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What are the traits of a person who has an above-average IQ?

You can’t pull them into humdrum storms, chit chat and small talk. They get bored with that and even loathe them. Start an interesting topic and they will dive in as if they had always been there. They don’t waste time doing superficial, uninteresting, ususal, common things that don’t benefit them in the long run, whether at work, or at meetings, discussions, debates or even fights. They know when to lose in order to gain later, or lose less in order to gain more. Their calculation is unnerving and not always obvious. They will gladly let you be wrong if they think correcting you is not beneficial in any way. So if one is asking for casual advice the intelligent will usually say very little or nothing at all. They have different and sometimes (well, most of the times) weird opinion/ ideas and questions that can unsettle most people and even irritate them. They are hazardous for team work and more hated than respected for their singularity. If you are intelligent and highly

Real Image of Pakistan 🇵🇰

Today we found wonderful pics on the internet which show the real image of Pakistan who is funding terrorist groups in its country. The current situation in Afghanistan truly put out this image  Source : Neelabh Toons

Different type of car bodies 🚘

Hello guys Today we found another good pic for all auto lovers who are starting from scratch. Watch and learn from it

How do you extend the life span of car tires? 🚗

The tyres are considered consumable components which wear out as per the usage. However, there are certain conditions which make tyre wear faster. Any force of tyres which is additional to pure rolling forces make them wear faster. Sudden acceleration and braking, frequent sharp cornering, driving on winding roads and in hilly areas are some of the reasons which accelerate the rate of tyre wear. If the wheel alignment gets out of specification, inflation pressure is too high or too low, tyres are out of balance or the wear rate is aggravated. To extend the life span of tyres, it is important to drive properly as well as regularly maintain the tyres and the vehicle. Key maintenance of tyres are maintaining correct inflation pressure, wheel alignment, tyre rotation and wheel balancing. Inflation Pressure- Inflation pressure plays an important role in tyre performance including impact on tyre wear. Always maintain inflation pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Low tyre pressu

What should I learn from an intelligent person to improve my life?

You’ll never live if you’re looking for the meaning of life, Confidence can’t be faked. You’re or you’re not, A big secret to longevity is living a low stress life. You can’t control things outside you. You can only control your response, Stop giving a shit what people think of you. Realize they’re hardly thinking of you at all , Rejection is a myth & only exists in the mind, Getting rich is hard , but being broke is also hard . So which hard life are you choosing ? , Be careful what you tolerate. You’re teaching people how to treat you , You’ll have an extremely difficult time persuading someone if you’re not calm , Our greatest addiction is focusing on other people’s lives & noticing what others should be doing better, Problems are common but attitude makes the difference, Just Chill.!! Source : Mukul Royy

What is the moment when a cricketer tried to act smart, but his opponent was double-smart? 🏏🏏

Ahh yes. I wanted to answer this question and thus, I asked it myself. It was the moment between Pollard and our own, M.S. Dhoni MS trolled Pollard in such a way that Pollard will think thrice before challenging him again. It happened in the 49th over of the match. Dwayne Bravo the bowler bowled a wideish delivery to B.Kumar who only managed to hit it towards the long-on fielder for a single. The ball traveled so fast that, a single was all Dhoni and Kumar could manage. Pollard the fielder at long-on, tried to play smart and after collecting the ball, pushed it ahead of him, as if it was a fumble. Dhoni who is not only quick on his feet but has excellent game presence and a real street smart cricketer decided to take an extra run which was on offer, the very moment that he saw Pollard juggle the ball. You can watch the moments here - Source : Saarthak Jain

What is National Monetization Pipeline Scheme

Recently Finance Minister of India Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman launches a new Scheme " National Monetization Pipeline" . What is this scheme ? How it will benefit India ? Let's Read with a view of  , they elaborated it very well. """In the 2021-22 budget speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that monetising operating public infrastructure assets were an important financing option for infrastructure construction. Currently, the government is finalising Rs 6 lakh crore worth of infrastructure assets, which may include national highways and power grid pipelines. To help bolster the government’s finances, India has been planning to raise Rs 6 trillion from selling state-owned infrastructure assets over the next four years. The plan will include the sale of road and railway projects, airports, gas pipelines etc. All of these planned sales are in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategic divestment policy. The govern

First Smog Tower inauguration by Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi- 23 August 2021

In a recent advancement in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal added Smog Tower to combat high pollution in Delhi. The first smog tower is inaugurated by CM Arvind Kejriwal on 23rd August 2021 in Connaught Place, Delhi. In Briefing CM said " Congratulations Delhi. In the war against pollution, the country's first smog tower was started in Delhi. This smog tower made of American technology will reduce the amount of pollution in the air. If the results of this project started on pilot basis are better then more such smog towers will be installed all over Delhi " . It's a very good initiative by any government, hopefully other goverments will also amend this.

Myntra insulted Lord Krishna - Twitterati demands Boycott Myntra

In recent incident, Online fashion store Myntra used Draupadi Cheerharan scene for its marketing strategy where they insulted Lord Krishna who is buying long saree while Cheerharan of Draupadi is going on. This is a very cheap marketing strategy by a well known brand because it does not hurt only hindu people sentiments but it's also a insult of women.

Shatrughan Sinha Account Hacked with name of Elon Musk

Recently a funny thing happened on Twitter when hackers hacked Bollywood Actor Shatrughan Sinha's twitter account and rename it famous Entrepreneur Elon musk. Hackers also tweeted about bitcoin from Shatru's account. Later account was revived.

My Quote 36-Democracy is the only solution not religion

Taliban = Jaish= Al Qaeda = Hizbul Muzahaidin= Hakkani Network = Etc etc. = Pakistan What they want = Islamic State all over the world Every militant group wants their religion supremacy. What people actually get - Anarchy, Illiteracy, Loss of lives and terror. So all these powers should be eradicated once they set up. Law should be in upper hand than religion. Democracy is the only Solution.

