10 February, 2020

What 10 things have you stopped doing in your life?

Today I see another straight forward but thoughtful post of Mr. Kumar Saurabh, a user of Quora. Here is the post:

""I stopped using facebook, whatsapp and instagram from August 2019. I was addicted to these social media.

I stopped Masturbating. Every 90 of 100 young generation is addicted to masturbation. They dont know what are the harmful effect of uselessness masturbation.

I stopped commenting on girls which i did a lot in my college times

I stopped taking selfies unless it is important or compulsory. This is the last selfie i have taken on June 2019.

I stopped arguing with anyone. Because there is no need of arguing with anyone who are not listening you.

I stopped watching porn.

I stopped wasting money.

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If you guys need any kind of suggestions regarding life problems, motivations, love failures.. you can ping me…. Because the best teacher is your past experiences… and i have learnt a lot."""

Source : Kumar Saurabh