26 February, 2017

Religions Of The World (Important Facts and Figures)


Founder: Gautam Siddhartha ( Buddha)(563 to 483 BCE) born in Nepal (Lumbini) 
Founded in: 5th B
Followed in: China, Tibet, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Japan, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bhutan and Vietnam
Sacred text: The Tripitaka (collection of Buddha’s teachings) also called Sutras 
Sacred places: Lumbini (Nepal), where Buddha was born, Bodh Gaya (Bihar), where he received Enlightenment and Kusinagara (UP), where he attained ‘Nirvana’ 
Place of worship: Vihar (temple) and Monastery (where Monks reside
Sects: Mahayana and Hinayana 


Founder: Kung Fu Tzu or Confucius (551 to 479 BCE), born in the State of Lu in China 
Founded in: 500 BCE
Followed in: China, Taiwan, South Korea, Nauru, and Vietnam 
Sacred text: The Lun Yu, The Analects 
Sacred place: Peking (Beijing) in China 
Place of worship: No church of temple 


Founder: Jesus Christ (4 BCE to 29 CE,) born in Judea. Also called Jesus of Nazareth 
Founded in: 2000 years ago 
Followed in: Spread all over the world 
Scared text: Holy Bible consisting of the Old Testament (before Christ) and the New Testament (during and after Christ) 
Place of worship: Church 
Important sects: Catholics and Protestants  


Funder: Ancient Sages
Founded in: 1500 BCE
Followed in: Concentrated in Indian and Nepal and also found in Bhutan, Fiji, Guyana, Indonesia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, Bali 
Sacred texts: The Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana 
Place of worship: Temple


Founder: Prophet Mohammed (570 to 632 CE,) born in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) 
Founded in: 622 CE
Followed in: West coast of Africa which includes Tanzania, Southern part of Russia and China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia, Also parts of North Africa
Sacred texts: Quran (words of God), Hadis (collection of Prophet’s savings) 
Sacred places: Makkah (Mecca) in Saudi Arabia 
Place of worship: Masjid (mosque) 
Important sects: Sunnis and shias