Elon Musk questions Talibanis about covid-19 Awareness

Genius Elon musk questions the talibanis about covid-19 awareness. He tweeted with a pic in which no Talibani were wearing masks.He also questions them whether they know about delta variant of covid-19. He simply questioned their knowledge and awareness about covid-19. This is a big statement of famous personality of the world. Recently Talibanis overthrown the government of Afghanistan after United States of America decided to withdraw its army from the country. Currently Afghanistan is in total mess and people are suffering from talibani terror.

भीगा चना खाने के क्या फायदे है ?

भीगा हुआ चना खाने से क्लोरोफिल, विटामिन ए, बी, सी, डी और के साथ ही फास्फोरस, पोटैशियम, मैग्नीशियम की जरूरत भी पूरी हो जाती है. इसके अलावा चना फाइबर से भी भरपूर होता है, जो भी पुरुष शारीरिक कमजोरी की समस्या से जूझ रहे हैं वह अपनी डाइट में चने को शामिल कर सकते हैं. Source : Dr. Chanchal Sharma

भारत के प्राइवेट शहर लवासा के बारे में आप क्या जानते हैं?

लवासा पुणे से लगभग 50 किमी और मुंबई लगभग 180 किमी से दूरी पर स्थित है। लवासा सिटी को आजाद भारत का पहला निजी हिल स्टेशन कहा जाता है. अपनी बेहतरीन खूबसूरती की वजह से यह शहर एक परफेक्ट टूरिस्ट डेस्टिनेशन है। प्लान्ड सिटी होने की वजह से यह शहर यहां आने वाले टूरिस्ट्स की सभी जरूरतों और लग्जरी का ख्याल रखता है। भारत का पहला प्लान्ड हिल स्टेशन लवासा जिसका लैंडस्केप, लुक और डिजाइन इटालियन शहर पोर्तोफिनो से इंस्पायर्ड होकर बनाया गया है। इस शहर की कई सड़कों और बिल्डिगों को भी पोर्तोफिनो में मौजूद सड़कों का नाम दिया गया है। यह शहर 25000 एकड़ में फैला हुआ तथा सात पहाड़ियों से घिरा हुआ है। मुंबई और पुणे करीब होने के कारण यहां वीकेंड में छुट्टियां मनाने आराम से आया जा सकता है। यहां के खूबसूरत हरे भरे पहाड़ और लेक के नजारे मन मोह लेने वाले हैं। लवासा में एक वरसगांव बांध जो कि टूरिस्ट के बीच खासा आकर्षण का केंद्र है। बता दें, यह डैम आठ बड़ी-बड़ी पहाड़ियों के बीचो बीच स्थित है।पर्यटक वॉटर स्पोर्ट्स करना कभी न भूले। ये काफी एंटरटेनिंग और एडवेंचरस है। साथ ही यहां पर मौजूद 'VORTEX SPLASH PAD' में फु

India won a thrilling match at Lord's - 16 August 2021

Hello Friends Today India won a historical match against England at Lord's cricket ground. India was way behind on 4th day but Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Shami batted very well on 5th day and took India in commendable position and give England Target of 272 in 60 overs but England failed to survive on wicket and bowled out 120 all out. This is India's one of the best test match win.

Happy Independence Day India

We , at Discover Tips wants to greet all our fellow indians all around the globe a happy Independence Day. May our country India shine like a bright star always. Jai Hind

What makes life enjoyable to live?

A loaded bank account , a healthy relationship, & a comfortable life is what most people will like to have, but it’s not enough to live only, you must be determined to live for something , Never stop smiling, not even when you’re sad , someone might fall in love with your smile, Live the actual moment . Only this actual moment is life, Be forgiving with your past self . Be strict with your present self . Be flexible with your future self, Experiencing someone who completely understands you & relates to your experiences is like finding a treasure chest in the trenches of ocean, Life is a constant battle between you & your mental limitations. You should overcome yourself a bit more everyday , If you’re not sure , the answer is “no”, You can’t expect to see changes if you keep repeating the same shit . You need to branch out & try new things to find yourself & your passions . Challenge yourself, accept change & find the real you, Crazy how peaceful life

What are the top 5 tacit rules in life?

Love the people who treat you right. Forget about those who don’t. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it  Life is a risk doesn’t mean you should be careless. Take calculated risks otherwise your life will be a chronicle of mistakes, Alone time is very powerful & the first step towards finding yourself again, For a man to truly maintain a loving relationship, he must learn to become emotionally vulnerable . He must feel his partner’s pain, share her concerns & give her affection. Be honest when in trouble . Be humble when in power . Be silent when in anger, Just Chill.!! Source : Mukul Royy

What is your personal philosophy in life? Why?

Don't rely on anyone. In real life, there's no love like we saw in movies. Don't expect anything from anyone. Don't trust your loved ones easily because they might break your trust. Don't share your feelings to everyone, they might make fun of you, so be aware of that. Don't show your honesty everywhere, because whom they love you, they trust your words too Don't give up just because your friends don't want to corporate or (they're not interest in this). You can find another person whom might help you. Every person and thing is temporary in this earth. Don't trust your siblings too much because they also change after marriage. Just trust your parents And yourself, that's all I can say ❣️ Live your life with the fullest so that you don't have any regrets. Source : Aisha

Narendra Modi Publicity Stunt Pics

Hello Friends Let's start a gallery of Political leader Narendra Modi's publicity stunts. I will keep you updated with this because this man never disappoints. 1. Tokyo Olympics 2021 Felicitation Ceremony Banner 2. Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate (india

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