How promises become blunders and Modi government an Anti National Party of All Time

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When i was writing this post, i had bit confusion in my mind, whether should i write this post against Modi Government or not. The sense of fear that has been created during these 5 years (2014-till now) was not there in last 60 years of independence. There were successful protests, marching against ideology of previous governments but this government has some ego problems.
Their main Ego is: "They hate Criticism and they can kill critique". The line which is bold is first quality of Dictatorship. But still democracy prevails in India, so i can write this.
So lets move to the title of the story.
We elected BJP not Narendra Modi in 2014 Loksabha Elections not because of our love to BJP but because, we were fed up by 10 years of Manmohan Singh Led UPA govt. We were fed up by the news of corruption charges on UPA politicians, rising inflation and petrol-diesel rates, rape and molestation of women. I know that time, it was 2014 elections when 2014 T20 world Cup was going on in Bangladesh and whole India was watching Cricket and modi ji used his marketing strategy during world cup. After each over break, there was Advertisement -" ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR", "KAB TAK SAHOGE PETROL KI MAAR, ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR".
We all know the fact that the things which are repeated in front of our eyes stick to our subconscious mind for longer duration. That World Cup strategy and falling UPA govt trick worked for BJP and they won the election of 2014.
Now blunders of promises started with the help of various media houses:

1. Fake Nationalism: A true native has nothing to prove his love for nation but modi government has made some parameters to prove it. If one tries to speak against anything Central Government, he/she become Anti National/ DeshDrohi. JNU scandal, Kejriwal comment on Surgical Strike, Bollywood offering work to Pakistani Actors, changing city names etc etc are examples of all this.

2. 15 Lakh Rupees Promise: On 8 November 2016, Modi Government announced demonetisation of Rs 500/- and 1000/- with promise to remove black money and terrorism funding and he also promised the public in elections to bring back black money and to give 15-20 lakh rupees to each indian. Watch this Video and understand his melodrama

3. Show off: This modi government is second name of Show off. Modi ji never missed the chance of showing off in public whether it was in big auditorium in foreign countries or in regional areas streaming live in some sold media houses.

4 Conflict Government: I guess, this is the first government which has problems with an individual to an Institution. Their unknown spokesperson order various muslim celebrities to leave country when they put their thinking in media. Apart from that Supreme Court judges, CBI, RBI, CM-Governor conflict with govt is well known now.

5. Muslim Issue: Set aside the triple talak, this government has problems with muslims (RSS).

6. Rising Inflation: Modi government had come in to the power with a big promise of suppressing inflation and petrol rates but now we all know what is happening. Watch this video

7. No black Money return: I am still waiting for my 15 lakh rupees.

8. Terrorism Problem still persists: Demonetisation promised restriction of terror funding but still J&K is in fire.

9. Neerav-Mallya Duo: The double scam of Neerav-Mallya is nice promotion of Bhaag _____ Bhaag.

Thats all from me, I know you have also many questions against this government. 


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