 v B3)03:3009:0009:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Mar 20 - FriTBC vs TBC, 3rd Quarter-Final (A3 v B2)03:3009:0009:00Adelaide OvalAdelaide
Mar 21 - SatTBC vs TBC, 4th Quarter-Final (A4 v B1)01:0006:3006:30Westpac StadiumWellington
Mar 24 - TueTBC vs TBC, 1st Semi-Final01:0006:3006:30Eden ParkAuckland
Mar 26 - ThuTBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi-Final03:3009:0009:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Mar 29 - SunTBC vs TBC, Final03:3009:0009:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne

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29 November, 2014

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes death on Cricket Field

This is one of the biggest shocking news coming from the fields of Gentlemen game. Australian opening batsman Phillip hughes lost his life after a rising bouncer by Sean Abbott.The ball struck directly on his neck and he felt exhausted for some time.

But in couple of minutes, he felled down on the pitch and lost his conciousness which was never regained.
It was first time that any International player got died after a critical accident on the field.
But time has gone now and Phillip is no more now.So we can just pray for him to rest his soul in peace.